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Friday, March 20, 2020

Shattered Skull Review Tour

Title: Shattered Skull
Series: Sons of Sinister #1
Author: Tabatha Vargo
Genre: New Adult MC Romance
Release Date: March 17, 2020


The first time I saw Aiken Cross aka Skull, he was standing atop a speeding motorcycle.

The second time, he was putting his fist through my brother’s face.
Now he’s everywhere I look.

He’s making my life hell with his vulgar remarks and seductive lure, but it’s not my fault my brother joined The Border Lords, his rival crew. I keep my nose out of their business and my head in the books, yet he’s always there provoking me. Dragging me into their conflict.

Everyone in town knows you don’t mess with the Sons of Sinister, but no one ever told me what to do when a Son of Sinister messes with me.

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💚Review by Barbara💚

I loved the start to this series. It’s not the typical type of MC book that I read. Yes they are a tight brotherhood and yes they may do whatever it takes (legal or otherwise), but they don’t ride Harley’s. Instead the Sons of Sinister ride Crotch Rockets which they illegally race on the weekends for cash as well as do stunts and tricks for the crowds. No one messes with the Sons Of Sinister on their turf, well if they have any sense they don’t. 

The author has given us characters we can sink our teeth in. I fell in love with Everly. She is the new girl who comes from money (well did til her father passed away) who is shy and basically invisible to everyone around her - including her douche of a mother. She has always walked the straight line but now that her father is gone, she has no one in her corner - not even her twin brother and especially not her mom. My heart cried out for her and I just wanted to give her a big hug and let her know she wasn’t alone. As for Aiden “Skull” Cross, one of the Sons of Sinister, I had a love/hate relationship with him. He is a foul mouth, hard nosed, arrogant bully who I just wanted to slap - most of the time. Yet as he and Everly connected we see a side of Skull that even he didn’t know about - his protectiveness and softer side that only Everly can sense.  A side he wants to ignore but as Everly gets more under his skin, will he be able to? She doesn’t fit in his world, she is an innocent that just doesn’t belong on his side of town. But can he stay away? As for Everly, the only time she feels any kind of peace and security is when Skull is around but she knows if she stays near, he’ll break her more than she already is. 

I loved the storyline, the bad boy and the innocent, my only complaint would be that Everly is still a senior in high school when they meet, college great but high school with the mid twenties street racer was a little much. BUT that is strictly my opinion, it in No Way took away from the storyline. I enjoyed this thrilling ride and look forward to book 2 in the series. 


💚Meet the Author💚

Tabatha is a New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author, best known for her sexy adult romance Little Black Book.

Tabatha writes in all genres, including adult and new adult, and isn't afraid to venture into the dark side on occasion, as she proved with her dark, prison romance, Slammer. 

She's an avid reader of all things smutty and the writer of sexy stories featuring redeemable alpha bad boys and sweet, strong women.

Her other loves include her children, her loving, supportive husband, anything historical, and wind chimes.

When she isn't writing, she's texting book ideas to herself.

Tabatha is represented by Jane Dystel of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

After The Fall, Blog Tour

AFTER THE FALL (The Fallen Men #4) by Giana Darling
Release Date: March 13th


Lesson In Corruption #1 is on sale for ONLY 99¢!!


I was settin’ up to live a good life, the kinda life I’d fought hard to deserve.
With a good woman––the best woman––at my side, a degree under my belt, and the whole world at my feet, I was livin’ the kinda happily ever after usually denied the rebellious and the criminal. I’d turned my back on that kinda life, thinkin’ I needed that clean, wholesome kinda happy.

Then the devil came dressed in the wings of an angel and took someone from me.

And I realized I was wrong.

There was no clean and wholesome for a man like me with poetry in his heart and outlaw in his blood. The life I’d been livin’ was only purgatory, holding me over until the time came for me to descend into Hell and pick up the tarnished crown that awaited me.

I was condemning my woman to a life of violence, blood, and heartache, but I had to hope she’d step up and finally be the rough and tumble queen to my Fallen MC king.

After the Fall can be read as a stand-alone romance, but you first meet the couple in Lessons in Corruption (The Fallen Men, #1)

Review by Barbara:

I fell in love with “King” Kyle Carro and his Queen, Cressida, in book 1 of the Fallen Men, MC series. The author gave us a wonderful storyline in Lessons in Corruption, that starred this couple and theirs was a match made in heaven with happy ever after written all over it. Or Was it? All I can say after reading After the Fall is HOLY COW the author took my heart torn it to shreds and slowly mended it as only she can do. As I read this book all I could think of was Oh No She didn’t. I wanted to stop reading so many times (not because the writing was poor, because trust me it was exceptional) but because my mind kept telling me what was coming and I just couldn’t bear it - yet I couldn’t put it down either. So I persevered and I’m sorry Giana if your ears were burning the several times I may have cursed you a little. 

What an amazing storyline. King is the Prez of The Fallen Men, MC’s son. But he wanted a different life for Cressina than the biker world and they were living it. But Family is Family which means the world to King so his biker life was never too far away. But as we all know, you can’t turn away from your past and when the past comes calling, King knows the only thing he can do is return to his roots, hope his queen will follow and finally pay whatever price must be paid to keep his queen and his family safe.

Outstanding read that held me spellbound. I can not recommend this book enough. 2 Thumbs Up and 5 Amazing Stars. (Believe me when I say if I could I’d rate it a lot higher than 5 stars)

About the Author:

Giana Darling is a USA Today Bestselling Selling Canadian romance writer who specializes in the taboo and angsty side of love and romance. She currently lives in beautiful British Columbia where she spends time riding on the back of her man's bike, baking pies, and reading snuggled up with her cat Persephone. She loves to hear from readers so please contact her at gianadarling[at]gmail.com if you have any questions or comments. 

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Stone, Trigger Pull MC

STONE, Trigger Pull MC Book 2, by Addy Archer is LIVE!! 

One-Click Today!
Amazon Universal: http://mybook.to/StoneTPMCBuy

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✦✧✦ 𝐁𝐋𝐔𝐑𝐁 ✦✧✦  

Rylee’s life would have ended the day she met Stone. You might say he’s the one who saved her. If only she can allow herself to see it that way too, since the turn of events makes her question everything and everyone.

Protecting an innocent while simultaneously dealing with an ulterior motive will never work out the way it’s supposed to. Not when Stone is fully invested and finally decides to grab hold of what’s right in front of him. He thought no woman had what it takes to be the president’s old lady. In the end, it all comes down to his ability to protect the woman who claimed his heart.

The moment you pull the trigger, there’s no stopping the bullet; all you can do is brace for impact. Collide with the world of Trigger Pull MC, where an encounter with a rugged biker will inevitably change your life.

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✦✧✦ Review by Barbara ✦✧✦  

What an amazing MC Book - Addy Archer has hit every emotion in my soul with both the first two books of the Trigger Pull series. Jace the VP (the prequel) and Stone, the Prez are both a MUST read. The boys in the Trigger Pull MC don’t mess around, especially when it comes to their women, their club brothers and the things they stand for. This may be a new formed chapter of Trigger Pull but they got it going on:  Alpha males, Sassy/Gutsy women and owning their territory with pride, muscle and anything else it takes. 

I was captivated from the start. While this can be read as a standalone, I Highly Suggest reading the prequel (Jace) first. It’s short and will provide you with a lot of background info that will make Stone a much more enjoyable read - not to mention, Jace’s story does continue on in Stone as well. 
The storyline is intense, suspenseful, romantically sexy and has a bit of humor thrown in as well. Watching these tough as nails bikers fall hard for their women, protect what’s theirs and throw down when trouble comes calling was thrilling from start to finish. Ms. Archer did a kickbutt job of developing the characters to the point I felt like I not only knew them but I was right their living all the pain, joy, heartache and romantic moments right along with them. The storyline seemed to play out in my mind causing my emotions to simply take over as I rode through the storm with the Trigger Pull MC.  

Kudos Ms. Archer for a job well done. Fellow Readers: I Highly Recommend this series and I can’t wait for book 3 to hit the self (I’ll be one of the first in line for what this reader assumes is going to be Dreamer’s story - and BOY oh Boy is that one going to be a dosey).  

2 Thumbs Up and 5 Stars (sure wish I could give more).  

✦✧✦ Start the Trigger Pull MC with JACE, Book 1 (Prequel) ✦✧✦

One-Click or read for free in Kindle Unlimited:
Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2tpc46G
Amazon Universal: http://mybook.to/JaceTPMCBuy

✦✧✦ Meet The Author ✦✧✦

Addy Archer is a contemporary and romantic suspense writer who loves rough bikers twisted with a hint of romance and sassy women. She currently has one complete series: Rebel Rage MC. When she isn't working hard on her next book, she enjoys long walks with her dog, traveling, and reading.

Visit her at: http://addyarcher.com


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Saturday, March 7, 2020

Royal Rebel Release Blitz with Review

Title: Royal Rebel
Series: The Haldonia Monarchy Trilogy #1
Author: Laramie Briscoe
Genre: Royal Romance
Release Date: March 7, 2020

♡ Blurb♡ 


I knew what I would get when I turned twenty-five.

A wife.
A monarchy.

And to be honest, I wasn't sure I wanted either one of them.


At twenty-three I knew it was my duty to serve.

A King.
The people.

The one thing I never counted on? Falling in love with my husband.

♡ Purchase Links♡ 

Google Play: http://bit.ly/2vHVUGL

♡ Review by Barbara♡ 

What an absolutely delightful book. I love Ms. Briscoe’s writing style, I believe I have read all her books as she is one of my top Go To authors, and I am pleased to say Royal Rebel and the Haldonia Monarchy Series are another huge hit with this reader. Kudo’s Ms Briscoe for taking me to a far-away world where Princesses dreams just might come true - well to an extent that is.

Tristan is a young male who is destined to become King of his small country. But having suffered the tragedy of losing his mother when he was a teen, causing his father becoming distant and hurtful behind closed doors, Tristan has turned into quite the rebel. Custom says he must marry and take over the throne 6 months after his 25th birthday. If he has not found a wife of his choosing, then he is destined to marry the woman that was arranged for him when he was very young. A woman he has never even met.

The story basically starts as Tristan meets his soon to be wife, Amelia, for the first time the night of his 25th birthday. Both are nervous and apprehensive of what’s to come. But one look, one kiss sparks off a flame inside the couple. But can that turn into a love that will last, especially with the added pressures of ruling a country. The storyline follows the couple as they get to know one another at Tristan’s country home (away from the prying eyes of their people). It’s funny, romantic and almost like a fairytale life. Well until it’s time to return to the palace. I won’t give away any spoilers so I’ll just highly recommend grabbing up Royal Rebel. For this reader it was a phenomenal romantic start to what I believe is going to be a wonderful series.  

2 Thumbs Up and 5 Heartwarming Stars. 

♡ Coming Soon♡ 

➸ #2 Royal Chaos

➸ #3 Royal Love

♡ Author Bio♡ 

Laramie Briscoe is the best-selling author of the Heaven Hill Series & the Rockin' Country Series.

Since self-publishing her first book in May of 2013, Laramie Briscoe has published over 10 books. She's appeared on the Top 100 Bestselling E-books Lists on iBooks, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. She's been called "a very young Maya Banks" (Amazon reviewer) and her books have been accused of being "sexy, family-oriented, romances with heart".

When she's not writing alpha males who seriously love their women, she loves spending time with friends, reading, and marathoning shows on her DVR. Married to her high school sweetheart, Laramie lives in Bowling Green, KY with her husband (the Travel Coordinator) and a sometimes crazy cat named Beau.

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