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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Release Blitz - Blood & Secrets part 4

Title: Blood & Secrets 4
Series: The Calvetti Crime Family #4
Author: Rose Harper
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: September 11, 2018


They wanted a leader?
Well now they have a Queen.
They will either bow before me, or I will kill them all.

There are three things you never do to someone as merciless as me.

1. Screw them over.
2. Lie.
3. Take what’s theirs.

She will get what’s coming to her,
And I’m going to relish the blood I spill.
Two down;
Two more to go.
And she went straight to the top of my list.

Everyone thought I was bad before?
They have no idea the six levels of Hell I’m about to unleash.
The pain.

Oh, but they will.
They will know all too soon.

Do you think I will succeed in my mission?
Travel within enemy territory and take back what’s mine?
Well, of course I will.
I refuse to lose at anything.

Because there’s one thing you never do to a bloodthirsty, sadistic Queen,
And that’s wronging her by taking her King.

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Review by Barbara

Well all I can say off the top of my head is HOLY CRAP what a series this is. My problems is how to review it without giving anything away for readers that haven’t gotten to part 4 yet. First I’d like to say the author has done an amazing job of keeping this reader pulled into the story from the very start. The storyline is very well written, to the point that scene after scene the intensity, suspense and of course the romance builds with “ on the edge” excitement. 

We know who the main characters are, we “Think” we know the good guys from the bad, but do we really? Who is behind the threats, Who is behind the kidnapping? Who can Mateo and Carina really trust? So many unanswered questions, luckily some will be answered in part 4. One thing I will say is Carina is in full Queen mode in part 4 and it’s awesome to see her step up to her rightful place as  Mateo’s wife, partner and equal.  

Fantastic addition to the series. If you haven’t started these novellas, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them. This is a very good, suspenseful Mafia series that you don’t want to miss. Two Thumbs Up. 

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Author Bio

Rose Harper thrives on bringing tantalizing, downright shiver inducing Dark Romance and Romantic Suspense novels for her readers to devour. She’s a lover of dark, sizzling passion, and mystery filled stories with twists and turns you never see coming, yet leave you wanting more. 

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