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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Release Blitz - With Reviews for Griffin, Cerberus MC #8

Title: Griffin
Author: Marie James
Series: Cerberus MC; Book 8
Genre: MC Romance

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I was the golden child. The one all the Cerberus guys looked up to. I was on my way to becoming the next career Marine. 

But after my last deployment to Syria, being a Marine was no longer an option.

Unfortunately, my not so honorable discharge from the Corps didn't get rid of the demons created while I was enlisted. 

Not even my childhood friend can save me. I'll destroy her just like I destroyed everything else I touched.

✦ Reviews 

Review by Barbara

Wow, what an gripping ride the author took me on with Griffin’s story. The book is more than just well written with wonderfully defined characters, the storyline broke my heart in two then took me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions all the way to the very end. Kudo’s Ms. James for an outstanding read.

Griffin has wanted to follow the men of his family's footsteps for years by becoming a Marine. He spent several years proudly devoted to serving his country and loving every minute of it; right up until one night that everything went wrong. Griffin was forced to make a decision no person in their right mind should have to do. Disgraced and out the corps Griffin returns home feeling like a failure. He turns to solitude and the bottle with only the demons in his head for company and that’s just the way he wants it, feeling like he doesn’t deserve anything more. But then Ivy, the girl who has had a childhood crush on him for years busts into his life and won’t let him be, no matter how much trouble he causes or how many times he pushes her away. But what happens when he pushes her away one too many times? Will Griffin ever return to the man he was and to the Cerberus family he’s a part of or with PTSD and his choices be his downfall?

Just an amazing heartfelt story. I can’t recommend Griffin or any of the Cerberus books enough. If you haven’t read the first generation or the second generation of  the Cerberus MC, you are truly missing out. Ms. James has a style of her own that will keep you glued to her books and impatiently waiting on the next one. 2 Thumbs Up and 5 stars for another phenomenal addition to the series. 

Review by Kathy

Fantastic storyline that will have your emotions running in all directions. There will be a hate/love relationship with Griffin when you first get to know him. He has some really serious issues taking place within his mind and is spiraling downward fast after returning home from the Marines, in a manner that was not to his liking at all. He feels that he has let everyone down including his Marine Corp. The ghosts haunt him, as do a very live member of his past, one that he knows is waiting to take him out. Or is it is mind that is making him believe this. 

She's from his past, but he is not the man for her future. He's done things that he knows will turn her away from him so he pushes back; but he really does need her calming effect. His mind stays in a drunken turmoil until she has to ask for help, she has to call in for back-up, she calls his dad!

I really loved Ivy and Griffin. She's strong, beautiful and smart and she has always had a thing for Griffin. Now that he's back she rushes home to see him, but he is not the young man she knew. He's troubled and hurting and she will do almost anything to help him as much as she can. 

This is a wonderful book and the story is well written with well defined characters that you can't help but like. I highly recommend this book and can't wait to read the next book.

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