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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Release Blitz with Reviews - The Warrior Derrick

Meet Cover Six Security: Alphas. 
Protectors. Suckers for love. 
The Warrior: Derrick by Lisa B. Kamps 
is available now!

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  These men never back away from danger—and always fall hard for love in Cover Six Security, an explosive new series from USA Today Bestselling Author Lisa B. Kamps.

 Derrick "Chaos" Biggs lives mostly in the shadows, tethered by nothing more than a deep-seated code of honor and the knowledge that his actions are for the greater good. A failed mission forces him to walk away from his former life and he finds a new purpose working with Cover Six Security. The rules aren't quite as loose, the work is just as satisfying--and there's no chance of his soul being swallowed by the darkness of his past. Or so he thinks...

 Lidiya Stephenson is caught between two worlds: one of her own making, and one born of the sins of her grandfather. When she's threatened by the secrets of his past, she turns to the only person she dares to trust, an online colleague she knows only as Chaos. Trust is a valuable commodity, one in short supply as the couple navigates a confusing maze of secrets and deceit while fighting their searing attraction for each other. But time is running out and when someone decides that the secrets must die with Lidiya, Chaos is thrust back into the shadow world he's come to hate. Only this time, he won't be able to walk away--not without risking his sanity, his heart...and their lives.


Review by Barbara

Whoosh… What a suspenseful, thrilling storyline. The Cover Six team is full of alpha, sexy, “testosterone” with a strong determination to protect what is right and what is theirs. This book is well written with a storyline that held me captive throughout. The characters wormed their way into my heart as well. The story started at a slow pace, with a bit of repetition for me, but then took off and never let up and who cared about a slow beginning. 

Derrick “Chaos” Biggs is a former Marine now working for Cover Six, a private sector special ops team that works for the greater good. He has become a loner filled with self imposed demons. Other than his co-workers, his one outlet is a cyber hacker he chats with online named Lee. After 18 months of online communications, Chaos gets an encrypted message that Lee is in trouble and needs his help. Little does he know that Lee is a woman who knows too much and her past is out to get her. As for Lee, she has major trust issues (for good reasons). When her past finally catches up to her, she reaches out to the only person she thinks might help her, Chaos. But can she really trust him? Can Chaos help Lee when she brings his past to the forefront? Or will the combining of their past issues be their downfalls.

This is a very gripping, exciting storyline that once it got going kept me glued to the pages. 2 Thumbs Up and 5 Stars for Warrior Derrick. I highly recommend grabbing this one up, as well as the other books in Cover Six Series. 

Review by Kathy

Great story line in this well written book that will capture your attention and carry you straight through to the end. The characters are very well written and complex. Both lead characters have secrets, one could get them killed, the other could end them. For both, there is a trust issue. Lee doesn't know if she can truly trust Chaos, even though she knows him to be loyal, strong and determined. Chaos doesn't know if he can trust Lee; not only because of his past experiences, but because she is asking for his help but doesn't want to tell him who is after her and why they want her dead. It's a kind of game he has to play to try and pull out the information he needs to ensure her safety, but then sex does cloud the situation and once it happens, things change. It takes a while, but Lee finally gives Chaos what he wants, unfortunately it has the effect that she feared and when his mouth overruns his brain, danger has an open door and steps right in, putting both of their lives in peril. 

A great read that will have you turning page after page to see what happens next and how this will all end for Lee and Chaos. I highly recommend this book.

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About the Author

Lisa B. Kamps is a USA Today Bestselling Author who writes steamy romance with real-life characters and relatable stories that evoke deep emotion. She likes her men hard, her bed soft, her coffee strong, her whiskey neat, and her wine chilled...and when it comes to sports, hockey is the only thing that matters! Lisa currently lives in Maryland with her husband and two sons (who are mostly sorta-kinda out of the house), one very spoiled Border Collie, two cats with major attitude, several head of cattle, and entirely too many chickens to count. When she's not busy writing or chasing animals, she's cheering loudly for her favorite hockey team, the Washington Capitals--or going through withdrawal and waiting for October to roll back around! 

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