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Monday, September 16, 2019

Lost Years - Release Blitz with Giveaway

Title: Lost Years
Author: MK Schiller
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 16, 2019


Ever had a dream so real it feels like a memory?

I’ve had those kinds of dreams since I was a kid. Each one of a beautiful girl, who is my best friend. We grow up together on a sunny island surrounded by water that’s as blue as her eyes. We share all our hopes and fears until we realize we belong to each other in every way one person claim another. She is my own personal serenity. Sweet story, eh?

Well forget about it.

The cold, harsh reality is that I’m a twenty-year-old, Manhattan-bred, manwhore, who uses his fists to solve his problems. The only comfort I find is inside a bottle... and the dreams. But the dreams are my illness not my cure. Just when things look the darkest, the sun slaps me square in the jaw. I spot a picture of a scenic island surrounded by the bluest water – my island.

If the island exists then so must the girl, right?

So I’m headed to Serenity, Texas to find my girl and make some sense out of the chaos that is my life. Feel free to tag along, but this journey comes with a steep warning — dreams can turn into nightmares in the blink of an eye.

My name is Jason Flynn and this is our story.

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Review by Kathy

Oh my, I loved this book so much. This is a great story. Well written with wonderful characters. This story will have your mind twisted into a pretzel as you try to figure out what is going on, what is it with his dreams and why is he the only one that seems to remember things that no one else does. Jason dreams of a place that is familiar to him and about a girl that he must find. When he arrives at Serenity and his Aunt Rose's house, things begin to come to him like memories of things that should have happened, but didn't. All he knows is, he has to find that girl.

This story really had me confused (not in a bad way), like Jason, but as I read his story, walked through his life with him, I couldn't help thinking that something strange was going on. He knew people, had (memories) dreams of his childhood with them, with her and yet none of them knew him. He couldn't understand it, and frankly, neither could I. But that is what pulled me through the story. I had to be with him when he found out, when everything came to light.

This author did an outstanding job of holding your attention, holding you captive and not letting you go until the end. An amazing read and a wonderful story.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK. 10 stars if I could!


“You have talent.”
“Are you a fan of country music?”
“I’m a fan of yours, Scarlett.” 
She smiled. “That’s a little smoother.”
”I’m learning.” “I take it country is your favorite kind of music?” I asked 
“I love all kinds of music, but country is in my soul.” She placed a finger against her bottom lip. “Plus, whatever comes out of this mouth just sounds country.”
I smirked. “I bet country tastes delicious.”
She laughed, pointing a finger at me. “You’re dangerous. You flirt like this with all the ladies?”
I wish I could tell her no, but she deserved an honest answer. “Yes.” I wanted to take it back when her smile tightened. All those years of trading warm bodies to still my constant loneliness made me sad. She was what I’d been missing all along. “Would it make me sound more like a douche bag if I said I never meant it like I do now?”
“There isn’t enough honest in the world. Watch your step.”
“What? Too forward?”
“No, I mean stop.” She held up her arm in front of me. She took a few steps and bent down to pick something up. “Stupid tourists,” she said, throwing a plastic bucket. Then she lifted the creature underneath it and held it out to me.
“Did you know he’d be under there?” I asked, staring at the tiny turtle she held in her hands with no fear. 
“Sometimes the kids think it’s funny to trap them. The mama’s lay their eggs here. When the little ones hatch, they start their journey from right here until it’s time for them to come back in a few years and lay their own eggs. 
“Let me introduce you to a real-life sea turtle.” 
I waved at the animal, unsure if she expected me to offer a handshake or pet its shell. She walked over to the waves, holding it up against the moonlight, like the scene from the Lion King. I would have laughed if I wasn’t in awe. “Have a safe journey, little one, and a good lost year.” She set it in the water. She rinsed her hands and stood. We watched it drift away, the waves carrying him at first until he moved with them.
“I hope he survives.” The breeze picked up strands of her hair. They circled her head like a crown…not more like a halo.  
Stuffing my hands in my pockets, I step closer to her. “Did you say lost year?”
“The first year of the sea turtle migration is called the lost year because no one knows what they actually do, despite all the technology we have to track them, but I have my theories.”
“What is your theory?”
Her eyes grew wistful as she looked out into the turbulent waves. Was she praying? “I think they might be searching for what’s missing. Maybe they are looking the parents, who abandoned them, or the turtle they’re supposed to make babies with. Even if they find what’s lost, they never make up the time they spent searching.”
I put my hand on the small of her back. “Maybe they’re just partying it up, having epic sex, and drinking all the time.”
She cracked a smile. “Yeah, maybe so, Jason.”
“My friends call me Flynn.”
She started walking again. “I’ll let you know when we’re friends, New York.” I winced at her statement, but I understood her need to be guarded––her emotions probably conflicting with basic logic. I’d had the same argument many times myself tonight. 
None of this made sense. It was like I’d lived a lifetime with her, but we’d never met.
It was messing with my head but being on the beach with her––it was worth all the crazy.
“I look forward to that moment.”

Author Bio

Not knowing a word of English, MK Schiller came to America at the age of four from India. Since then, all she’s done is collect words. After receiving the best gift ever from her parents—her very own library card—she began reading everything she could get her greedy hands on. At sixteen, a friend asked her to make up a story featuring the popular bad boy at school. This wasn’t fan fiction…it was friend fiction. From that day on, she’s known she wanted to be a writer. With the goal of making her readers both laugh and cry, MK Schiller has penned more than a dozen books, each one filled with misfit characters overcoming obstacles and finding true love.

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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Release Blitz with Reviews - Silver Brewer

Title: Silver Brewer: The Silver Foxes of Blue Ridge
Author: L.B. Dunbar 
Genre: Over 40 Romance Stand alone
Release Date: September 12, 2019


Olivet Pierson needs his land. 

Name your price, Mr. Harrington.

She has her reasons, and this muscular mountain of masculinity isn’t going to get in her way. However, her heart has a different plan after she accepts his crazy conditions: three nights up on the ridge.

George Harrington is a quiet, giant of a man. 

No sale, Cricket.

He’s a war hero, a widower, and COO for the family brewing company, but his life lacks spontaneity. Then, she arrives, chirping away at him, roaming his body with those sky-blue eyes, and negotiating for something he won’t put a price on. Too bad his heart is immediately sold.

With the challenge accepted, this silver fox can no longer deny his desires for something a little different.

Welcome to Blue Ridge where sexy silver foxes meet their match of feisty vixens.

The Harrington brothers are a spin-off from Second Chance, but don’t you worry, this over 40 romance can be enjoyed as a stand-alone.

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Available on Kindle Unlimited

Praise for the Novel

PP’s Bookshelf - “Sexy. Emotional. Angsty. Real. Honest. Heartbreaking. Swoonworthy. Heartwarming.”

Bibliophile Chloe - “Ms. Dunbar doesn't fail to amaze me with her writing of mature characters, still full of life, still wanting to find love and the holy hotness of the chemistry and smexy times!”

Cee Cee Houston - “L.B. Dunbar has found her niche. The over 40’s is definitely a trope she does extremely well.”


Review by Barbara

The Silver Fox series are always a must read for me as soon as they hit the market. The author truly captures my heart with each book about life and love during mid-life years and each book just keeps getting better and better (at least for me). I love the authors witty banter and realistic storylines and Silver Brewer has both of those things in spades. I fell in love with both George “Giant” Harrington and Olivet “Letty” Pierson and their story made me laugh, warmed my heart and had me hoping for a HEA. 

Giant is a loner, who works hard, loves his family but also loves the peace and quiet his mountain home gives him. The home and land was left to him by his grandpa and it’s his own little slice of heaven. Letty, a real chatty cathy, is a realtor that is out to buy his property and doesn’t want to take No for an answer. She needs this sale to prove herself. But Giant has no desire to sell. What is does have is a desire to spend time with Letty, the first woman to spark anything in his lonely world since the death of his wife. So he proposed that the city girl to send 3 nights camping on his land with him and he’ll consider selling, truly thinking the city gal won’t show up. But Giant is shocked that she not only shows up but she was determined to stick it out. 

From here the storyline takes off. The events are funny, exciting, romantic (on occasion a little wild) and even heartbreaking at times. If you haven’t read Ms. Dunbar’s Silver Fox books they really are a must. 2 Thumbs Up and 5 Stars for a wonderful read that I highly recommend. You won’t regret grabbing up Silver Brewer.

Review by Kathy

What a wonderfully written story with wonderfully charming, if a bit hard to figure out at times. I loved everything about this story and the characters, even if at time I wanted to shake the hell out of them. With all of their talk about talking to each other, there were times when the thoughts in their heads should have really have been said out loud; it would have saved a lot of pain and suffering on both their parts. Alas, it is a book and the author did know how to ruffle our feathers with these two, but she also knew how to enter into our hearts and have us melt ever so slowly until we are left a huge puddle of sappy goop by the wonderful end of this book.

I loved both of these characters as they are an older couple, not young know nothings trying to figure out life. These two have lived some life. Giant has been married, has grown children. He is a widower and a veteran who is as grumpy as they come, living on his own in a mountain cabin. Letty is beautiful, never been married but was engaged to the man who cheated on her and is now marrying the woman he cheated on her with..her own sister. Letty wants only one things. Love, marriage and children. She wants a family of her own, but since she doesn't see that happening anytime soon she is stuck working for her uncle in his real estate company, which is what brings her to Giant's property. Her uncle wants it to build a resort on; but Giant isn't selling and let's her know that in no uncertain terms. But Letty doesn't back down so they strike a bargain, she spends three days camping with him and when they return, they will talk.
Oh the things that can happen in three days and when two people are all alone in the wilderness, sharing a tent.

I loved this book so much and I see it staying with me for quite some time. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Do yourself a favor and grab this book quickly. You won't regret it, I promise.


“Before you try to steal my land, perhaps you should learn a thing or two about it.”

I stare up at him as his expression turns virile. 

“I know this piece of property could earn you millions.” I look beyond him, taking in the small bit of landscape I can see around his broad hips and crossed arms.

“I told you, I don’t want the money.” He scoffs. “I’m talking about dirt under your toes. Wind in your face. Stars in your eyes.” His eyes nearly dance as though he has undisclosed information he’s waiting to share with me, and strangely, I want to know his secret. And though dirt under my toes doesn’t sound pleasant, it doesn’t sound terrible either.


Tell me. Tell me all your wisdom and woes. I swallow with the intensity of his glare and rub a hand down the thigh of my jeans.
“Okay, so I’m not Pocahontas. How would I learn?” My voice cracks, sounding meek. Teach me, Yoda.
“From the land.” He pauses. His crossed arms bulge before me and lift with the heave of his frustrated inhale. What would those arms feel like around me?
“And your land will just teach me?” Oh God. Did my voice just drop? Did I exaggerate your land, implying something other than the greenery around us? Damn Marcus and his damnable innuendos, but if this man means I can hike his landscape, I volunteer as tribute. “How?”
“What?” I stammer. My mouth falls open.
“Camping. Three nights of roughing it and then I’ll think about your proposition. You break before that and no deal.”
My proposition? Did I proposition him? Can he see the images racing through my mind? I want to do all kinds of things to him, starting with the body part closest to me. My heart races, and my sweaty palms…sweat more. My breath catches.

Anything whispers through my mind along with the song “Colors of the Wind.”

My eyes narrow. My heart thuds to a screeching halt. 

This is crazy.

But I slowly rise, pressing up on my thigh as I stand. I come to my full height, which doesn’t quite match his, but with the help of the two step difference, I’m close. My gaze meets his fiery eyes. There’s one thing this man needs to learn about me. I like nothing more than to prove others wrong.

“Challenge accepted.”

Meet the Author

L.B. Dunbar loves the sweeter things in life: cookies, Coca-Cola, and romance. Her reading journey began with a deep love of fairy tales and alpha males. She loves a deep belly laugh and a strong hug.

Occasionally, she has the energy of a Jack Russell terrier. Accused—yes, that’s the correct word—of having an overactive imagination, to her benefit, such an imagination works well. Author of over two dozen novels, she’s created sexy rom-coms for the over 40; intrigue on an island; MMA chaos; rock star mayhem, and sweet small-town romance. In addition, she earned a title as the “myth and legend lady” for her modernizations of mythology as elda lore. Her other duties in life include mother to four children and wife to the one and only.

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Release Blitz for Trey, 7 Brides for 7 Blackthornes, #7

Opposites attract...but can they last forever? 

🔥 Trey by Christie Ridgway is available now! 🔥 

Amazon — https://amzn.to/2Zuu2PC 

Amazon Universal — mybook.to/Trey7Brides 

Apple — https://apple.co/2x9GmJ7 

Nook — http://bit.ly/31AWqBs 

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Google — http://bit.ly/2WMygFn

🔥 Blurb 🔥

As the oldest of the wealthy and well-connected Blackthornes, Trey always puts family first. To end his parents’ separation, he heads to France, only to find that Paris has much more to offer than one missing mother. But Trey’s not the sort to slow down even when a beautiful and free-spirited American volunteers to play tour guide. 

 Mia Thomas won’t take no for an answer, however, and soon Trey is questioning his all work, no play, and no commitment lifestyle. Then a family secret is revealed, and he must once and for all decide the kind of man he truly wants to be.

🔥 Reviews 🔥

Review by Barbara

HOLY MOLY do I ever love me some Trey. OH MY Gosh the author took my emotions and spread them all over from Boston to Paris and back again. Just Wow. Kudos to the author for an outstanding storyline. 

Trey is the oldest Blackthorne son. Raised to follow in his father’s footsteps. He’s a workaholic and the families go to guy when they need things fixed. Never stopping to live a moment of his life for just him. His brothers team up on him and convince him to go to Paris to bring their mother home and to find out what the big secret is their mother is keeping (the one we readers have been tempted with throughout the six previous books). Bound and determined he agrees. He just doesn’t count on his mother being gone and sending Mia, a shy beautiful artist that has befriended his mother, to meet him. Mia is in Paris on a personal mission of her own. One she has put off doing and has no clue how she is going to find the courage to do so. But when she meets the stuffy, Trey Blackthorne she convinces him to help her. 

Reluctantly Trey begins to tour Paris with Mia and finds a whole new side of himself he never let show. But when his mother returns and the secret is revealed, Trey for once is at a total loss at how to fix not only himself but the things he’s always believed. This is an amazing eye opening read that melted my heart. I felt all the pain and happiness Trey, Mia, and the Blackthornes lived through as the book unfolded. Simply Phenomenal!!! 

2 Thumbs Up and 5 Stars for Trey and the entire Blackthorne Brothers Series.  

Review by Kathy

And here we are. The last book, the last Blackthorne man to possibly get bitten by that little ole love bug, and then there's that SECRET that just screams at every one of them, taunting them all as does the woman who holds that secret and her reasoning for taking off from her family like she did. Now is the time for answers and Trey is just the man for the job. He just didn't count on meeting the beautiful and whimsical Mia Thomas. Friends with his mother, Mia meets him outside the apartment building that she and Claire live in and informs him that his mother asked her to meet him and bring him up to where she's been staying. He's beat and finding out that his mother isn't even there makes his head pound a little more. Mia is concerned that he may have come down with something, but he assures her that Blackthorne's do not get sick!

I loved this book even when it threatened to make me cry, I still loved it. The story is sweet, a bit painful and so very romantic. And that goes for both Trey and Mia! I want to go into so much more detail about this book and I am sure that others will do just that, but my feelings are, for this book you need to read the story fresh and for the first time so that you will be able to ride all of the emotions that it will bring to you.

This is an amazing book that is well written with characters that you will not be able to keep from falling in love with. As a matter of fact, I dare you not to fall for any of them in this entire series! I cannot recommend this book....this series...more highly! 20 stars if possible..but definitely 5 stars!

🔥 Meet the Blackthornes 🔥

  Meet the Blackthorne men, each one as hot, fast, and smooth as the whisky that built the family fortune, and yachts and race cars that bear their name. From proud Scottish stock, Blackthornes never lose. But, one by one, the seven sexy men in this family are about to risk everything when they fall for strong and beautiful women who test their mettle in life…and love. Don’t miss these sexy, heartwarming, emotion-filled books by seven bestselling authors: Barbara Freethy, Julia London, Lynn Raye Harris, Cristin Harber, Roxanne St. Claire, Christie Ridgway and Samantha Chase. Check out every book in the series! 

 Click here → http://bit.ly/7Bridesfor7Blackthornes 

 FIND out more information --7brides.net 

JOIN the Facebook Group -- http://bit.ly/7BridesGroup

ENTER the Giveaway! -- http://bit.ly/7BridesGiveaway

🔥 About the Author 🔥

Christie Ridgway is a California native and author of over forty-five contemporary romances. A six-time RITA finalist and USA Today bestselling author, she writes sexy, emotional reads starring determined heroines and the men who can’t help but love them. She has a Career Achievement award from RT Book Reviews and twice has received their Reviewer’s Choice award for best contemporary romance of the year. Married to her college sweetheart, Christie lives in Southern California in a house filled with boys and pets. She writes as an escape from sports equipment, football on TV, and dog hair. 

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