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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Living For Forever, Release Blitz with Reviews

Title: Living For Forever
Series: Battle Born MC #3
Author: Scarlett Black
Genre: MC/Erotic Romance
Published: January 24, 2019

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Praise for the Novel

“This book will take you on an amazing ride!!” ~ Amazon Review

“OMG! Scarlett Black absolutely wrecked me with this book. It was raw, deep and beautiful. . .” ~ Amazon Review


If love is their sin, then together they lie, bound to one another, their love living for forever.

The girl who walks this earth as a ghost of her circumstance must find her redemption to come back to the living. A new beginning will happen, but someone will have to pay in blood to get it.

Years of pain and crippling memories have left Jenn fighting through life to overcome a tragic past. Until they come back to destroy her and to take what they want. Can she bury the pain in lies to save those that she loves? Or will the lies destroy her in the long run?

James wanted one thing when he moved to Reno, a fresh start. Never did he imagine that he would join an MC, but the brotherhood called to him. They had a loving start to a now tormented present. Will he get what he needs and save the woman that he loves? 


Review by Barbara

Holy Cow where to start. This is a powerful, heartfelt emotional story that will take you on one amazing ride. A ride about a couple with battle scars but born to travel through life together.

Jenn has become dead inside, turning to pills and booze in hopes to end her pain and hopefully her life. She is scared but internally and externally by a man who claimed she was his, something Jenn just couldn’t live with. After trying to end her life she is surrounded by the people who love her and won’t let her struggle alone again. After hearing the sacrifice she made for her family and the men of the Battle Born MC, they all want nothing more than to lift her up and help her take back all that was taken from her.

One of those people who have her back is James. He’s loved her from his first glimpse of her. Knowing how he let her down, James vows to be by her side and love her forever, no matter what it takes. She is his and the world is going to know what a lethal strong team they make.

But can her loved ones keep her sane? Can they help her past living as the walking dead? Her mind will never forget and her body bares the scars, can she ever get past this? What an amazing storyline and the cast of characters will melt your heart. It will have you gripping the book tight and turning the pages as fast as you can read. 2 Thumbs Up for this 5 star read (Oh how I wish I could give it more). It’s a total must read in a phenomenal must read MC series. Kudos to Ms. Black for a job well done and a wow of an ending I didn’t see coming!!!

Review by Kathy

Gripping, emotionally charged, torturous story line that will keep you transfixed to Jenn and James' story. The scars she wears are a terrible reminder of the attack that she suffered at the hands of a man who thinks she is his. But her scars run deeper than her skin. She's dead inside. She wants to end this painful living and delves into pills and alcohol. The pain becomes too much and she tries to leave this world, only to awaken to find that she will not be alone and that help, whether she want it or not, has stepped into her hospital room. Battle Born will not let her go. Her secrets that have held her prisoner inside of her own head, will come to light before the story ends. Her story with James begins again, and this time, knowing what he knows and that he didn't protect her the way he should have, James vows to help her to become the woman she once was. Together with the Battle Born MC, they vow to have her back and to avenge her, to protect her and to help her come out of the dark. But only one man has the power to bring her out completely, and he does just that. 

But Jenn's secrets aren't the only ones to be shared in this story. There is so much more to her story, to her life and when the secrets are revealed, she begins her true journey of healing. But true freedom from her past will not come easy. With the help of the MC, she finally gains her freedom and is able to begin her future. 

This is an exceptional read. I thoroughly enjoyed the epilogues, especially the final one. It was beautiful. The characters are brilliantly written and seeing the other characters from previous books back in the forefront was a treat. I loved this book, the story and especially the ending. Wonderfully done and highly recommended read! Don't miss this book!

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Meet the Author

Scarlett Black lives in a small town in Northern Nevada. She has three kids a husband and a couple of dogs. She loves to watch baseball, especially when her kids or husband play. One day she had random thoughts floating around in her brain, opened her laptop and started writing without really knowing of where the journey would take her. Here she is now, a first-time erotic MC genre author, that works full time. She enjoys her busy life, the outdoors and shopping as much as possible!

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