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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Saving Grace, Blood Legion MC - Release Blitz with Reviews

Title: Save Grace
Series: Blood Legion MC Book 2
Author: Rie Warren
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: June 10, 2019

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I was a Marine. An operative. A hardcore soldier. Something brought me to the Blood Legion MC in New Orleans, and now I’m a biker. Whatever drew me here is bigger than my own baggage, and it isn’t the CIA, or Force-Recon, or anyone else.

There’s a pull. Her name is Grace. She’s missing, possibly because of the MC and our haphazard raid on the White Lair. Grace is my new mission. An op. Nothing more.

Until I finally locate the gorgeous woman who has built an even bigger barricade around herself than I have, and I realize I’ll never be free of her.


I don’t want to be found. Not by anyone. Not anymore. Not after what’s been done to me against my will. As if enslavement at the White Lair wasn’t enough.
It seems I don’t have a choice. I have a new client. He’s dark-browed, big all over, and broody beyond belief. This Killian Slade doesn’t force me. He doesn’t ask me to strip. He pays extra each time and he doesn’t even touch me. When he finds out the truth, he’ll hate me as much as I hate myself. Yet I can’t stop the hot hammering of my pulse where I’d only ever been hurt and used before—there’s a yearning to be with this singular man.

I want to wake up from this nightmare, but the nightmare is just beginning.

Read an Excerpt

Grace started to lift off my lap. “I shouldn’t have come here. I shouldn’t keep laying all this on you.”
“Whoa there.” Clasping her hand, I tugged her back down.
I framed her face with my palms. “You’re not to feel guilty. And you sure as hell don’t need to worry about me.”
“I don’t want you to think I’m using you.”
“Aw hell. Use me all you want.”
A different gleam misted across her hazel-flecked irises, and I realized whether I’d intended it or not the words had sounded like a sexual invitation.
Within seconds, the atmosphere shifted.
The chemistry changed.
The always-attraction soared to the forefront.
And I wanted to deny how much I wanted her. Now wasn’t the time for this sort of thing.
For fuck’s sake, Grace had come to me for solace.
Not sex.
But she stared at her fingers as they moved from my shoulders to my waist, and my heart clobbered in my chest. My pulse echoed right down to my groin.
She dragged the hem of my shirt up over my abs then reached beneath to swirl fingertips along flexing muscle and through rasping hair.
I grew distinctly hard against her ass, groaning when she wiggled in just the right way so my prominent bulge sandwiched in the cleft of her bottom.
“Shit.” Head craning back, I clamped my hands on the arms of the chair instead of around her hips.
“You said I could use you.” Grace drew her tongue up the straining cords of my throat then bit softly all along my jaw.
“Yeah.” I grunted . . . oh, fuck. “I did, but—”
“Sshh. You talk too much.” By the sound of her voice I knew she wore a teasing smile, because we both knew the truth about me and words.
As her lips trailed to the corner of my mouth, I damn near quaked in my skin.  
“But, Grace—”
“This is what I need right now. I need you, Killian. Unless . . .”
You don’t want me?
Her unsaid words hung suspended in the air, and I raised my head to look at her.
“There is no unless. C’mere.”
Our mouths clashed with a soaring urgency, no tender hello about this rampant greed.
Within minutes of tortured kissing and roving hands, the fire already burned too hot.
Christ almighty. We hadn’t fucked since Thanksgiving.
One day with her was never gonna be enough.
I had us up on our feet and half my clothes thrown off before attacking her lips again. Goddamn, but she tasted sweet.
And she sure as hell was no shrinking violet.
A possessive gurgle issued from her throat when she ripped through the tabs on my jeans.
I shoved them and everything else off then tore at her clothing with just as much frustrated impatience.
My hard, hard cock lurched upright, brushing the underside of her belly, and heat goddamn spiked inside me like a fever.
With her bare, and in my rooms, and daylight spearing across the walls and over the floor in sunbursts, I tore my mouth from hers.
I dragged my ravaging hands from her body.
I stepped back, melting into a moment I wanted to hold onto forever.
Standing nude and luscious, Grace became dappled in sunlight falling all over her ripe body.
She reached out for me, but I stepped back again.
“Wait. Don’t move. Please,” I asked in an unfamiliar guttural timbre.
She started to shield her breasts, but I halted her.
“Don’t cover yourself. Don’t hide from me.”
Fearless then—how could she not be when desire stamped all over my body and aimed my rigid cock like a staff to the air—she shook out the glorious black waves of her hair so the thick tresses tumbled down her back and over her shoulders.
Staging closer, I barely coasted the calloused pads of my fingers across her satiny skin. Down her temples so her eyes shuttered briefly closed. Across her plump lips so she breathed in on a gasp.
I only made contact with my hands, murmuring non-words of praise that came from deep within my gut.
Along her neck, where her pulse fluttered just beneath the most silken skin.
Her head became lax, and her neck arched into my touch.
“What are you doing, Killian?” she whispered.
“Honoring you.”
Her breath hitched. Her lashes flickered.
Her moan caught in her throat.
Honoring Grace.
Because being with her, touching her . . . the fact she shared herself with me was an honor I didn’t deserve.

Hell, I was nothing but a used-up leatherneck, a gruff-voiced biker dude.


Review by Barbara

What a terrific addition to this series. If you read book 1 in the series, Cry Mercy, you know that Mercy’s good friend, Grace is missing. The night the Blood Legion, stormed the White Lair and saved Mercy and the other girls being held there, Grace was nowhere to be found. Killian has made it his mission to find her; simply because Mercy asked him to. Killian has hunted for Grace for months. When Killian finally finds her, he is stunned by her beauty and strength. He wants to help her escape and bring her home but Grace has her reasons for staying and won’t accept his help. As for Grace the more the handsome Killian returns to see her, the more her walls cave. But Grace knows she can’t let him help her. Visit after visit Killian is determined to change her mind. But can he? What is holding Grace back, why won’t she accept his help?

The author has written a wonderful storyline that held me captive from start to finish with dialogue that made me feel like I was right there in the middle of everything, watching it go down right in front of me. The characters captured my heart and refused to let go. Grace is strong and such a survivor. Killian is fierce, determined and yet very kind hearted once you get to know him.

Saving Grace has all the elements I love in an MC story: excitement, crazy MC banter, suspense, intrigue and romance. I highly recommend this sensational heartwarming addition to the series. In fact, if you haven’t started the series, grab up both Cry Mercy and Saving Grace, you won’t regret the phenomenal ride. 2 Thumbs Up and 5 stars. 

Review by Kathy

She's the one that got away, or taken away; but no one knew for sure if she was still around, still alive. He promised his brother's woman that he would find her and he wouldn't stop until he did. Miracle of miracles, a tip leads him to a brothel, a tall glammed out woman collects money from him and brings him to a door, behind that door is a woman. She denies that she is his Grace, but when he delivers the information that Mercy is alive and well, he sees it. She can deny all she wants, he knows that she is his Grace. 

But this wonderfully written story doesn't end there. No this story is filled with excitement, romance (biker style), intrigue, some sick and twisted stuff going on behind the scenes, and of course there is love. It is also filled with the banter of the bikers and the descriptions for their patrons, and let's not forget old Sol. All of this brings us one great read and a better look into Killian Slade's background; his story, his ghosts. 

Fantastic read that will capture your attention and your heart right from the get-go. I highly recommend this book and this series. I can't wait to see which of these rough and tough guys will fall by the charms of a woman.

Start the Series
Cry Mercy (Blood Legion MC #1)

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Meet the Author

Badass, sassafras Rie Warren is an OG Amazon All Star author of Bad Boy books and MC romance. She delivers five star sex, suspense, and the best banter around. Her stories are one hundred percent original, do not contain fluffy plots or virgin brides, and wring every last emotion from readers to leave them with a satisfied smile. Rie’s tough alpha males are never brought to heel, but are instead healed by the feisty femme fatale of their perfect match. She grew up in Maine, went to college in Iowa (Iowa, what?), lived in Scotland, and married in Englishman. In true roundabout fashion, they came back to the States, settled in South Carolina’s lowcountry, putting down southern roots and pursuing their arty endeavors. Tale spinner and character diviner, Rie is a lover of sleep, wine, and rude memes often involving either Disney characters or Winnie the Pooh. She is raising two teen daughters along with an entire brain full of unruly characters.

Rough-talking alpha men? Rie has that on tap.
Stubborn sassy heroines? You bet.

Smoldering sex scenes that’ll set your Kindle on fire? Check, check, check.
Keep a fan handy, you’ll need it.

Follow the signup link below to her romance newsletter for sneak peeks, new releases, first looks, and her quirky sense of humor.
And, as always, happy sexy reading to you!

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