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Sunday, June 28, 2020

COCKY HERO CLUB - Ten New Releases

Release Date: June 28, 2020

Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are excited to bring you the Cocky Hero Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward's New York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series.


Sexy. Demanding. Cocky. 

All words I would use to describe Kingston Avery. 
The owner of Avery Capital Holdings— and my new boss. 

It was tempting enough working together everyday, but ignoring his wicked promises under his roof was impossible. 

But the company had a zero fraternization policy, and things were already complicated enough. 

I needed to focus on doing my job. 
And avoid doing my boss. 

Kingston wasn't just another suit... 
He was a cocky suit. 
And when the suit came off, 
He was a man who could steal my heart. 

Gorgeous. Attentive. Compassionate.

I just hope it didn't cost me my career.
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Review by Barbara

I just love the Cocky Hero Club Books and Cocky Suit is no exception. I love the way characters and a few pets from other books in the series seem to always sneak in to each book too. Kudos Ms. Layne for giving us a funny, sexy, romantic read. This is a well written, heartwarming book that had me laughing, smiling and wanting to bop a few heads along the way.

This is a sexy, feisty office romance that this reader considers a must read. From the Cocky Boss who should come with a Suit Porn Warning (an lord help us when the suit comes off) to the cute, sassy, animated Pria who just can’t help but get in some truly hilarious or heartbreaking situations, this book had me wrapped up in a readers delightful bubble. Oh and Lord have mercy we can’t forget the dogs - a mess for Pria but a total hoot for the reader. 

I highly recommend grabbing up Cocky Suit asap - You won’t regret it. It’s definitely going in my read for a “Fun Uplift” folder to be read over and over again.

2 Thumbs Up and 5+ Stars 


On paper I have it all. Wealth, security, and a collection of vehicles that spark envy, even amongst LA’s rich and famous. Money is all I ever wanted, but now that I have it in spades, I’m restless.

For the first time in my life, I want things cash can’t procure. I want a real relationship. Beauty and brains. A salacious little minx who isn’t afraid to call me out. My equal, in and out of the bedroom.

The problem is I have no clue where to find a woman like that.

Imagine my luck when I come upon a curvy, gorgeous maiden in distress, stranded on the side of I-10 like a mirage fashioned from my deepest desires. It’s fate. Kismet.

Only she isn’t impressed. Not by my money, my power, or my ability to make all her dreams come true. Hell, she won’t even accept my ride without an argument. But I’m not giving up. She doesn’t know who she’s dealing with, and I’m not afraid to play dirty.

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Review by Barbara

Another Great addition to the Cocky Hero Club.  Jude, our hero in this book,is a Mega-Rich, Sexy, Egotistic, Alpha man who to the world appears to have it all - money, women, and all the glitz and glamor the LA lifestyle has to offer. But on the inside, he longs for more. Our heroine is Rachel, a very determined, independent woman. She is sassy, funny and doesn’t need or want help from anyone, especially Jude when they first meet due to her car breaking down on the side of the road. But his charm finally wins out and from here the story takes off. 

This is a great strangers to friends to lovers and then some romance. The banter kept me laughing and the storyline kept me hoping for a Happy Ending (because trust me all things are not always as easy going as one would think in Jude’s world). Oh and getting to see a few of our favorite characters from Cocky Hero books, as well as Pixie the fainting goat and our humping little Chihuahua, Walter, just added to the fun.

 2 Thumbs Up and 5 Stars for Dirty Dealer - a great Cocky Hero Series read that this reader recommends grabbing Up.


Life as a CIA operative might be exciting, but living under the radar gets lonely.
Meeting someone, much less having a relationship, is the most impossible mission of all.

There was someone... once. But she was looking for a white picket fence and I was headed for war.
Now, my years of service to my country are catching up with me and I’m ready for a change.
I just never expected that change to be Shannon, or that she would be in trouble.
The man in me can’t forget that damn kiss. The Marine in me is ready to protect her at all costs.
She might not want my help, but I’m not walking away this time.
Even if it won't have the ending either of us were looking for...

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Review by Barbara 

One of the great things about the Cocky Hero series is finding new authors that I enjoy and Ms Mizera’s is certainly one I’ll be reading in the future. Cocky Protector is very well written with well developed characters that seemed to come to life as the storyline unfolded. I loved Ma. Mizera’s flare for words and unique writing style.

I suppose this could be classified as a second chance story, a genre I really love. Andrew is a CIA operative whose lifestyle doesn’t have time for relationships. It’s a sacrifice he’s willing to make for a career he loves. Shannon is a college student who wants to become a teacher. She is the daughter of Andrew’s former commander in the marines corps. Andrew and Shannon met at a dinner party and share a lovely night of dancing, conversation and one amazing kiss. Little do they know that one kiss will linger in their minds for years.

Fast forward 10 years and a lot has happened in both their lives. Andrew is still a CIA operative and Shannon is teaching in Germany (she took the job out of the US after a messy divorce). But now she’s in trouble - she has a stalker. When Andrew gets the call about Shannon being in trouble he doesn’t hesitate. But is it due to his respect and love for her father or is it something else? Will Shannon be happy to see him after all this time or angered over his all but disappearing act?

This is a suspenseful, romantic storyline that has lots of sizzle and pop. The intrigue kept me guessing as Andrew and Shannon reconnect in this must read addition to the Cocky Hero’s Club Series

2 Thumbs Up and 5 Stars!


Levi McCoy took me under his wing when we were kids. He was my protector. My best friend. My everything.
And I was his sidekick.
When he landed an internship at Montague Enterprises, I was thrilled. Hundreds of people had applied, and Levi and his roommate had made the cut. There was just one problem. Only one of them would be offered the permanent position.
That's when things got messy. 
The two bargained for the final job offer, using me as their pawn.
And I fell for it. The scheming. The stolen kisses. The late night texts. My heart was being torn in two, and neither one of them cared. I was nothing but a pretty face to one of them, and an easy target for the other.
All good things must come to an end, right? Except our ending was one I didn't see coming. Hell, it should've never started in the first place.

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Who thought writing ‘LOSERS’ on a menu could lead to an affair of love notes?

It didn’t start out as love. How could it when I vowed never to fall in love…

Reef Burton, the sexy blue-eyed football player, and his mates are definitely not ‘Losers’ yet writing it on a menu gave me reason to smile. Only it didn’t make it to the trash.

He returns to the restaurant where I work wearing his killer smile. I wasn’t to know those squiggly lines and arrows meant something. An offensive play his football team learned at an earlier training session. Coming here discussing the team plays over coffee helps… so he says.
He’ll see what I wrote. Apart from it being awkward the next time I serve him he could also report me to my boss.

I can’t lose my job when in hindsight I need two to pay all the bills rolling in, and to care for my invalid father.

I’m thankful he kept it as our secret.

Until he left me a note.

Responding will only lead to more trouble.

So when Mr Blue Eyes-Blond Surfy-Hair gives me one of his spine tingling looks, how can I resist?
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One trip down the stairs, caused by a lone Lego, while wrapped in a towel, spewing a plethora of profanities, and my cell phone went flying.
I landed on my ass, and then the ER.
Between those two occurrences was a FaceTime call, placed by a bouncing phone, to the number of a man I didn’t even truly look at, who had now seen more of my body than anyone had since my Tinder days, over a year ago.
Three declined calls later, I limped out the door to get myself to the ER before starting my hectic day.
The ER was packed, but when I saw Nurse Bridget, one of my students’ mothers, I pleaded my case, and she hurried me into an examination room.
An hour later, I left on crutches with a bruised ass, a fractured ankle, and an appointment to see an orthopedic surgeon at four p.m.
Arriving fifteen minutes late for that appointment, I heard the sexy yet very brash accent of a man who clearly had an obsession with punctuality and had, apparently, no bedside manner.
Dr. Ethan Stewart, tall, copper-haired, sinfully sexy … was a total ass.
After a tongue-lashing about how irresponsible I was to, first, leave the ER with such an injury, and second, be late, I put him in his place … or so I thought.
Turned off by his arrogant attitude, turned on by the roguish glint in his green eyes and the way he spoke, I left his office a hot … and wet mess.
Upon exiting, my phone rang again. It was the same number from before, and I couldn’t help answering to give the caller a piece of my mind.
Once in my car, I hung up, tossed my phone on the passenger seat, and then looked out the window to see him with his phone to his ear and a grin spread across his far too handsome face.
It couldn’t be …
Could it?
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Review by Barbara

Who knew slipping on a lego and accidentally making an accidental facetime butt dial could be so hilarious! Apparently Ms. Fields did because I smiled and laughed throughout. But I also melted and swooned a lot as I read along as well. This is a well written storyline with characters you’ll simply love (especially little Kai - trust me on that). The author gave us a swoon worthy domineering Scotsman, Dr. Ethan Stewart, and a sassy vibrant woman, Elizabeth, who have chemistry out the wazoo - even if they don’t want to accept it. Their banter and interactions are both comical and endearing. Throw in Elizabeth’s belief that magical things can happen, her obsession with Jamie Fraiser, a pushy BFF, an adorable child (Kai), and Ethan’s - well Ethan’s EVERYTHING (lol) and you end up with one amazing read. 

This reader Highly Recommends grabbing up Scandalous Scotsman, curling up in a comfy reading spot and simply enjoying this funny, flirty, romantic ride. You won’t regret it. 

2 Thumbs Up and 5+ Stars


Sean is a normal guy. Has a great job as a photographer. Drives a new car, but not overly flashy. Has his small group of friends.
Yeah he's just your run of the mill average Joe.
Except, is anyone really all that normal?
The secrets Sean harbors run deep. Stemmed from agony deep inside and a thirst for vengeance.

Melody is perceived as the beautiful spoiled princess that fell for a beautiful, confident stranger many years ago.

Two polar opposites. One night that changed everything without either of them knowing it.

Can love conquer all? With the help from a mysterious stranger, Adele. Who you may all know from a certain Cocky character's life. Unlucky in love herself. Anything is possible.

***This book is in conjunction with the Cocky Hero Book Club with Adele and maybe some of your other favorite Cocky characters guiding these characters through their journey.
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He was someone who belonged on the cover of Sports Illustrated instead of in my small beach town.

A sexy, cocky Australian soccer star named Finn was the last person I expected to be living with for two weeks.

He showed up at my brother’s house on his wedding night, hot, drunk, and very much not married. Next thing I knew, we were roommates, spending nights watching TV and getting to know one another.

Those two weeks turned into more than either of us bargained for.

He was fresh off a broken heart and I had a boyfriend.

I wasn’t supposed to fall for the jilted jock, especially when I knew we’d be going our separate ways.

All good things must come to an end, right?

Except he’s not letting me go without a fight.
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It was my time, a cross country drive heading home for my brother’s wedding to figure out my life after college. Me, my dog named Goat, and the open road. That’s all I wanted.
He wasn’t supposed to be part of it. My older brother’s high school friend and my sister’s ex. The cocky boy my eleven-year-old-self hated.
The infamous Smith Blackburn.
AKA Smug Bastard.
The guy every girl wanted to be with and every guy wanted to be.
The day after graduation, he left town and disappeared, losing contact with my family. But nine years later, he resurfaces and becomes a thorn in my side once again.
After his motorcycle breaks down, my older siblings convince me to let him ride home with me. Kyle wants his old buddy at his wedding, and Kasey, still carrying a torch for him, wants nothing more than to see him again, convinced they are meant to be. It’s the last thing in the world I want, but I learned long ago going up against the powerhouse twins is futile.
After nine years, we’ve both grown up, but our mutual dislike lingers. Though I can’t deny he is the sexiest man I have ever seen in my life. His piercing blue eyes, gorgeous rugged face, and muscular, tall figure belong on magazine covers. But he’s still a smug bastard, and I’m still the annoying little “Baby K.”
Spending every minute together in a tiny camper van starts to twist the lines of hate, igniting feelings and passions I’ve never felt before, shoving me out of my safety bubble. Tension grows, and nights are filled with strain and forbidden desire.
But I can feel him holding back. Cagey and cryptic, Smith’s dark past hints at the surface.
When it finds us, nothing could have prepared me for the truth—the secrets that flip everything upside down.
I wasn’t supposed to fall for him.
He was never meant to be mine.
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All I wanted was to escape the scandal.

The job offer in California was the perfect opportunity to pack up and head West.

A dark, sexy, and mysterious new boss wasn’t in the plan.

And his secrets run deeper than just his business dealings.

When Ethan reveals who and what he truly is, it throws everything I ever thought I knew about the world out the window.


The word alone brings up visions of blood-sucking monsters.

Yet, Ethan is anything but.

Falling for him, with his dashing good looks and honed charm, was almost inevitable.

But we’re from two very different worlds, and the danger in his might just bring an end neither of us saw coming.

Bloodthirsty Bastard - a paranormal story from the Cocky Bastard world you know and love
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Cocky Hero Club

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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Release Blitz - Screw, A MC Crossover

Title - Screw: A Hell's Handlers and No Prisoners MC Crossover
Series - Hell's Handler's #8
Author - Lilly Atlas
Genre - MMF/MC Romance (Standalone)
Release Date - March 31, 2020


Jazmine lives with secrets she buries beneath conservative clothing and avoidance of relationships. Those secrets are just one reason she spends months resisting the advances of the Hell’s Handlers’ resident flirt, Screwball. Mostly, she can’t stand Screw’s constant parade of one-night stands and inability to be serious. But the man is charming, and her resolve is only so strong. When Gumby, a romantic interest from Jazz’s past, returns to her life, she suddenly finds herself stuck between two men who hate each other on sight yet seem inexplicably drawn together.

As the new enforcer for the Hell’s Handlers Motorcycle Club, Screwball faces a challenge he’s avoided his entire life: the heavy weight of leadership. Now he’s in charge of protecting his club as threats from an enemy MC mount. Even though he doubts himself, Screw wants the opportunity to prove his worth to his brothers. Meanwhile, he also finds himself attracted to Jazz in a way he’s never experienced. When Jazz’s eye-catching biker from Arizona shows up in town, Screw finds himself wondering if a future full of commitment might be worth leaving his comfort zone.

Having grown up with a brutal father who spoke with his fists, Gumby learned early to suppress certain sides of himself. When he crosses the country in search of a woman he can’t shake from his head, he not only finds her in danger but the object of one very appealing enforcer’s desire. He soon discovers denying his true identity can be impossible when faced with real temptation.
Can three wounded souls overcome their baggage in time to save the Hell’s Handlers MC and their relationship?

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Goodreads #TBR: http://bit.ly/3coCpUf

Review by Barbara

This was a gut wrenching, emotional MC ride for me. It has suspense, action and romance all revolving around 3 people that were living a lie (Screwball, Jazzy and Gumby). All three were hiding behind masks or walls they built inside themselves due to past life experiences. In the storyline, all three had to not only come to terms with their pasts but they also had to live and deal with the other two in the triangle’s wounds as well. (Sorry to sound so vague but I won’t spoil this electric storyline for anyone). But I will say watching these three broken people who were all broken on the inside, lift each other up was nothing short of phemonimal. Just an amazing storyline.

The characters were spot on and written in such an in depth emotional way, that I felt like I not only knew them but could feel all the love, pain and anguish right along with them. And the storyline.. Ghezz what ride. It not only involves the trio but  the Hell’s Handlers MC faces off with enemies that are attacking just a little too close to home. The book has some very high and very low emotional tides that kept me glued to the pages.  

Simply put, Screw is an outstanding MC read. Kudos to the author for a job well done. If you haven’t started the Hell’s Handlers MC, I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s one of my Favorite MC Series and Screw fits right around the top of the list as well. 2 Thumbs Up and 5+ stars. 

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“I need to start having the prospect warm up my car before I leave,” Jazz grumbled as a full-body shiver ran through her. Though this was her second winter out of the toasty Arizona desert, she hadn’t gotten used to the cold.
At all.
And the seven-minute drive from work to home wasn’t enough time for her car to warm up. At least not when the day’s high never made it out of the thirties. Even with a hat, scarf, gloves, puffy down jacket, and wooly socks, she felt the chill. And not in a brisk, refreshing sort of way, but in an I’m-buried-under-an-avalanche-and-about-to-freeze-to-death way.
When it came to the cold, Jazz was a complete and utter wuss.
The good news was she only had half a mile left until she reached her home. The bad news was that it had snowed a good three inches while she’d been at work, so she now had to shovel the driveway, a task she loathed. Shell and Toni had laughed when she’d whined, telling her to make the prospect do it, but that felt all wrong. The poor guy was stuck watching her boring ass all day when she wasn’t even someone’s ol’ lady. How could she ask him to do manual labor on top of it? No, she’d suck it up and shovel her own driveway like the big girl she was. And if the prospect jumped in to help, well…she wouldn’t turn him away.
She wasn’t stupid.
As she turned onto her street, a smile lit her face. There in the driveway of her little rented house stood her next-door neighbor, Jeremy, using his snow blower to rid her driveway of her white nemesis.
What an angel.
She pulled into the snow-free driveway just as Jeremy was powering down his snow blower. After giving a little wave to the prospect as he parked next to a mound of plowed snow, she exited the car. “Seriously, Jeremy, you are the best. How has some lucky girl not snapped you up yet?”
He snorted as he set down the blower. Dressed in a leather jacket, biker boots, and black jeans, he looked like he’d fit right in at the Hell’s Handler’s clubhouse, but for some reason unknown to her, he’d been denied the opportunity to prospect.
“Been waiting on you, Jazzy, you know that.” He winked, then walked her way. “But you keep breaking my heart at every turn.” The words were spoken with a lightness to them, but the gaze that held hers conveyed a sincerity that had her face heating.
Thankfully, her cheeks had already reddened from the cold. Otherwise her blush would be obvious, and she’d hate to give the guy the wrong idea. Even if she’d been interested in Jeremy, dating him would have proven way too awkward, considering how close she was to the men of the MC. Supposedly, he’d attempted to prospect more than once and hadn’t made it through the door. “Flattery will get you everywhere,” she said with a wave of her gloved hand and an airy chuckle. “But I see the parade of chicas you’ve got coming and going from your bachelor pad over there. Pretty sure you’re loving your freedom.”
That made him smile. Teeth, a little on the yellow side gleamed at her. Overall, he wasn’t bad looking. Somewhat attractive, with buzzed brownish hair, a smooth-shaven jaw, and eyes on the greener side of hazel. His muscles were real as was his passion for motorcycles and desire to join the Handlers. The problem with Jeremy was how he always seemed to be trying just a little too hard, which often came off as needy. At least in Jazz’s opinion. She’d never say it aloud, but Jeremy was a beta male and Jazz was the kinda girl whose head only seemed to turn for alphas. Was it a good thing? Perhaps not considering she was twenty-nine and pathologically single.
“What can I say, Jazz? The ladies like what they see.”
She cocked her head, studying him. Were his neediness the only issue, perhaps she could have overlooked it and gone out with the guy, but it wasn’t the only problem. She had mountains of her own issues holding her back.
“Of course they do,” she said with a wink. “You’re a stud. Anyway, thanks for taking care of the driveway for me. I really appreciate it. I’ve dreaded the thought of shoveling out since the first flake fell.”
“Why shovel when you can blow?” Jeremy said wagging his eyebrows.
Jazz laughed. “I’m sure there’s a naughty joke in there somewhere, but I’m not gonna dig too deep for it.” When Jeremy groaned, she laughed again. “See what I did there? Shovel? Dig?”
“Unfortunately. Your comedy game needs work.” He slung an arm around her shoulders and propelled her toward her door. “Better get that sweet ass inside before it freezes off, Arizona-girl.”
Jazz dug out her key. “Thanks again, Jeremy.”
“My pleasure, babe. Long as I’m not out of town I’ll take care of your driveway, okay?”
God, why couldn’t she be attracted to this guy? He was so damn sweet. “You’re seriously the best, Jeremy,” she said before giving him a peck on the cheek. “I think Mrs. Sampson might actually have an old snow blower out back in the shed,” she said of her land lady. “I went out there once and found a snake staring at me so that was the last time I ventured back there. And I won’t ever be going again.” She shuddered and it had nothing to do with the chill for once. “I’d rather die than find another snake. That shed is off limits to me.”
Jeremy laughed. He kissed her back then started down her driveway, calling, “Don’t worry, I got your back. Unless I’m out of town, you won’t have to shovel or battle the snakes to look for the snow blower.” With a wave of his hand he reached the sidewalk and turned right toward his own home.
Monty, the prospect who’d been tasked with following her for the day, stared at him from his truck while chatting away on his phone. For his part, Jeremy glared back then flipped Monty the bird before making his way up his own snow-free driveway.
Interesting. Jazz would be lying if she said she wasn’t curious why the MC didn’t seem to care for Jeremy. Though she could see how he wouldn’t be such a great fit, she had a feeling the rejection came from more than just the fact Jeremy was a bit…weak. Ugh, just thinking the word made her feel like a bitch.
Well, none of it was any of her business. Time to get inside and get some coffee brewing to warm herself from the inside out. Just as she shoved the key in the lock, her phone rang. After digging it out of her overstuffed purse she held it to her ear without looking at the screen.
Her mistake.
“Crawly, really?” Screw’s disgusted voice entered her ear, stopped at her nipples to perk them up, then continued straight to her pussy which fucking fluttered at the sound.
Damn him.
Key still sticking out of her door, Jazz sighed. “What are you talking about, Screwball?”
“You put your fucking lips on Crawly. Let him put his lips on you.”
Jazz pinched the bridge of her nose as an ache began to form between her eyes. Of course the pain, it did nothing to squash the arousal brought on by his voice and the memory of another pair of lips on her. A set of lips that she’d given into in one very needy moment a few weeks back.
Another mistake because now that memory popped up at the most inconvenient times.
Like now.
“Okay, buddy, first of all where and on who my lips land is none of your business. And second of all, what the fuck are you talking about? Who the hell is Crawly?”
Screw practically growled as he said, “Jeremy Crawly. That pansy-assed mother fucker who was on your doorstep five fucking seconds ago.”
What the…
Jazz spun, scanning the street for an annoying biker. “You spying on me now?”
“That the kind of man you’re looking for?”
He wasn’t on her street. At least not in sight. Screw wasn’t subtle enough to be hiding in the bushes or some nonsense like that. He was too loud and too proud to hide from anyone. Had he actually been there, he’d probably have stormed out the moment she kissed Jeremy’s cheek and laid some ridiculous claim on her.
Your stomach did not just flutter at the thought of being Screw’s, you stupid silly girl.
She continued to scan the street, consciously ignoring Screw’s question, and as her eyes passed over the navy truck in front of her house, she scowled. “Really, you traitor?” she yelled at Monty.
When the prospect shrugged through the foggy windows, she flipped him off then stormed into her house. “Not that I owe you any explanations, asshole, but it was a kiss on the damn cheek to thank him for getting the snow off my driveway before I got home from work. He didn’t want me to do it myself and freeze my tits off. I didn’t see you out there actually doing something for someone else.”
“I was on my way with my blower when I got called into Copper’s office. He wanted to meet with me but was fine with waiting until I was done at your house. I called Monty to tell him to either sit on you so you wouldn’t shovel or get his lazy ass out of the truck and start shoveling until I got there. He let me know Crawly had already completed the job.”
If she were in a movie, the background noise would be a whistling sound as the wind left her sails. Every time she put Screw in the box called careless womanizer, he went and did something to surprise her.
Of course, ninety-nine-point nine percent of the time it was with the end goal of getting laid, which kinda negated the whole good deed thing.
“Damn you, Screw,” Jazz said as she sagged. Her back hit the closed door with a heavy thud she’d have felt if it weren’t for the thickness of her puffy jacket. “How many times do I have to tell you—”
“I know you’re not gonna fuck me if I shovel your driveway, Jazzy.”
“But you thought I’d fuck Jeremy for it?”
“What? No, shit.” He actually sounded frustrated with himself. “Look, I may like to fuck and it’s no goddamn secret that I want to fuck you, but I’m not an asshole. You hate the cold and live by yourself. You don’t have a blower and there’s about four inches out there. It’d have taken you all goddamned day to shovel, and who the hell knows if Monty is worth anything.”
“He’s been prospecting for two months.”
Screw snorted. “That don’t mean shit. The fucker’s got a long way to go before patching in.”
True enough.
Jazz sighed and the silence between them grew heavy.
“A thank you kiss on the cheek, huh?”
Jazz stared at the ceiling, willing herself to end the call. Just a quick goodbye and the push of one button and this conversation would be over and she could focus on not thinking about Screw for the rest of the day. But did she do that?
Of course not. That would be logical. Healthy, even.
“Yes. I’m not interested in Jeremy.” What the hell was wrong with her? Maybe the cold has frozen all the parts of her brain responsible for rational thinking.
“Good to know,” Screw said.

In The Series

Zach (Hell’s Handlers MC)
Maverick (Hell’s Handlers MC)
Jigsaw (Hell’s Handlers MC)
Copper (Hell’s Handlers MC)
Rocket (Hell’s Handlers MC)
Little Jack (Hell’s Handlers MC)
Joy (Hell’s Handlers MC) 

Meet the Author

Lilly Atlas is a contemporary romance author, proud Navy wife, and mother of two spunky girls. By day she works as a physical therapist for a hospital in Virginia. Lilly is an avid romance reader, and expects her Kindle to beg for mercy every time she downloads a new eBook. Thankfully, it hasn’t happened yet, and she can often be found absorbed in a good book.

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