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Monday, September 30, 2019

Little Jack - Release Blitz with Giveaway & Reviews

Title: Little Jack
Series: Hell's Handlers MC
Author: Lilly Atlas
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: September 30, 2019

✸ Synopsis 

Holly Lane has spent her life under the crushing thumbs of her cop father and controlling mother. Now, well into her twenties, she’s finally getting a fresh start and moving into her own apartment. Breaking away from her parents should be easy, but how can Holly begrudge their overprotective nature when their other daughter was murdered by an outlaw biker years ago? 

 With his brand-spankin’ new patch, Little Jack has a satisfying life in the Hell’s Handlers MC. Sure, the town’s new sheriff is messing with his club, but it’s nothing they can’t handle. Life only gets better when LJ’s dream woman walks out of his fantasies and into the vacant apartment next to his. Holly is sweet as sugar, curvy in ways that make LJ’s mouth water, and the woman can bake like no other. Personal demons keep LJ from chasing a long-term relationship with any woman, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a little fun with his hot new neighbor. 

 Holly is pretty sure life is finally on the right track when she meets LJ on her first day in town. Incredibly tall, bearded, tattooed, and strong enough to unload her car without breaking a sweat, her new neighbor just might be perfect. 

With outrageous chemistry and a genuine liking for each other, Holly and LJ seem destined for an explosive encounter until a tornado rolls through their budding relationship in the form of Holly’s father. As the new town sheriff, her father only has one item on his agenda: eliminate the Hell’s Handlers MC.

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LJ stuffed his size-fourteen feet into the running shoes he’d worn long past their prime. Yeah, those suckers needed replacing before he ground his knees or ankles to dust, but they were like a longtime lover. Comfortable, familiar, a perfect fit.
Or so he’d heard. He sure as hell didn’t have any experience with long-term relationships, but word on the street made them sound like old, beat-up shoes. He chuckled to himself. Maybe that analogy was why he hadn’t held on to a woman longer than a few months. Most of them probably wouldn’t appreciate the comparison to stinky old footwear.
Okay, that was bullshit. He knew the real reason he shied from commitment but preferred to blame it on something more straightforward.
After hydrating the fuck outta himself all day to make up for hours spent pouring a different kind of liquid down his gullet the night before, LJ resigned himself to the one hangover cure that worked every time. Running. It sucked balls while he was at it, but pounding the pavement for a good ten miles sweat out whatever toxins were making him feel like shit. So, at five in the evening, he finally dragged his sluggish ass off the couch and got ready to run.
Only perk that came from hitting the bottle as hard as he had the previous night was a deep, dreamless sleep. A rare feat. However, choosing that route was a slippery slope with only one of two endings. Alcoholics Anonymous or swallowing his gun. Since neither outcome sounded desirable, LJ kept a tight handle on the amount of alcohol he typically consumed.
But last night had been a special occasion. A celebration quite a long time coming.
As he stepped outside, LJ slid his Oakley’s over his nose, but not before the sun singed his throbbing brain straight through his eye sockets. “Last time I fuckin’ drink ever again,” he muttered, as he jogged past the empty second-floor apartment next to his. His limbs moved like they were made of wood instead of flesh and bone. Picking up the pace, he turned the corner only to narrowly avoid taking out a woman carrying a box twice her size. “Whoa, shit,” he shouted as he dodged right.
Whoever she was, she yelped and staggered back, unbalanced by the heft of the box.
LJ lunged forward, snatching the heavy load from her with one arm as he used the other to steady her by her shoulder.
“Holy crap, you’re huge. And you just saved my life,” she said, panting with a hand pressed to her heaving chest.
LJ chuckled as he set the box on the concrete walkway. “Since I was the one who almost took you out, I’m pretty sure the save doesn’t count.”
“Oh, it counts,” she argued, voice full of sass. “And I’m pretty sure I’m the one to blame since I got all cocky and decided to haul the biggest box in the trunk.”
With another chuckle he straightened, faced her, and—fuck me—his dick punched against his running shorts in an instant.
“I’m Holly,” she said, a sweet smile playing on those pouty, unglossed lips as she stuck out her hand.
Holly. A sweet name to go with that sugary smile. God, she was…lush was the only word that came to mind. On the shorter side—well at least compared to him—curvy as fuck, with tits he’d kill to bury his face between, the woman was just his type. He hadn’t been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her ass yet, but he bet it was round and jiggled as she walked. Jesus Christ, he could get lost for days in all that softness.
“Um, okay,” she said, as she started to draw her arm back.
“Shit, sorry!” he grabbed her hand and didn’t let go. “Zoned out for a second. My brain’s a little slow today due to some poor choices last night. I’m LJ. You moving in?” The smoothness of her skin didn’t escape him for one second. Especially the way her silky fingers curled around his larger and much rougher palm. Despite the soft feel, her grip was solid.
She smiled, and it lit her up, all glowy and shit. God, she was so fucking adorable, with her honey-blonde hair pulled back in a loose, low ponytail. Perfect complement to those round, ocean blue eyes he could drown in. And, apparently, she’d turned him into a poetic pussy.
“I am! Apartment 2A.”
Well, well, well. This could get interesting. Hopefully, he could keep his dick under control and not scare her away by being rock hard every time they came in contact. “You’re right next to me. Welcome to the complex. That place has been sitting empty for about six months. Ever since the murder-suicide that took place in there. Crazy couple. Used to fight all the time. He finally offed her, and himself a few minutes later.”
Her smile flipped upside down in an instant as the color drained from her face. “Murder?” she croaked, eyes bugging. “Suicide?”
Aw, fuck. He was an ass. Sometimes, he forgot not everyone had the crass sense of humor he’d gotten used to tossing out around his MC brothers. “Uh, no, sorry. I was just teasing you. Sounded much funnier in my head.” He shrugged.
Holly’s mouth opened and closed a few times.
Well, there went any opportunity of sucking on her nipples or seeing exactly what that body looked like without the tattered T-shirt and yoga pants.
For a woman to be rocking a sloppy ponytail, no makeup, and scruffy clothes and still make his dick hard as a pipe…that said something.
Him and his stupid fucking mouth.
Holly’s head dropped back, and she let out a melodic laugh that did absolutely nothing to squelch his hard-on. “So that’s how you’re gonna be, huh?”
Or maybe not so stupid…
His grin had to be huge as fuck with the way it was stretching his cheeks. Damn, she was gonna be a fun neighbor. Especially if she ever let him between those thick thighs. “You doing this by yourself?” he asked, pointing to the box between them.
Holly rolled her baby blues. “No. Not exactly. My dad and brother are coming out in the morning to help me unload the U-Haul. I wasn’t supposed to get in until tomorrow, but I wanted a few hours to get acclimated to the place before my overbearing family descends.” She shrugged and looked away. “You know how it is.”
Uh, no, he did not. His family wouldn’t spit on him if he were on fire. “I’ll take your word for it.”
That had her head snapping back in his direction as she gave him an openly curious look.
He bent down and hoisted the box up to his shoulder. “Lead the way, pretty girl.”
Her eyes widened. “Damn, you make that look easy. Where’d you get all those muscles? I could use a few.”
The laugh he belted out had her giggling alongside him. “I’ll give you the website.”
“Seriously,” she said with a shake of her head. “You do not have to do this. Carrying big boxes sucks. Save yourself and finish your run. Although running sucks just as bad.” Her face scrunched as though running truly offended her.
Jesus, if she didn’t stop saying the word suck, she just might find herself on her knees preparing to do just that. “Eh, no biggie,” he said, exaggerating the flex of his admittedly sizable biceps. “Gotta let these puppies out to play every now and again, or they’ll get bored and run away.” He gestured for her to head down the hallway first.
She snorted as she led him to her apartment door. Ahh, there was the ass view. Just as he’d imagined. Plump, round, and so fucking squeezable his palms itched.
Oblivious to his stare and his boner, or at least polite enough to pretend she was oblivious, she held the door open for him. As soon as he stepped through, something warm nudged straight into his crotch. “What the fuck?”
He set the box down and found the biggest dog he’d ever encountered getting up close and personal with his junk. “Shit,” he said with a laugh as he reached down to scratch the jet-black beast behind his ears. “Had you warned me you had such a huge boyfriend, I’d have toned down the flirting.”
Holly, who’d made it to the kitchen by this point spun on her heel and darted back toward them. “I’m so sorry! Biscuit, get over here. Leave LJ alone. I’m so sorry,” she said again. “I thought he was asleep in my room, or I would have warned you about him. He’s a total whore.” She tried in vain to wrestle the humungous hound away from LJ’s family jewels.
“No worries.” LJ squatted down which at least got the dog away from the danger zone. It was like the hairy guy could smell his arousal or something. Some kind of primitive man to beast bond. “He’s a handsome guy. What is he?”
“A mountain mastiff,” she answered. “Worst guard dog in existence, as you can see, but thankfully he’s big enough he tends to intimidate on sight.”
LJ watched her as she scratched the dog behind his ears. The big baby rolled to his back, presenting his long stomach for a good rub. LJ obliged at once.
“How’d you know he was a boy?” She asked as her hand joined his on Biscuit’s belly.
“For real?” he asked with a laugh. “Come one, look at that thing. It’s kinda hard to miss.” He pointed toward the large schlong sticking up proudly between the dog’s hind legs. “We’ve got a few things in common.”
Holly’s mouth dropped open, then she snickered. “I see you’re gonna keep me on my toes.”
“I’ll take you any way I can get you. On your toes, your back, right up against that wall.” LJ winked. “Come on, let’s grab some more of your shit before it gets dark.”
Her face turned an adorable shade of pink. “Um, thanks, LJ. Hopefully, I can repay the favor someday soon.”
Uh, yeah, he could think of at least twenty ways she could repay the favor, and all involved her being naked and moaning his name. Since he assumed he’d come on strong enough for the first meet, he kept those thoughts to himself.
“Biscuit, go to your bed,” she ordered. The giant dog obeyed at once, loping over to a substantial oval dog bed in the center of the bare living room.
“Biscuit?” Poor guy.
She blushed even harder as she nodded.
For the next thirty minutes, they worked in relative silence as they unloaded her Jetta. LJ made sure to let her lead the way up the steps each trip, so he had a prime view of that stellar ass.
“That’s it, right?” She asked as he deposited a box marked “Baking Shiz” onto the small kitchen island. It’d been the heaviest box by far. And not the only one with a baking label. The woman must like to bake. Second to the possibility of headboard-banging sex, this could be the best thing about having her as a neighbor.
“Yes, ma’am,” he quipped.
She shot him a look over her shoulder as she opened her refrigerator. “Ma’am? I’m twenty-four, LJ, not sure I qualify as a ma’am.” She removed two bottles of Yingling and a small Tupperware case, then made her way back to the island.
Huh, look at that. “Hey, we’re almost the same age! I’m twenty-five, and I was in the military for four years, so all females are ma’am to me.”
She handed him a bottle, then fished through her purse for her keychain, which she also tossed to him.
With a laugh, she snatched the keys back. “Sorry, forgot we just met or something. Here.” She handed the keychain back, this time holding out the bottle opener attached to a key ring.
Instant bottle opener? Another check in this girl’s pro column.
“Ahh, I’m with you now, pretty girl.” He popped the cap on his beer, then did the same to hers. “Thanks,” he said after taking a sip. “This hits the spot.” So much for never drinking again. All it took was one sweet smile and two big tits to have him going back on his word.
“Yes, it does.” She peeled the Tupperware open. “Want one?”
Before he even had a chance to peek in the container, a sugary, strawberry smell hit his senses and he nearly groaned. “Holy shit, what the hell is that?” he asked peering down at what looked like a cupcake but with gooey strawberries on top instead of frosting.
“They’re mini vanilla cheesecakes with a strawberry glaze.”
If she said anything after glaze, LJ completely missed it. He was too busy staring at the delicious-looking confection. As if on autopilot, he snagged one of the treats and took a taste, devouring half the cheesecake in one bite.
This time, he did groan, loud, as the fantastic flavor of strawberry combined with a zing of something tart, maybe lemon, mixed with creamy vanilla goodness flooded his taste buds. “Holy fucking shit,” he said, mouth full. Didn’t even matter how much of a pig he came across as. He shoved the rest of the cheesecake in his mouth and reached for another.
“Please,” Holly said, pushing the container toward him with sparkling eyes. “Help yourself to as many as you’d like.”
She stood, watching his face, lower lip tucked between her teeth. The seductive pose drew him away from his snack. All he could think about was sinking his own teeth into that plump lip and seeing if her eyes darkened to a stormy sea or remained Caribbean calm.
“Do you like it?”
Was she nervous? Standing there abusing her lip and drumming her fingers on the counter.
“Like it? Shit woman, this is the best thing I’ve eaten in ages. Where’d you buy these?”
There she went getting all pink again. Damn, the blush was just too cute. LJ had never been one to go for the innocent type, hell, he was an outlaw biker for fuck’s sake. Not to mention other parts of his past and present that didn’t attract innocent girls. Those types of women did not come with the territory, but this one had a wholesome air of purity around her that was drawing him in.
“I made it,” she said in a near whisper.
“No shit?”
She laughed. “No shit. I’m a pastry chef.”
Oh man. A sexy neighbor who carried a bottle opener, had some sass to her, looked like sex in clothes, and was a pastry chef. He was seriously fucked. “You opening a bakery in town or anything?”
Her phone buzzed from the counter, and she grabbed it, firing off a quick text with a frown.
“Sorry.” She rolled her eyes. “Overprotective parents checking to make sure I’m not in a ditch somewhere.” Holly sighed. “Anyway, opening a bakery is my goal, eventually. I don’t have the capital for it right now, but I’ve been building an online business. Custom cakes, desserts for events, things like that. But even that’s getting tricky.”
“How come?”
“Well,” she chuckled and gave him a sheepish smile. “I’m sure you’re not interested in talking about my work issues. I’ve probably kept you long enough. Thank you for your help.”
She went to place the lid on the Tupperware, but he caught her wrist before she completed the task. God, that soft skin…if it was that smooth on her arm, he couldn’t imagine the satin he’d discover under her clothing.
Her gaze shot to his and they stared at each other for a few seconds before he said. “I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t want to know. Once you get to know me, you’ll find out I’m not one to waste my time on bullshit I don’t care about. Okay?”
“Uh, okay.” She blinked and stared at his hand on her arm. The one where his thumb was stroking her skin.
“So tell me about it.”
“Well, the problem is two-fold. First, this kitchen is too small to keep up with my orders. And second, it can be hard to get a license for a home bakery if you own a dog. Unless you can prove the dog will never be in the cooking space.”
As if he knew he was the topic of conversation, Biscuit wandered over and nudged LJ’s hand. LJ obliged the handsome guy with a good scratch behind his ears.
Holly rolled her eyes. “And as you can see, keeping him away from this space is not gonna happen.”
The second he stopped rubbing, Biscuit whined and nudged his hand again. “So what are you gonna do?” He went for a third little cheesecake and Holly just fucking beamed.
“I used my parent’s kitchen for an online business before moving here, so I have a little saved up. I’ll probably rent time from a commercial kitchen. Sometimes churches rent out time in their kitchens, or restaurants that close earlier let bakers rent time and space after hours. That kind of thing.”
The wheels in LJ’s head started to turn. “Well, pretty girl, I better get going. Gotta double my run now to make up for all this sugar.”
“Yeah, I’m never gonna apologize for that. In fact, living next to me, you’re pretty much doomed to become my guinea pig.”
“Sugar, you can experiment on me anytime.”
Her eyes widened; the double meaning not lost on her.
Chuckling to himself, LJ leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her cheek as he swiped a cheesecake for the road. “See ya around, sugar. Thanks for the sweets.”
“Oh, uh, of course.” She blinked and raised a hand to her red cheek. Biscuit trotted after him to the door. As he opened it to leave, Holly seemed to snap out of her trance. “Thanks for the muscle!” she called out.
Once he was outside and away from all the sugary goodness—both the dessert and the woman—LJ fished his phone out of the zip pocket in his running shorts. “Hey, Z,” he said after his club’s enforcer picked up on the third ring.
“LJ! Hey, brother, glad to hear your voice. We were wondering if you survived the night.” Zach said. There was a loud clanking in the background. Zach must be at work. He owned the local gym in town and did some seriously great business.
“I’m still kicking…barely.”
Zach laughed. “How many women did you wake up with this morning?”
That would be none. Because he never woke up with a woman. In order for them to wake up in his bed or vice versa, he’d have to fall asleep with them, and there was no way in hell that was happening. One disaster on that front was enough to last him a lifetime.
“Hey, Z, Toni around? I had something to run by her.”
The laugh that came from Zach was slightly evil. “Damn, must have been quite a night if you won’t even talk about it. But yeah, Toni is here, helping out at the front desk. Everything all right?”
Protective didn’t come close to describing Zach. Of course, he wouldn’t let LJ talk to his woman before ensuring the topic of conversation wouldn’t upset her in any way. “You bet. Just had an idea for her.”
“You got it, brother. Hang on a sec.”
Brother. Damn, that word sounded so good. LJ had been a prospect for way longer than the usual timeframe. One emergency after another with the club had kept him from being patched in when he should have. But as of last night, that was all in the past. He was officially a fully-patched member of the Hell’s Handlers Motorcycle Club.
“Hey, LJ, what can I do for you?” Toni came on the line.
“Hey, hon. Listen, I have this new neighbor…”

✸ Reviews✸ 

Review by Barbara

What a Fantastic addition to the Hells Handlers MC series. People if you haven’t read this series you need to start right now… While they can all be read as standalones, the characters and their stories overlap so I highly suggest reading them in order. Little Jack’s storyline involves the whole club. It will steal your heart and leave you breathless by the time you hit the epilogue. The way the author handles some real life problems will break your heart and make you want to scream but will leave you in awe of her amazing writing skills. While reading Little Jack my heart broke, my soul sored and every emotion was touch upon - kudos Ms. Atlas for writing a very touching, romantic MC that will definitely hit my top 5 for the year. 

Little Jack (LJ)  is a member of the Hells Handlers MC. He suffers from PTSD since leaving the service. LJ doesn’t deal well with situations he can’t control and suffers from debilitating episodes.  
His anxiety is ramped up when a new sheriff come to town whose sole purpose is to dismantle and imprison the Hells Handers. 

Holly, has moved to town to be near her parents and in hopes of opening her own bakery one day. She desperately wants to become an independent woman and convince her parents she is okay on her own. You see her twin sister was murdered, by a biker, when she was 12 and her parents have become overly protective since that day. 

On move in day, she meets her new neighbor, LJ. The attraction between these two is off the charts. They check off all the boxes for each other from the very start. But what happens when she finds out LJ is a biker? What happens when LJ finds out she’s the daughter of the new sheriff who's out do ruin his club and hurt his brothers?  

I can’t even begin to tell you how remarkable this storyline is. The pain, the joy, the struggles the characters go through with their inner demons as well as the people around them is told in such a way you’ll end up feeling like you are right their going through it all with them. I can’t recommend this series/story enough. 2 Thumbs up and 5 phenomenal stars for a book that deserves so much more but 5 stars is all I’m allowed to give. Grab this one up ASAP you won’t regret it.  

Review by Kathy

Hang on to your seat cause this ride will have your motor running, slamming into brick walls and not believing what you are reading. This story starts off rough, as in heartbreaking, but when the years pass you will find yourself facing an adult Holly and a very handsome and sexy next door neighbor in the way of one LJ (Jack), member of the Hell's Handlers MC and enemy number one to one Sheriff who just happens to be Holly's father. After her twin sister's murder when they were 12 years old, Holly's father makes it his mission in life to rid towns of the low life MC's. But this MC isn't like the one thought to have killed her sister, they are good people, hard working people and they are nice and helpful to the new kid on the block..Holly. But then when you bake like she does, who wouldn't be nice.

These characters are remarkable written and Jack is quite complicated. Jack is a former Navy Seal who suffers from PTSD, night terrors and debilitating anxiety attacks. Because of his nightmares, he does not sleep with any women that he has sex with; only once and that ended with him in the throws of a nightmare and strangling her until he came out of it. That ended that! Holly, well she's sweet and cheerful and is simply beautiful and can bake up a storm. Her dream is to own her own bake shop, but first she needs to raise the money for capitol. LJ comes in to save the day by talking to Toni and setting up an interview between the two.

I loved every single page of this book, even when I didn't like what was happening. Quite an interesting, intriguing, exciting and hot read. I highly recommend this book, this series!


✸ In the Series✸ 

Zach (Hell’s Handlers MC)

Maverick (Hell’s Handlers MC)

Jigsaw (Hell’s Handlers MC)

Copper (Hell’s Handlers MC)

Rocket (Hell’s Handlers MC)

✸ Meet the Author✸ 

Lilly Atlas is a contemporary romance author, proud Navy wife, and mother of two spunky girls. By day she works as a physical therapist for a hospital in Virginia. Lilly is an avid romance reader, and expects her Kindle to beg for mercy every time she downloads a new eBook. Thankfully, it hasn’t happened yet, and she can often be found absorbed in a good book.

Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/lilly-atlas

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Crazy Rich Cajuns - Release Blitz with Review

CRC - RB banner

"You can always count on Erin Nicholas for fun, sexy contemporary romance."―Melissa Foster, New York Times bestselling author

Crazy Rich Cajuns, an all-new sexy, small town, opposites attract rom com from New York Times bestselling author Erin Nicholas, is coming September 30th!


ღ Synopsis 

He wears suits and ties. He’ll one day inherit a fortune. He has a law degree. He shines his shoes, for God’s sake. What is she doing attracted to a guy like him? But she is. She so is.

She drives air boats on the bayou, drinks and cusses, and gives city boys in suits a hard time just for fun. Why can’t he get her out of his mind? But he can’t. He definitely can’t.

A weekend trip to Savannah for a fancy-schmancy party with his highfalutin family is the surefire way to prove that they have nothing in common but intense chemistry. And to maybe scratch this I’ve-never-wanted-anyone-like-I-want-you itch once or twice. Or five times.

But it takes only about twenty-four hours for the bayou girl and the city boy to figure out that they don’t really know much at all–about each other, or about themselves. And figuring all of this out is going to be downright crazy.

 ღ Download Your Copy Today! 

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2YTJVDt

AppleBooks: https://apple.co/2MhIZlq

Amazon Worldwide: http://mybook.to/CrazyRichCajuns

Nook: http://bit.ly/2TBMSTc

Kobo: http://bit.ly/2Z8PB7C

Google Play: http://bit.ly/2Z8oolI

Add to GoodReads: http://bit.ly/2Z7gV6l


ღ Reviews 

Review by Barbara

OH do I ever love this series. The author, once again, has given us a fun, flirty, sexy tale about another of the Landry family. These “crazy cajuns” are a hoot. The characters that are so defined and family oriented that you can’t help but feel a part of the craziness and wish you had family like this. Kudo’s Ms. Nicholas for a job very well done. 

If you have read the first three books you have an inkling that Bennett and Kennedy’s story was going to be electric, at least I did. These two have been full of sasy enuendos from the start and the author did not disappoint me with the telling of their story. The banter continues and the sparks continue to fly as Bennett takes the sassy mouthed, gothic dressing, Emmerson home to meet his parents and to celebrate his father’s retirement. If you are picturing the cajun southern roughneck charm meeting the high society, snootie, southern socialites - you just might be off by a foot or two. Watching Emmerson interact with Bennett’s family and their friends is a hoot. Throw in one hot sexy weekend and trust me this is one read you don’t want to miss it. 

If you haven’t started the Boys of the Bayou series all I can say is what are you waiting for. 2 Thumbs Up and 5 stars for this heartwarming, funny storyline that is part of a 10+ star series that I highly recommend grabbing up ASAP, you won’t regret it.

Review by Kathy

What do you get when you put a smart, beautiful sassy as hell cajun woman with a smart, handsome, rich attorney who also happens to own a portion of her family's tour boat company on the bayou? Well, you get a bunch of smart remarks, flirting and fanning...of Kennedy that is. You get in a man that is intrigued by the infuriating but charming woman who he wants more than anything to get a chance to get to know better, and get her between his sheets; now if he can just find a way to do one of those things.

I loved each and everyone of the books in this series and this one is no exception. To chose a favorite is not an easy task, as they are equal in their charm, humor, and some down home good ole cajun spice with all of the love, loyalty and honesty that this family possesses. Kennedy is feisty, in her take no prisoners style of sass, but has a heart as huge as the Gulf of Mexico and will do anything to help those she cares for, including those that others care for as well. Bennett is sharp, confident and has all of the attributes that...she cannot see herself being attracted to...after all, he can't fix anything! But when these opposites come together for his father's retirement party at the family home in Savannah, they find that they may have a bit more in common than they realized.

This story will capture your attention and tickle your funny bone. It's characters will warm your heart and make you want to take one of their tours just so you can go and eat in the restaurant and listen to the stories that Leo and his wife Ellie tell, as well as all of the other characters. I loved this series and I cannot recommend it highly enough. 10 stars if I could!

ღ Start the Series Today 

My Best Friend’s Mardi Gras Wedding

Amazon Worldwide: http://mybook.to/MardiGrasErin

Google Play: http://bit.ly/2TXbuo0

Amazon Paperback: https://amzn.to/2WWEVIT

Add to GoodReads: http://bit.ly/2BRrdPo

ღ About the Author 

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Erin Nicholas has been writing romances almost as long as she’s been reading them. To date, she’s written over thirty sexy, contemporary novels that have been described as “toe-curling,” “enchanting,” “steamy,” and “fun.” She adores reluctant heroes, imperfect heroines, and happily ever afters.

Erin lives in the Midwest, where she enjoys spending time with her husband (who only wants to read the sex scenes in her books), her kids (who will never read the sex scenes in her books), and her family and friends (who claim to be “shocked” by the sex scenes in her books).


ღ Connect with Erin 

Stay up to date with Erin by joining her mailing list: http://bit.ly/2Gj56oC

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Saturday, September 28, 2019

STAR -- Release Blitz with Giveaway & Review

Title: Star
Series: Price of Fame Series
Author: Elizabeth Lynx
Genre: Steamy Rom/Com Novella
Release Date: September 26, 2019


A movie star moves next door. A disabled veteran minds his own business watching a rather loud *ahem* movie in his bedroom. What happens when she gets fed up with the noise by breaking into his place only to discover him in his birthday suit?

Hi. I’m Niki Sargeant. The actress mentioned above. No, that’s not a movie pitch I plan to show producers. It’s my life.

I recently became Hollywood’s it-girl and moved into a swanky condo. When I hear a woman screaming rather loudly from my new neighbor’s home, I’m concerned. 

Breaking into his condo seems like a good idea at the time, at least that’s what my friends tell me. I realize it’s a mistake once he appears in the living room with no clothes on.

Yet, I can’t keep my eyes off him.

Did Niki say she broke into my place over concern about a woman screaming? Let me tell you the truth.

I’m Tucker Six, former Marine, the current head of a tech firm, and a mysterious loner. Maybe not a loner or mysterious but I am where it counts.

Wait, that didn’t come out right. Let’s start over.
There is only one reason Niki broke into my home, my body. I won’t lie. I’m cut and the coolest person within a five-mile radius. I can’t blame Niki for wanting me. But I have a problem.

She obviously wants me for my body but I wanted her heart.

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Absolutely loved this RomCom! The author has written a funny, sexy, yet heartwarming storyline that was a joy to read from start to finish. If you’ve read book 1 you know this series is about three girls who grew up together and have stuck together through thick and thin. Three friends who always stand behind each other no matter how crazy or serious the situation. And trust me when I say these three sure get into some hilarious situations.

Niki is the starlet of the group. She has finally gotten her big break. So she moves into a swanky condo. The night she moves into her new place, with the help of her two pals, they here loud female moaning coming from the unit next door. Addled by too much wine, the girls decide to investigate by breaking into the neighboring condo. Not sure what they were expecting to find I can assure it isn't Tucker Six in all his naked glory watching porn. Tucker is rock star Hunter Six’s little brother. He is a wounded vet that deals with life by making rude/crude jokes. Needless to say when Niki and Tucker find out they are neighbors life turns very “interesting” and oh so funny!

This story is more than just funny and romantic. It’s about learning to accept yourself, loving yourself and being self assured in your own skin. I simply adored this storyline and I highly recommend grabbing it up. You won’t regret it. While this book can be read as a stand-alone, I suggest reading book #1, Idol (Hunter and Emma’s story), first for a better reading experience as the characters do overlap. 2 Thumbs Up and 5 Stars!!! 

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Pushing on my wheels, I came to a stop on the other side of the couch. “I know you are there. You might as well stand up and get the humiliation over with now.”
“If we don’t get up, he can’t have us arrested,” one of them stage-whispered.
“Do you even know the law? Of course, I could have you all arrested. You broke into my home.”
“Technically, we used your key. It’s right outside your door on that small table, under the plant. If we really analyzed the situation, you practically invited us inside,” one of the women said and her voice sounded familiar.
What she said sounded like something I would come up with. I had to give her credit for that piece of wordcraft.
“I commend you on putting that together, but the law would disagree with you.”
“Shit. Sorry, Emmie, Niki. I tried.”
“Willa! You just used our names. What happened to using code names?”
“You all realize I can hear everything you say, right?”
“This is ridiculous. I’m standing,” one of them said while the others pleaded with her to stay down.
The air left my lungs when she emerged. The soft curls of her platinum blond hair looked like a halo that framed her face. Her long, dark lashes dusted her cheeks, and I imagined her down on her knees sucking me off, her lashes almost tickling my cock.
That image brought me to her thick, red lips, which were currently in an O-shape. She was surprised and embarrassed but for a moment, I imagined she was like the woman in the porno with the horny mouth.
Her cheeks darkened and I suspected it wasn’t due to breaking into my home. It was because we knew each other.
“Oh, uh . . . hi, Tucker. So, this is your place? It’s nice.”
“Tucker?” Willa said and stood. “Oh, shit.” She turned her back to me. “You need to cover yourself. You can’t be pointing your torpedo at us like that!”
“What?” the final female said as her head lifted over the edge of the couch. It was Emmie Delarosa.
I knew Willa Jones as she was my brother’s girlfriend, but the other ladies I had only met once. We met when Willa drew penises around my brother’s car and threatened to call the cops on him. That was a fun day. I remember trying my best to impress the ladies by going along with them.
Was I selling my brother out? Yes. But come on, they were all hot, especially Niki Sargeant who looked like a mix of Marilyn Monroe and Kate Upton.
“Emmie, stay down. That thing may go off at any moment. We can’t afford a casualty,” Willa said placing her hand on Emmie’s head and pushing her down gently.
Glancing down, I was shocked, too. Not that I was naked—I knew that part—but that my cock was at full attention.
“Now you come to life? I downloaded the dirtiest porn I could find and nothing. But three women break into my condo and you get hard . . . Wait, oh, I get it. Never mind, Little Me, you’re working A-OK.” I gave it a wink. I would have fist-bumped it but that would be weird, even for me.
“How did I not know you lived here?” Willa asked with her back still toward me.
My eyes kept bouncing between her and Niki. Emmie was back to hiding behind the couch, but Niki had yet to turn or close her eyes. Every time I glanced at her, she quickly averted her gorgeous blue eyes and my dick loved it.
She was pretending not to stare at me, but she wasn’t very good at it. I heard Niki was an actress. She must not be good if she couldn’t pretend to keep her eyes off my buff, slightly broken, body.
“Because you’re too busy boinking my brother to visit. Besides, I’m not really the social type but since you ladies are here, I could try to come out of my shell,” I said with a wink at Niki.
“No offense, Tucker, while a guy with a big dick is my thing, I’m rather faithful to your brother,” Willa said.
“I get that. I may be an asshole, but I’d never do that to Hunter. So, that just leaves you, ladies. You obviously were attracted by the female mating signal I sent out—at least enough to break-in. So, should we just—”
I was cut off by Emmie’s squeal as she raced to the front door. That woman could move. She was a blur and before I knew it, there was only Willa with her back still facing me and Niki.
“So, no threesome. That’s cool. It would be confusing with so many arms anyway.” I stared at Niki who had finally brought her eyes to mine. They were like looking at the sea for the first time—refreshing and breathtaking and I never wanted them to turn away.
“Tucker. There will be no sex with Niki tonight. She’s coming with me.”
“Can I watch?”
Willa finally turned. “You’ve got problems. Now go back to your porn and for God’s sake, turn it down.”

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Idol (The Price of Fame #1)

*Meet the Author*

Elizabeth Lynx writes romcoms with a lot of steam and characters you'll be mad aren't actually real. She has worn many hats in life: mother, wife, photographer, graphic designer, executive assistant, and used to print pictures for the White House. For the past several years, she's decided to put down on paper all the crazy voices in her head. Surprisingly, those voices did some really naughty things.

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