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Monday, August 20, 2018

Release Blitz - Reckless by Alexis Noelle

Title: Reckless
Series: Deathstalkers MC
Author: Alexis Noelle
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: August 20, 2018


Off Limits. 
Those are the rules. 
I can’t claim her--a club girl.
A club whore if we're cutting the shit.
But Carly is different,
Something about her makes me want to break all the rules,
Break the code,
Keep her for myself,
And make damn sure my brothers don't touch one inch of her.
That's a dangerous promise,
But for her, I'm ready to get a little reckless.

Review by Kathy

What a story!!! An amazing read with a story line that will grab you from page one until the bittersweet end. Thoroughly enjoyable read with a story that is exciting, intriguing, hot and rough at times. A story of a woman who married her high school boyfriend, thinking that her life would be wonderful, only to find out that it wasn't. A man who loved her since they were in high school but hasn't seen her in several years. When they meet again, it's his birthday and she is the new club whore brought to his room. He recognizes her, but she doesn't recognize him. He stakes his claim, although because of the club rules, he can't make her an old lady. When he takes her, he lets her know who he is. Shocked and relieved, Carly begins a new chapter in her life, one that she really didn't expect, one that Wrench didn't see coming, but the connection between the two of them cannot be denied. It will be a fight for his woman, a fight that my cost him his club. Throw into the mix that the club has someone that they can't identify that is coming after them, taking out two of their members, causing it's own turmoil, Wrench keeps trying to get his president to change the rule for him and Carly since he is the only one she has been with and will be the only one she will be with. On her side, Carly has the support of two of the old ladies, against her, the club's rule. 

A well written story with well written and quite developed characters, this book will attach itself to you and not release you until the last page. I cannot believe that I haven't read the first 8 books, but that didn't take away from this book and I look forward to the next book in this series, before I double back and read the first 8. An amazing read and I highly recommend this book.

Meet the Author

Alexis Noelle lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with three kids. On top a writing career, she is a full-time student and a full-time mom. She loves spending time with her kids, although she has to hide the computer from them when she is writing! She love being active and being outdoors, especially if it involves any kind of shopping.

She has always been passionate about writing. She loves to read romance books and feels like being able to lose yourself in a book is one of the more exciting aspects. The books she loves to read and write will be ones that make you feel for the characters. Ashley believes that you should have an opinion on every character in a book whether you love them, hate them, or think they are up to something.She also believes that the most important critic is your reader, so she loves to hear from the readers. She want her fans to be open & talk to her about what they want for the characters in the story, and what they would like to see happen.

Author Links

Amazon Author Page - http://amzn.to/1D7JIHb

Email - alexisnoelleauthor@gmail.com

Snapchat - alexisnoelle01

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_alexisnoelle

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