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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Ropes - Release Blitz with Reviews

Title: Ropes
Series: Burning Saints MC #3
Author: Jack Davenport
Genre: Contemporary MC Romance
Release Date: November 13, 2018


Spencer "Ropes" Kimble is one of the Burning Saints’ most loyal soldiers, but harbors a secret passion...one that could get him laughed out of his club.

Devlin Walker has a singular focus: save enough money to open her own tattoo shop. Nothing is going to stand in her way, especially not a cocksure biker who won’t take no for an answer.

As his club faces their biggest threat to date, Ropes is about to follow the call of his newfound muse into uncharted waters.

With danger looming on both land and at sea, will Ropes and Devlin navigate their way to forever, or lose themselves in the deep?

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Review by Barbara

I love the Burning Saints series and the author has given us a great addition with “Ropes”. The club is trying to go legit, something that doesn’t settle well with some of the older members. So the club has its fair share of inner turmoil and action in this storyline. To top off the grumbling, the new Prez, Minus, has asked for ideas for legit ways the club can make money (besides strip clubs). The Prez was getting all kinds of crazy ideas but Ropes idea may of been the craziest or was it? You see Ropes has been writing romance novels under a pen name, and he wants the club to back him with travel and book signings, etc. But Ropes (pen name Clay) soon finds out being an newbie author around a group of established authors and fans may not be as rosy as it sounds. Luckily for Ropes, he’s found his muse in Devlin and she agrees to tag along with him on a book signing cruise. And may I say thank goodness because Devlin becomes a protective mama bear when things get a little dicey for Ropes (her Claws and mouthy side come out to play). 

The developing connection between Ropes and Devlin is amazing. The biker side of Ropes is a character that is tough, sexy and romantic all rolled up into one. The storyline is fabulous, it has humor, romance, biker action and brotherhood, all the things I love in an MC book. My only criticism, if I had to give one, would be when Ropes author persona, Clay, comes out. I had a real hard time with this tough, charismatic, cocky biker that seemed to draw all the attention when he walked into a room, being shy and feeling lesser than in any situation. I loved the fact that he had a romantic literary side, I just wish he’d of kept his Ropes persona when he was in author mode. But that’s just my humble opinion. I still loved the book and Highly Recommend it and the series and I am very anxiously awaiting the next book which is Sweet Pea’s story. 

Review by Kathy

First...I want to hit on a point in the book about midway through...is this how new authors feel when they go to their first signing? I would definitely feel the same way as "Clay" did then. He made me nervous for him. OK, now back to this book. I really liked the premise of this story, bikers going legit, I loved the love story, I even liked that one of these big, alpha bikers was a romance author...hey, stranger things have happened. I loved Ropes...the majority of the time, except when he lost his "cool" on the ship and well, he made Devlin look like the badass; which was great an all because she was protecting what was hers, but dude...biker turned to puff? I was so glad when they left that ship and returned to the land of the MC. For me, although there were some entertaining moments on the ship, what took place prior to the signing and after the signing was the best parts. Other than the signing portion of the book (my own opinion now), the rest of the story was fantastic and definitely set the stage for the next book. I loved the struggle between Devlin and Ropes, the angst before the "date..not a date". And I did love how these two opened up to each other fairly quickly in this book rather than making you wait until just past mid-point to find out what their issues were. The business with the club begins to heat up and I certainly look forward to seeing where this all leads, as well as reading Sweet Pea's story. 

The characters were well written and well defined. Devlin's character has been through a rough past, a very rough past. She has set goals for herself and has every intention of seeing them through. She's smart, sexy, sassy and tough. Ropes is cover model handsome. Smart, talented, tough and violent when needed. He's also a closet romance author. Well that is until he isn't. These two fall in love quickly and their passion burns bright so be careful or you may get a little scorched (from them and from the words of Ropes' "Clay's" next work). 

I did thoroughly enjoy this book for the most part (again...it was the ship that did it) and I do look forward to reading Sweet Pea's story and see what happens with the club and their troubles. I do recommend this book.

In the Series

Minus (Burning Saints MC #1)

Clutch (Burning Saints MC #2)

Meet the Author

Jack Davenport is a true romantic at heart, but he has a rebel’s soul. His writing is passionate, energetic, and often fueled by his true life, fiery romance with author wife, Piper Davenport. A musician by day, his unique perspective into the world of rock stars provides an exciting backdrop for his new romance series.

He currently lives with his wife and two kids in the top left corner of the United States.

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