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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Gabriel - Release Blitz with Review

Title: Gabriel
Series: The Wounded Sons #1
Author: Leah Sharelle
Genre: Military Romance
Release Date: December 7, 2019

 ✸ Synopsis

Gabriel Booth knew how his life was going to go.
First, he was going to follow in his father’s footsteps, become a soldier in the Australian Army, then lead his own commando team. His dreams and ambitions came true when he got handed the command of his own Tier 1 unit— Team FIVE.
After that, he wanted nothing more than to find that one special woman to share the same deep soul love and devotion his parents had. All his life, Gabriel watched his parents, saw the connection they had together, and wanted the same thing for himself.
That came true the day he came across a petite Pixie on a sand dune. With just one look at the stunning tiny woman, his world shifted, and the ache of wanting to be part of something special eased.
Devon Mercy never had it easy.
At the tender age of five, she lost her mother in horrible circumstances, yet on the same day, there was even more trauma to rock her and her family, changing their lives forever.
Her whole life had been a lonely battle. The love of her mother now gone as well as the support of her grief-stricken father. All she had were three overbearing brothers and a wish to be loved and cherished.
Then, she met Gabriel. Suddenly, she thought it was finally her time! Someone who loved her, wanted to spend time with her.
Just her.
Of course, life was never as easy as you wanted. Gabriel and Devon’s road was never going to be easy. His dangerous job and Devon’s secret just two obstacles in their way. The only problem was whose is more destructive? And can it be overcome before one walked away for good?

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✸ Review by Barbara ✸

Have you ever read book 1 of a series and just know you’re gonna love it? Well after reading Gabriel’s story I knew that very thing. Of course I have read the entire 1st generation of the Wounded Souls series (the Wounded Sons is of course their kids - but can be read without reading the first series). The author has done an amazing job of bringing the kids into the fold. The book is well written with lots of laughs, suspense, adventure and romance. And I can’t wait for more of the Wounded sons to hit the shelves.

Gabriel has always wanted to lead a special forces unit, just like his father, ever since he could remember. He joined the service right out of High School, working his way up. He now leads the Tier 1 unit - Team FIVE, just like his father. The team is the best of the best and Gabriel is living the life he’s always wanted. But when he sees one little Pixie of a woman walking dogs down the street, his life is forever changed. As for Devon, the Pixie of a woman, she has had a really rough, debilitating childhood. Her path has not been an easy one. But one chance meeting on the side of the road, not only makes her day, but it gives her hope that someone just might see her as normal. But when lies happen, people turn to vultures and long deployments all come into play, can these two possibly survive with their new found attraction in tack?

This is a very emotional and heartwarming read. You’ll fall in love with the characters and the storyline is simply amazing. 2 Thumbs Up and 5 Stars. Grab this up and start the series now. You won’t regret it.

✸ Meet the Author ✸

I love the idea of being in love. Since my early teens when I first discovered Silhouette Desire novels my life has been all about reading. I would find myself re-writing scenes if I wasn't happy with them and hiding them under my bed. That led me to writing love stories of my own. They all ended up under the bed and are still there, and there they will stay. I don't do angst, in fact it drives me crazy. 

I am a mum of three beautiful girls, Australian, and have what most say is a weird sense of humor.

I spend my free time doing movie, Sons of Anarchy, and Friends marathons. And reading.

I love Pina Colada's and getting caught in the rain..... there's that weird humor.

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