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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Release Blitz with Review - Pop The Clutch

Pop The Clutch by USA Today bestselling author Ellis Leigh 
writing as Kristin Harte is NOW LIVE!!!


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To Violet Foster, the past ten years have been a continual replay of an ill-fated night in high school. Without warning, she went from Downriver's sweetheart to unintentional adult film star, her most intimate moments shared with the world in ten-second loops. She's lost friends, been forced to change career plans, and had to stop dating because of that one indiscretion. The last thing she wants is to return to the scene of the crime, but with her grandma's health failing, she doesn't have a choice.

Easton Cole is a walking, talking bad-boy cliche in a blue mechanic coveralls. He's always known his trailer-park-kid shadow would follow him into adulthood, but building his auto repair shop into a successful business means he has a chance to change that image. People in Downriver have long memories and getting them to forget his past is an uphill battle. The last thing he needs is the trouble Violet could bring. She's a lightning rod for gossip, with a reputation that precedes her. So what if he's been crushing on her practically since puberty? Violet's only planning on staying a month, even if the good memories of Downriver have started to overpower the bad, and Easton is dead set on making new ones...together. But the internet is forever, so there's no chance of Violet having a future unblemished by her past. And when the stain of her damaged reputation resurfaces, Violet knows it could destroy everything around her...including Easton.



Review by Barbara

Wonderful start to a series. I loved the heartfelt feel of the storyline and I simply adored the characters. The book is very well written to the point I felt like I was right there in the small town of Downriver feeling everything the characters were going through. The author gave us a great storyline of how one high school mistake, the cruelty of teens and the internet can destroy a life for years to come. 

Violet is a young girl that got caught on camera at the wrong time and as a result had her life turned totally upside down. As soon as she graduates high school she runs from her hometown and attempts to start a new life away from the scandal. She hasn’t returned to Downriver in almost 10 years. But her grandmother, who raised her, is very ill so Violet has to return home. She tried to stay out of the limelight but when she has to take her grandmother’s car into town to be fixed, she runs into Easton. Easton was labeled as the kid from the wrong side of the tracks. He had a bad boy rep in high school seeming to always be in trouble. Now he owns the local auto repair shop and is making a name for himself. He has always had a crush on Violet and hated that she ran away. When she walks into his shop, he is totally captivated. She is even more beautiful than his memory and dreams remember. So when Violet drops off her grandmother’s car he jumps at the chance to give her a ride home and talk with her. That one ride sets off a whirlwind of emotions for both of them. Can Violet survive being back in the town that caused her downfall, where almost everyone knows her story or can Easton convince her to stay and stop running?  

I simply loved this storyline. It held me in it’s grasp and had my emotions on high alert. I laughed, I smiled, my heart broke and my heart sighed. Kudos to the author for a phenomenal read. This reader is looking forward to the next book in the series and the return to Downriver. 2 Thumbs Up and 5 stars.

Review by Kathy

A wonderful yet heartbreaking story of how one teenage mistake, one mean girl and her brother and the internet can do to ruin a young girls life and drive her away from her home, creating havoc with her dreams and turning her future completely around. But coming home years later to be with her ailing grandmother should be easy if she just stays out of sight as much as possible, but for Violet, that is something that isn't in the cards when her grandmother send her to bring her car to the shop, and right into the presence of Easton Cole, the man, who as a boy had a crush on her. The man, who now standing in front of her takes her breath away. But her past still haunts her, in her mind as well as in reality and her fear is that Easton will bring it up. But Easton has always had a thing for Violet and when Jude calls out the name she was given after that fateful night, it is Easton who jumps to her defense. He remembers the night he picked her up one rainy night, walking home and crying. It was the best night of his life, even if it was the worse time of his life, and her's as well. The years have changed her, but not the town and as the two begin a relationship, allowing feelings to begin, it's the mean girl that has Violet spiraling and running away again. This time, she is taking Easton's heart with her. 

I really loved this story and these characters. I would have wanted Violet to have strengthened a bit more than she did and I really wanted her to lay into that mean girl, but LOL..I'm not the author. But these two were so perfect together and I just loved them, especially Easton. What a sweetheart!

Wonderful read that will play with your emotions and leave you wanting just a bit more. I highly recommend.

About Kristin

Kristin Harte started off as a chemistry major in college but somehow ended up writing romances featuring ex-military heroes and the women who knock them to their knees…literally and figuratively. She likes drinking in the shade, snuggling under a warm blanket on a cold evening, and researching how to blow things up. Her children know nothing of what she writes, and her husband just hopes he’s not at their Chicago-ish home the day the government shows up to confront Kristin about her Google search history. When not writing good men doing bad things, Kristin can be found writing paranormal romance as Ellis Leigh or co-writing naughty novellas as London Hale.

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