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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Mogul - Release Blitz with Giveaway and Reviews

Title: Mogul
Series: Price of Fame Series
Author: Elizabeth Lynx
Genre: Steamy Rom/Com Novella
Release Date: October 17, 2019

✦✦ Synopsis✦✦

Trying to lose your virginity at a New Year’s party isn’t the best plan. The only things worse? When the guy turns you down but you still have to work with him.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but here goes. My name is Emmie and I’m a virgin. I know what you’re thinking. How could a twenty-eight-year-old woman who runs her own company not have turned in her V-card by now?
While I won’t go into details about it right now, I will admit that I’ve been a bit busy with work. Time flies when there’s a media empire to build. But I decided this year to make things right. A new year’s resolution. To find someone to make me a woman before the clock strikes twelve.

It’s all going to plan. I find the hottest guy at the party. He is more than willing to come up to my bedroom. Then I make the mistake of trying to kiss him. Not only did I not pop my cherry, but I can’t ever look Jon in the eyes again.
Hi, I’m Jon. The one Emmie tries to seduce on New Year’s. Things are still a bit fuzzy about that night, but I do remember Emmie. She’s beautiful and knows what she wants. Emmie is a guy’s wet dream. She’s my wet dream.

I’m in control of my life. I run a successful company with my sister and work hard to do things right. I make sure things get done right without a hair out of place. But when I’m around Emmie it’s as if I met my match. My work suffers and everything I do is wrong.

I should walk away from her. Tell her I want no part in her life. The trouble is whenever I leave, I can’t stop thinking about her.

I’m ready to let her take control of my heart but what if she doesn’t want it?

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✦✦ Read an Excerpt✦✦ 

“You want me to go into that small dark room with you?”

He nodded and his mouth fell open as if he wanted to say something but then hesitated.

“It’s about the joke, isn’t it? I’m sorry. It was stupid. Trust me, I’ve been kicking myself about it ever since.”

Jon took a step toward me and I felt the heat of his body as there wasn’t even an inch between us. He leaned toward my ear and his hot breath fluttered my hair over my cheeks. “You need to stop thinking and start doing. Let me do the thinking for you.” His fingers tightened for only a moment before he let go.

My head had a harder time with that than the broom closet. How could Jon squeezing my hand cause my core to clench? And I could tell my panties were wet, too.

“Are you going to lock me in there?” I clasped my hands in front of my crotch as if he could see the effect he was having on me.

One corner of his mouth curled and there had never been anything so sexy on a man.

“No, of course not, Emmie. I’m going in there with you.”

Why was my heart pounding harder in my chest?

“Okay . . .” I said and went willingly inside a small dark room with a man I didn’t know that well. These were the types of bad decisions my sister made, not me. And yet, I wanted to be inside the room with him.

My clit pulsed, and I glanced around the dark broom closet. It wasn’t sexy and most likely, a little dirty but something about this whole scenario was crazy hot.

He stood in the doorway and stared at me.

“I thought you said you were coming in here with me?”

Jon smirked and stepped inside, closing the door and turning on the light switch.

He placed his hands behind his back like a teacher about to give me a lesson. And as he stepped forward, I noticed his eyes darkened to slate.

Was he going to kiss me?

I hoped so. I’d get down on my knees and pray to every god that ever existed if it helped get the man’s lips on my mouth. Perhaps if I pretended to pass out, he’d administer mouth to mouth?

It worked in the movies.

“Have you ever had an orgasm, Emmie?”

✦✦ Review by Barbara✦✦ 

Oh my what a hilarious RomCom. Having read the first 2 books in this series, I just knew Emmie’s story was going to be a wild one and trust me when I say the author did not disappoint me. Emmie’s story lived up to everything I thought it would be and then some. Kudos to the author for a fun, flirty, sexy read that kept me smiling and laughing throughout. 

Emmie is a workaholic. She has spent all her time becoming a successful business woman and building her empire. The trouble with that is she has totally neglected her private life to the point she is now a 28 year old virgin. But this is her year. She has decided to find a random guy at the New Years Eve party and lose her v-card. Jon is the perfect candidate. He’s successful, funny, gorgeous and just want Emmie is looking for. But when the night goes sideways due to too much alcohol, Emmie is left totally embarrassed, still a virgin, and wondering how in the world she will ever face Jon again. As for Jon he doesn’t remember much about New Year’s Eve except for Emmie. To Jon she is everything that fantasies are made of. But for some reason everytime he gets around Emmie things go haywire. But he is determined to make it right. But the hilarity continues every time Emmie and Jon are in the same room. 

This is a must read series in my humble opinion. While all three books can be read as standalones, suggest reading them in order as their friendship and stories overlap. I highly recommend this sexy, funny romantic comedy that will have you laughing out loud at Emmie and Jon’s antics and banter. 
2 Thumbs up and 5 Stars.   

✦✦ In the Series✦✦ 

Idol (The Price of Fame #1)

Star (Price of Fame)

✦✦ Meet the Author✦✦ 

Elizabeth Lynx writes romcoms with a lot of steam and characters you'll be mad aren't actually real. She has worn many hats in life: mother, wife, photographer, graphic designer, executive assistant, and used to print pictures for the White House. For the past several years, she's decided to put down on paper all the crazy voices in her head. Surprisingly, those voices did some really naughty things.

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