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Monday, November 25, 2019

Shaking The Sleigh - Release Blitz with Reviews and Giveaway

Title: Shaking the Sleigh
Author: Delancey Stewart
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: November 25, 2019

ღ Blurb 

I’ll just admit it right up front—I don’t love the holidays.
In fact, Christmas makes me downright cranky.

Call me the Grinch if you must, but if your dad chose that day to decide he was wrong about that whole wanting a family thing, you’d grow up miffed about mistletoe too. Every candy cane, ugly sweater, and falalalala reminds me of the worst day of my life.

So when my uncle—a bigwig network executive—gives me one last shot to salvage my disastrous TV production career on a show called Holiday Homes, I’ve got no choice but to suck it up, head to the small town of Singletree, and fake festive.

The problem? 

Callan Whitewood. The sexy, sullen former pro-soccer player might be the one person on earth who hates the holidays more than I do. After a devastating injury ended his career, he’s left with a limp, no idea what to do with his future, and a cheerless attitude worthy of Ebenezer Scrooge. But I’ve got a TIME LIMIT to convince the gorgeous grump to allow his home to be featured as the pinnacle of the Christmas episode of the show that’s going to save my career.

That is, if I can keep my hands off him… but I’m having a bit of trouble sticking to the task. 

SHAKING THE SLEIGH is a standalone holiday romantic comedy with a satisfying happily ever after, plenty of festive chuckles, some sexy times and a few chinchillas. Maybe a cat. (And there might be a wombat because wombats really do fit into almost any story.)

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Review by Barbara

Oh my gosh what a wonderful Holiday Romance. The author has written a funny, sexy, romantic Christmas romance that has me loving the holiday season even more than I already do, even if the main characters don’t exactly agree with me. I mean who doesn’t love Christmas? Well I guess if you had a traumatic event happen at Christmas, like April’s had or if your life has taken a major turn for the worse, like Callan’s, it would put a damper on the season. But when these two come together, in a town that changes its name from Singletree to Christmas Tree during the month of December and the entire town is all about the holidays, all bets are off. 

The storyline had me laughing and hoping for some type of HEA, for not only the two main characters but the secondary ones as well. The quaint little town of Singletree is almost like living in a storybook world. The people are loving and neighborly, ok maybe more like zany and eccentric, but you can’t help but fall in love them.. Cats, chinchillas, wombats and tipsy townsfolk included. 

Callan and April’s story will warm your heart like a “Punch Bowl” and “Old Bay” from Sam’s Shack or maybe like the “Half Cat Distillery’s Moonshine (once you read the book, you’ll get what I mean). It left me smiling and feeling happy. I highly recommend grabbing up Shaking the Sleigh and curling up in your easy chair and simply enjoying. 2 Thumb Up and 5 Stars.

Review by Kathy

Sometimes a Christmas romance isn't about the love of all things Christmas with the lovely snow covered lawns, cheery decorated quaint building and shops, with charming characters that make you want to move to their little village. NO, sometimes a Christmas romance is all about the "bah-humbug" feelings of the lead characters and how that quaint little village works its charms on them and all of the funny things that will have you laughing and their dilemmas and dialog. This is Singletree, aka Christmas Tree in the month of December, and Callen Whitewood and April Hall are your lead characters. Callen is an injured ex-hockey player and April is a TV producer who really does hate all things Christmas because of her life growing up.

What more could you want in a Christmas read, besides maybe a little heat to go with your outdoor snow! This was a thoroughly enjoyable read and I recommend this book for those how do really love a Christmas romance that doesn't come off that way, at first.

ღ Author Bio 

Delancey Stewart is an award-winning author who writes fiction with humor, heart and heat!

Get the first book in her new sports rom-com series -- MR. MATCH -- absolutely free by joining her newsletter here:

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Friday, November 22, 2019

Book Tour - Defiance, Chicago Defiance MC #7

Title: Defiance
Series: Chicago Defiance MC Series
Author: K E Osborn
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: November 13, 2019

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You never know who you can trust.
My life—one constant battle, waged between chaos and carnage.
My club—finally on top of the Chicago streets.
Then as I begin to relax.
Disaster strikes.
My home is torn apart by madness. My very reason for existing could be taken from me—all from forces unknown.
Though we know someone’s lurking, another threat closer to home hides in the shadows waiting to take their aim.
This story isn’t full of love and closure – it’s deception, bloodshed, heartache, and lies.
They want a fight—we’ll give them a war.
Because we are Defiance!
From International Bestselling Author KE Osborn comes the penultimate book in the Chicago Defiance Series.

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  Praise for the Novel    

This is a well written fast paced, flawless story which is raw, gritty, emotional, heartbreaking, gripping, and with lies, twists, betrayal, deception, danger, secrets and family. I was totally enthralled throughout this riveting tale, and highly recommend for all MC lovers. - 5 Star Reviewer 
Proud and determined opposition against authority or against someone more powerful than you are: That is what Defiance means and that is what this story is all about! - 5 Star Reviewer
WOW just WOW!!! from the very first word I was glued to my iPad like seriously I had tears by chapter 3. This book was absolutely AMAZING. Beautifully written I had all the feels. - 5 Star Reviewer
Absolutely loved this book - the way it was written and the story was great! The series seems to get better and better. I love how the book followed more than 1 couple in the MC. - 5 Star Reviewer

  Review by Barbara    

Ms. Osborn never fails to deliver an exciting, suspenseful storyline when it comes to the Chicago Defiance series. The entire series is so well written. If flows from book to book and the characters are so well defined that this reader couldn’t help but feel she was right their living the stories right along with the characters. This is especially true with Defiance, book 7 in the series. My emotions were on a razors edge from start to finish. Simply put the book is amazing.

Can you imagine sitting a home with your spouse on the couch and a driveby shooting, not only destroys most of your home, but one of the bullets hit the love of your life!!! Well Torque, the Prez of the Chicago Defiance MC, is living the nightmare. What’s worse is he and the club have No Clue who is responsible. The club is dealing with the Irish already, and now another unknown enemy. His heart wants to stay with his wife but being the Prez he is, Torque grabs the bull by the horns, he and the club set out to find out who had destroyed his life. 

A lot of series secrets come to light, bringing danger, heartache and tragedy with them, which in turn makes Defiance a phenomenal read as the reader tags along on this emotional, thrilling journey that just may or may not be the end of Torque’s reign with the Chicago Defiance MC. 

I HIGHLY recommend any MC / Suspense readers to grab up the Chicago Defiance series, you won’t regret. And for readers of the series, book 7 - Defiance is a must read. Kudos to the author for a fantastic read. 2 Thumbs Up and 5 Stars. However for me the book/series is worth so much more than just 5 stars, it’s easily one of my favorites for 2028/2019 timeframe. 

  Read an Excerpt    

“One more thing before we go…” I sit forward in my chair, my hands balled into fists as I look at them sternly. “It’s gonna be chaos out there today, so be prepared. Have your wits about you and keep up your strength. This thing’s gonna go on for a while, I can see it coming.”
They all nod seeming as concerned as I feel as I pick up my trusty gavel. “Okay, brothers… disperse.” I bang my gavel on the table and lay it down, taking a deep breath as I sit back in my chair preparing myself for the onslaught about to hit us.
I take this moment to reflect. 
My family means everything to me. Not just the family I have now, but the family I’ve lost. 
My eyes shift to my gavel. 
The simple piece of wood handed down through the generations. 
It was my father’s. 
It was his father’s. 
Funny how a simple piece of wood with the club skull emblem on it can mean so much. 
It signifies so damn much. 
That gavel has traveled from Ireland and made its home here in Chicago where it belongs. And one day, I hope the gavel will be passed down the line to my son. 
This club has a long line of O’Shea blood coursing through it, and I hope it continues for a long-ass time. But I can’t sit in here all day and stare at my father’s gavel reminiscing. I have a job to do. 
As much as it damn well terrifies me. 

So, I stand and head for the chapel door, take a deep breath, then yank it open.

 In the Series   

Resistance (The Chicago Defiance MC #1) 

Penance (The Chicago Defiance MC #2)  

Deviance (The Chicago Defiance MC #3) 

Sufferance (The Chicago Defiance MC #4) 

Acceptance (The Chicago Defiance MC #5)

Balance (The Chicago Defiance MC #6)

  Meet the Author    

Australian author K E Osborn was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia. With a background in graphic design and a flair for all things creative, she felt compelled to write the story brewing in her mind.

Writing gives her life purpose. It makes her feel, laugh, cry and get completely enveloped in the characters and their story lines. She feels completely at home when writing and wouldn’t consider doing anything else.

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Monday, November 18, 2019

Release Blitz with Reviews - Renegade by Chantal Fernando

Title: Renegade
Series: Knights of Fury MC #2
Author: Chantal Fernando
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 18, 2019

✦  Blurb ✦  

New York Times bestselling author of the Knights of Fury MC series Chantal Fernando is back with trouble in the form of a renegade.

Good girl Isabella wouldn’t miss the birth of her sister’s baby for the world. So when her car breaks down and one of the bikers next door offers her a ride to Vegas, it’s too tempting to pass up. Besides, she can think of worse travel conditions than wrapping her arms around Renny, otherwise known as Renegade.

Tall, dark and handsome, the man is pure sex on a Harley.

Between wild parties and rumbling motorcycles, living next to the Knights of Fury MC has always left Isabella curious, but after a night in Vegas, she gets a firsthand taste. Drinks in the club surrounded by burly bikers soon turns into a series of daring decisions, which don’t seem so bad until she wakes up the next morning. Married. To Renny.

Could she be more of a cliché?

Nothing complicates an annulment like lingering temptation, especially when Isabella and Renny give in to their need, putting their marriage where their mouths are. But as Isabella learns what outlaw life is really like, she’ll have to decide if she’s in love with a biker—or in over her head.

Please note: This book is part of the Knights of Fury MC series but can be read as a stand-alone.

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US: https://amzn.to/2X3rd8l

UK: https://amzn.to/2NSCbZU

CA: https://amzn.to/2WS0T0w

AU: https://amzn.to/2Q3H3xU

B&N: http://bit.ly/2JYqn7a

Kobo: http://bit.ly/32qx7Bn

Apple Books: https://apple.co/2rgBiCL

Google Play: http://bit.ly/2CktaDL

✦  Reviews 

Review by Barbara

I really enjoyed this MC Romance. The author gave us characters we could root for and enjoy riding along on their journey with. The only downside for me was it didn’t have the bad boy/ action packed MC vibe I am use to. But again, I still really enjoyed the book. 

Isabella lives just down from the Knights clubhouse. She sees the bikes come and go and hears the wild parties but really knows nothing about them. Her car breaks down just outside of town when she was hurrying off to Vegas to be with her sister who’s gone into labor. As luck would have it, Renny one of the brothers in the Knights of Fury MC, happens by to help her. He informs her that her car is shot. He offers to let her ride along with him and a couple of his brothers as they too were heading to Vegas. Isabella knows she should be weary but she’s attracted to Renny so she tags along. Little does she know a few days later and one drunken night she would end up married to the sexy biker. Worse things could happen right? But does she really want to tie herself to a biker? The more she learns about Renny and the things his club is into, will she stick around like Renny wants or will she push for the annulment that they originally agreed on. 

This is a very well written book with a great cast of characters, moments of aghast and of course romance. I just wish it had a little more of an MC/bad boy vibe to it. But that said I am looking forward to see where the next book takes us.

Review by Kathy

There's plenty of things going on in this story, except for alot of the bada$$ biker stuff that you would read in most MC books. That being said, what it does have going on is a strong female lead and one hot biker that has taken a liking to the club's neighbor. After helping a not so damsel in distress, and giving her a ride to Vegas for the birth of her sister's baby, Isabella finds herself spending a bit more time with her neighbors and finding that the things she's heard about these men just may be made up gossip. But we shall see.

As for Renny and Izzy, these two have chemistry off the charts, and to top it off...one night in Vegas is all it took for their lives to change because, yea..what happens in Vegas sometimes doesn't stay in Vegas, it follow you home in the form of a gold band on your fingers! Things just got interesting. Now, the question is; will these two find themselves staying together, or will they go through with the annulment as Izzy had first planned. Then there is the deception that Renny has created and how that will effect their relationship. Things that make you go hhhhhhhmmmmmm.

This is a wonderfully written story with amazing characters that will charm you right out of your seat (if not worse). The MC is full of wonderful characters and I look forward to getting to know each and every one of them, but for now, we get to know Renny and his lady, Izzy. I highly recommend this book and this series, as this is just the second book, you have time to jump in from the beginning. Great read even without a bunch of bada$$ bikery. (I know..that isn't a word..lol)

✦  Also Available ✦  

#1 Saint

US: https://amzn.to/2IAnXLR

UK: https://amzn.to/2WXrhJG

CA: https://amzn.to/2RtYR4c

AU: https://amzn.to/2N7iDUx

B&N: http://bit.ly/2KxRdFo

Kobo: http://bit.ly/2LaputY

Apple Books: https://apple.co/2N2YbnN

Google Play: http://bit.ly/2Kz1rFs

✦  Author Bio ✦  

New York Times, Amazon & USA Today Bestselling Author Chantal Fernando is thirty-one years old and lives in Western Australia.

Lover of all things romance, Chantal is the author of the best selling books Dragon's Lair, Maybe This Time and many more.

When not reading, writing or daydreaming she can be found enjoying life with her three sons and family.

Chantal loves to hear from readers.

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