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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

FLUFFY - Release Blitz with Reviews

Title: Fluffy
Author: Julia Kent
Genre: Romantic Comedy/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 30, 2019


An all-new STANDALONE from New York Times bestselling author Julia Kent

It all started with the wrong Help Wanted ad. Of course it did.
I’m a professional fluffer. It’s NOT what you think. I stage homes for a living. Real estate agents love me, and my work stands on its own merits.
Sigh. Get your mind out of the gutter. Go ahead. Laugh. I’ll wait.
See? That’s the problem. My career has used the term “fluffer” for decades. I didn’t even know there was a more… lascivious definition of the term.
Until it was too late.
The ad for a “professional fluffer” on Craigslist seemed like divine intervention. My last unemployment check was in the bank. I was desperate. Rent was due. The ad said cash paid at the end of the day.
The perfect job!
Staging homes means showing your best angle. The same principle applies in making a certain kind of movie. Turns out a “fluffer” doesn’t arrange decorative pillows on a couch.
They arrange other soft, round-ish objects.
The job isn’t hard. Er, I mean, it is — it’s about being hard. Or, well… helping other people to be hard.
Oh, man…
And that’s the other problem. A man. No, not one of the stars on the movie set. Will Lotham – my high school crush. The owner of the house where we’re filming. Illegally. In a vacation rental.
By the time the cops show up, what I thought was just a great house staging gig turned into a nightmare involving pictures of me with a naked star, Will rescuing me from an arrest, and a humiliating lesson in my own naivete.
My job turned out to be so much harder than I expected. But you know what’s easier than I ever imagined?
Having all my dreams come true.

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“I can't tonight. I have a date,” I blurt out, remembering David. The dating app. The asshole who isn't an asshole.

Yet. I haven't met him, so that judgment remains withheld.

“A date?” Will asks, intrigued.

“Yes. A date. You know, that thing where you go out with someone who has no intention of really getting to know you and you spend the entire time eating bread that doesn’t taste as good as your date claims and trying to decide whether to initiate rescue-text sequences with your mom.”

“That’s your idea of a date?”

“That is my actual experience of every date I’ve had since college.”

“You’re dating the wrong guys.” He holds my gaze for just a little too long. I look away.

“I have to keep fishing in the pond if I ever want to catch a different one.”

“If that’s the way you talk to your dates, I am beginning to understand why they all turn out so badly.”



“Don’t accuse me of being a bad date. I’m a great date! I Google the guy in advance and read his LinkedIn profile. I make sure I don’t wear super-tall heels in case he lied about his height on his dating profile. I pretend to care about all his hobbies and don’t reveal that I’m secretly tallying all the micro-aggressions he’s sending my way during appetizers and wine. And if he makes it to dessert, well–” I falter.

“You never make it to dessert, do you?” Will asks, eyebrows up. He drops them quickly, wincing.

“I–well–it’s not that I don’t. He doesn’t!”

“He ditches you?”

“No! No! It’s just that he always has a thing.”

“A thing?”

“A work emergency. Or a dog with a twisted bowel. Or a grandma in the ER.”

“How many guys used the twisted-canine-intestine thing?”

“Three.” I sit down and sag against his teenage desk, elbows sliding forward, fingers deep in my hair. “I looked it up. There’s an entire subreddit devoted to inventive ways to get out of a bad date.”

“And yet here you are.” He leans against the edge of his desk. “Trying again.”

“I’m a masochist.”

His eyes gleam. “Maybe you should start your dates with that line. ‘Hi. I’m Mallory Monahan. I’m a masochist.’ You’d definitely make it to dessert.”


Review by Barbara

Too Funny…. May I start by saying you don’t have too BUT, reading the short Prequel, “Little Miss Perfect” will sure help the flow of this hilarious tale. Ms. Kent has given us a well written fun storyline with characters your simply going to fall for. Even the secondary and brief minor characters will make you smile and laugh. 

How does a grown woman not know what a “Fluffer” is? Well if you a hometown, shy kind of gal I suppose that could happen. When the Real Estate company that Mallory, “Mal”,l works for is sold, her job as the home stager is lost. Now she is flat broke and needs rent money fast. Seeing an ad on Craigslist for a professional fluffer that pays cash at the end of the week sounded perfect, especially after talking to spatula on the phone. Thinking she’s going to be staging/fluffing the home for a cooking show, Mal takes off to start the job. Little does she know the home she is traveling to owned by the parents of her High School crush that she’s never truly gotten over, Will Lotham, and that the crew is “filming” without his knowledge. 

When Mal arrives at the home is when the story take off. One hilarious moment/disaster after another is only made worse when Will arrives home to throw the Porn Crew out of his parents home. Mal is mortified when she see Will for the first time in 10 years in a most humiliating position which causes him to save her from being arrested. Will, being Will, uses this to his advantage and makes a deal with Mal to stage his parents home so he can sell it quick (and of course since Mal is broke she has to agree, right?). 

OMG that laughs are plenty as the outrageous times continue. I loved Mal and Will’s story. The running fluffer joke only makes the storyline even more unique. There is so much more I’d love to say but I just don’t do spoilers. I give Fluffy 2 Thumbs Up and 5 Stars. I Highly Recommend grabbing it up asap and I can’t want to see where the storyline takes us in Book 2 of the series.

Review by Kathy

OMG what a hoot!!! Absolutely fantastic, entertaining and funny as all get out! Mallory sheltered life comes into play when she loses her job with a Real Estate company and lands a job as a fluffer! Ok..so maybe once upon a time they called staging homes "fluffing" homes, but nowadays it means something totally different and as poor Mallory's luck would have it, she finds this out in front of the boy she had always had a thing for, and 10 years later he's only better looking and is standing right there when she tries explaining what her job is. Unfortunately it's not staging the house, it's fluffing for porn scenes and the house they are filming in is Will's parent's home! Oh yes...let the fun begin because the cops are called and one of them used to baby sit her and is holding a grudge from back when Mallory was six years old! 

Things only get funnier as Mallory and Will's story unfolds and you will enjoy every minute of this page turner! I cannot recommend this book highly enough! Want a good laugh...get this book!

Author Bio

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Kent writes romantic comedy with an edge. From billionaires to BBWs to new adult rock stars, Julia finds a sensual, goofy joy in every contemporary romance she writes. Unlike Shannon from Shopping for a Billionaire, she did not meet her husband after dropping her phone in a men's room toilet (and he isn't a billionaire). She lives in New England with her husband and three sons in a household where the toilet seat is never, ever, down.

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