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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Good Gone Bad Book Tour with Reviews

Title: Good Gone Bad
Series: The Fallen Men Series #3
Author: Giana Darling
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: Nov 23, 2018


They say one action doesn’t define you.  I killed a man. Stabbed him in the neck and licked the blood off my lips after I did it.
Still, one action doesn’t define you. 

I could have called anyone. My father, the Prez of The Fallen MC, our family lawyer, my best friend, Lila, or my brother, King. 

I didn’t. 

Instead, I called Lionel Danner, the police officer renowned for taking down the Nightstalkers MC. The man who had been my father’s arch nemesis for decades. The man who hated everything I stood for. A man who had disappeared from my life without explanation three years ago. 

I called him. 

And maybe one action doesn’t define you, but killing a bad man and calling in the good changed my life and it sure as hell changed his. 

The third book in the Fallen Men Series. A standalone featuring Harleigh Rose and Officer Lionel Danner.

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Author Lee Piper - “So yeah, Good Gone Bad is hot AF. But it’s also more than that. It’s layered, multifaceted, and above all, beautifully written.”
Musings of the Modern Belle - “Good Gone Bad is not just a super steamy romance, it is not just a suspenseful story about taking down a corrupt MC, it is a reflection of how humans aren’t just good or bad. It is a look at how we are both, how we can find our match in another, someone who just inherently gets you. It is about living wild and free while still having limits and being able to surrender and submit for those you love. It is an epic ride I implore you to take. Giana and Danner and Rosie won’t let you down.”
Author R. Scarlett - “I am so so in love with this book and Giana's talent for creating addicting stories and beautiful complex characters.”


Review by Barbara

The Princess of the Fallen Lords MC finally gets to tell her story, and Boy oh Boy what a story she has to tell. Harleigh has loved her Lion since she was a small child. He was always her protector when she had no one else to lean on. Whenever she needed him, he was there. But they came at things from the opposing sides. She was the spoiled MC Princess and he was law abiding and a cop’s son . Knowing they were getting too close, Danner does the only thing he knows to do, he leaves town without a word. At that point the sweet Harleigh Rose grew up wild and always taking crazy chances while Danner ended up an undercover cop. When Harleigh kills a man who abused her and tried to rape her, a member of the Berserker MC, she calls the one man that was always there for her as a kid, Danner. Their reunion after three years sparks more that just a wildfire between Harleigh and Danner.  

The book takes you on a very suspenseful, adventurous ride. The author has written an amazing storyline that will draw in you and hold you tight from the first to the very end. The twists and turns will have your brows rising and the intimate encounters will have your toes curling. Good Gone Bad is very well written and is an amazing addition to the series. 2 Thumbs up and 5 stars for a book/series that I Highly Recommend grabbing up ASAP. If you like MC books, trust me you won’t regret reading about the Fallen Lords MC.

Review by Kathy

I'm not quite sure how to start this review. I have plenty of likes and one big dislike (and no it's not the lack of editing because I know this is being worked on). Let me start with the likes first. 

I loved the first two books of this series so when Haleigh's story came up I was excited, to say the least. Her personality was one that would give any normal person whiplash but she was also a character that you either fell in love with or couldn't stand and wanted to see disappear (I really don't know anyone like that, but hey, there may be one or two). Her sass and bada$$ biker babe vibe along with her hardheadedness and her huge heart that held her family tightly inside is what draws you to Haleigh Rose. Daughter of Zeus Garro and sister to King Garro, Haleigh Rose was raised in the biker life. Her biggest problem, her good for nothing mother! But she also has someone else in her life who has been watching after her, bailing her out of trouble since she was 6 years old. That is Lionel "Lion" Danner, the cop who has always loved Haleigh Rose and has always done his best to watch out for her, beginning when she was 6 and King was 8, he did what he could, being just a teenager himself. Now they are grown and she is all woman, thorns and all and that's what keeps him coming back to the woman with the hot bod, feisty spirit and tough talk. 
These two were definitely made for each other and watching their relationship grow into the passionate inferno that it does was heat inducing. Their storyline was intriguing, exciting and sometimes downright brutal, just as the supporting characters! I loved this part of the book!

What I really didn't care for was the back history and the way it was thrown in at times that I didn't want to stop what was happening in the present. I could have done without going back in time to different ages in Haleigh's life. If the book had started with that, fine, but it was like picking up speed only to have to hit the brakes and backpedal...again..my opinion! 

Did I think this was a good book...MOST DEFINITELY! But it was the going back in time that hurt it for me. That being said...I do, absolutely, recommend this book and this series.

In the Series

Lessons in Corruption
(The Fallen Men Series #1)

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(The Fallen Men Series #2)

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Meet the Author

Giana Darling is a Canadian romance writer who specializes in the taboo and angsty side of love and romance. She currently travels Europe with her best friend, an overstuffed suitcase and a mission to eat and drink as much French, Italian and Greek food as possible. While lounging on white beaches, drinking sangria on patios and sleeping in villas, she is hard at work on Cosima Lombardi’s dark romance, The Enslaved Duet, coming summer 2018!

Author Links

READER’S GROUP: http://bit.ly/2CFNVsK

IG: http://bit.ly/2eNG8Bp | @GianaDarlingAuthor

TWITTER: http://bit.ly/2uXVF84 | @GianaDarling

NEWSLETTER: http://eepurl.com/b0qnPr

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Lost King, Kings of Retribution MC #6 - Blog Tour with Reviews

Title: Lost King
Series: The Kings of Retribution MC #6
Author: Sandy Alvarez & Crystal Daniels
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: November 16, 2018

 Available on Kindle Unlimited


The funny thing about fate—about life, is you never know what the next day holds. Live with no regrets.

Quinn Beckett, Sergeant At Arms for the Kings of Retribution MC knows life is all about what you make of it. He has dedicated years to his club, his family, his community and the members he calls his brothers. For Quinn, he couldn’t imagine life getting much better.

Until a chance meeting a couple of years ago with a bright, attractive doctor altered his course in life. She became his only desire—his obsession. Quinn wanted nothing more than to make Emerson his.

To outsiders Emerson Evans had all the things in life you could ever hope for; family, friends and a great career, but what they didn’t know was she wasn’t happy. All her life she chased dreams—dreams that were only partly her own. Being a doctor means everything to her, but she finds herself longing for more out of life. Including wanting a sexy, long-haired biker, who happens to be part of the local MC. The very Club that fate decided was to be a part of her life. 
She could never have foreseen that giving her heart away and loving a man so fiercely would be the source of strength she would lean on when the unexpected happens.


Review by Barbara

I have so been waiting for Quinn and Dr. Pretty’s story and the authors did not disappointment. The story is a combination of romance, aghast, suspense and brotherhood and will hold you captive from start to finish.

Quinn has know Doc would be his from the moment he laid eyes on her. For two years he’s bided his time. He’s has watch his MC brothers find their soul mates and start their families and he wants that for his own life and he’s decided now the time.

Doc has no doubt that she wants Quinn. But he’s everything that her parents would hate and she has lived her life trying to please them. But after a scare, Doc gives in and spends the night with Quinn. It’s everything she thought it would be. But just as their relationship begins, trouble from their past comes back to down and declares war on Quinn and the Kings of Retribution MC. 

This is a very exciting and thrilling addition to the series. Kudos to the authors for an amazing job well done. I Highly Recommend both Lost King and the entire Kings of Retribution series. If you like MC romance/action books these are definitely for you. 5 Amazing Stars. 

Review by Kathy

Lost King is a book that will take you on a ride that will definitely have some twists and turns that will have you gasping for air. Quinn and Emerson' story began a while back when he and the club saved her life from a former member of the MC, she was about to be raped when her knight came in and rescued her. They've had eyes for each other since that moment, but neither made a move..until now. 
Theirs is a story of a love that was meant to be and what a story it is. She is no stranger to the MC as she has become friends with the old ladies of the club and has treated several of the "family". She has gained the club's respect and their protection because of her lifesaving skills. But it is the strikingly handsome Quinn that has her eyes and will soon have hear heart. You may wonder what is holding her back. Well it's her family; her parents that is, as they have already sketched out what her life should be like and which way her career should go, it just isn't what she wants. And Quinn; well he is just as great as he can be. It's his volunteer work with kids that pushes her closer to love with him, but it is also what almost causes him to lose his life...that and the psychopath MC president and the sicko junkie that he should have ended a couple of years ago for putting his hands on his woman. 

This is an amazing story line and one that will not only have you swooning from the passion of these two, but it will also take you into the bowels of hell as Quinn is held captive and tortured by the psycho and his band of idiots. The brutality of it will definitely leave a mark on your brain and your heart. 

The characters were amazingly written and very well developed. Emerson is beautiful, sassy, smart and a doctor. She is good at what she does and takes her job very seriously. Her dream is to have her own clinic, but her parents think that working her way up is the way to go. They just haven't realized that it's her life and it should be about what she wants. Quinn has great parents and he loves them dearly. They know about the club and support their son in his decision about joining the club. They understand the "family" he has with them. 

This was an amazing story and you will find yourself enable to put it down once you begin reading. 
I absolutely loved this book and I highly recommend it.

In the Series (Standalones)

Undaunted (The Kings of Retribution MC #1)

The Darkest of Light (The Kings of Retribution MC #2)

Finding Solace (The Kings of Retribution MC #3)

Defy (The Kings of Retribution MC #4)

Unbreakable (The Kings of Retribution #5)

 Available on Kindle Unlimited

Meet the Authors

We are sisters who both share a passion for books. Our obsession for bad boys, alpha males, angst, romance, hot, sexy, and happily ever after has lead us on a journey, a dream to not only read all the incredible stories we love so much, but to write one of our own. 

Both born in Illinois, then moved to Wyoming, were we spent part of our childhood before moving to Mississippi.

Crystal lives in Pearl Mississippi with her husband of twenty-one years, two sons and their two dogs.

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Friday, November 23, 2018

Riggs, Satan's Fury, Memphis Chapter Book 3 - Book Tour

Title: Riggs
Series: Satan's Fury MC 
Memphis Chapter Book 3
Author: L. Wilder
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: November 13, 2018

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Praise for the Novel

“With so many shocking surprises and twists I flew through this book reading it all in one sitting. Something about L. Wilder's deliciously sexy bikers gets me every time.” ~Britt Red Hatter Book Blog

“L. Wilder always gives us the most amazing MC stories. I haven't read a single book of hers that didn't Capture my attention.” ~Shelia's Book Corner

“L. Wilder has a talent for spinning a magnificent story, and Riggs was no exception. I loved the dynamic between these two characters, and it was awesome to see the original Fury brothers return!” ~Book Club Gone Wrong


I was never one of those guys who bought into all that love at first sight bullsh*t.

I was all about getting in. Getting out.

No feelings. No expectations.

No complications … until her.

After just one night, Reece Winters had me thinking of white picket fences and station wagons, but I let my pride get come between us and she walked away.
Trouble was on the horizon.

It was only a matter of time before it came knocking at our door. The club was planning for it. Ready for it. Prepared for it, and so was I.

wasn’t prepared for fate to bring her back into my life, and I certainly wasn’t prepared for the secrets that she brought with her- secrets that would connect us in ways I couldn’t begin to imagine.

Secrets that could destroy us all.


“Sorry to disappoint you, but unlike the other guys, there’s no great story behind my road name.” I let out a deep breath as I continued, “My brothers started calling me Riggs when they saw all the different hard drives, network boards, and other gadgets I used for hacking. At first, they wanted to know how it all worked, but none of them really understood what I was talking about, much less what I was doing with them. Eventually, they’d just tell me to ‘rig’ up something to get us out of a bind, and when I did, they started calling me Riggs.”
“If you ask me, I think it’s a great name and a great story behind it … but if it’s all the same to you, I’m just going to keep calling you Jackson.”
“Baby, you can call me anything you want.”
She giggled as she asked, “What about pumpkin or sweet cheeks?”
“I was thinking more along the lines of stud or sexy beast.”
“Oh, I could definitely get behind stud muffin.” She giggled.
“Stud muffin?”
“Or we could just stick with Jackson. Whatever you think.”
“I’ll tell you what, you can call me whatever you want, but be prepared for me to do the same for you, sugarplum.”
She cringed as she said, “Oh God no! Sugarplum is just bad. Really, really bad.”
“Yeah, maybe you’re right. Give me some time. I’ll come up with something.”
“Um-hmm, I’m sure you will.” She laughed. “Just try to steer away from anything that starts with sugar.”
“I’ll do my best.”
When I glanced over at her and saw the smile on her face, I couldn’t imagine anything more beautiful. Reece was my kind of perfect, and I’d known it from the first moment I laid eyes on her. I could search the world over and I’d never find anyone who could compare to Reece, who could make my life so utterly complete, and I had every intention of holding on to her. If ever I’d done anything right in my life, it was giving my heart to Reece Winters.

Review by Barbara

Absolutely Fantastic MC Read. I have loved all the Satan Fury, Memphis chapter books to date but the author blew me away with Riggs story. The storyline if full of suspense, aghast, heartbreak, tears and romance. Oh and lets not forget brotherhood and MC action. 

Riggs is the clubs tech guy. He’s a whiz with computers and learned hacking skills at a young age. Something the club has put to use lately trying to avert a war the the Mexican Cartel. Shortly after Riggs joined the Satan’s Fury, he meet Reece, a gorgeous woman who stole his breath away. They spent a wild weekend together before she walked out of his life heading to college. Riggs pride kept him from chasing after her but he’s never forgot her. As for Reece, life altering events causes her to dropout of college and move make to Memphis. She’s now a journalist for the paper and is writing an article of the Cartel. This causes her to cross paths with Riggs two years later. It also brings trouble to her doorstep. 

Can Riggs forgive Reece for walking away? What will he make of the choices she’s made. When trouble come can Riggs and his brothers keep her safe? I can explain how touching, heartfelt yet gutsy with action this book is. From the thrills, the pain and the heartache to the loving calmness and comradery; I simply can’t recommend this book/series enough. To the author I say Kudos for a job well done in writing this fantastic 5 star storyline. 2 Huge Thumbs Up!

Also Available in the 
Satan's Fury MC, Memphis Chapter

Blaze, Book 1

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Shadow, Book 2

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Meet the Author

Leslie Wilder grew up in a small town in West Tennessee. A country girl at heart, she’s always thought that life is too short, but she had no idea how short it really was until her brother passed away in 2014. She’s always been an avid reader, loving the escape only a great book can give, and wondered if she had what it took to write one of the wild romances she’d come to adore. With the support of her family and friends, she published Inferno: A Devil Chaser’s MC, one year after her brother’s death. With him in mind, she fulfilled her lifetime dream of writing. Since then, she’s completed the Devil Chaser’s Series and continued on with the Satan’s Fury MC Series. She has so many stories in her head, and can’t wait to share each and every one.

Leslie has been blown away by the support of her readers, appreciating every message, review, and encouraging word she’s received over the past year. She looks forward to continuing this journey with them for years to come.

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