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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Release Tour - The Last Resort Motel, Room 212

Title: The Last Resort Motel: Room 212
Series: The Last Resort Motel
Author: M.C. Webb
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 21, 2018


Ex Special Ops Navy Seal Nash Ferrell is working off a blood debt. It’s a debt he didn’t create, but is paying all the same. Just settling into his new criminal life on the road, he’s quite literally knocked on his ass by a mysterious raven haired female with lethal secrets of her own.

Kia Bloom is a fugitive on the run. What started out as a few days away, turned into a run for her life. Hacking into the wrong man’s hard drive proved to be a deadly mistake. Now a stranger is dogging her every step, watching, waiting for the perfect opportunity to take her out for good, but Kia receives unexpected aid from Nash, changing her course forever. 

Thrown together by true happenstance, Nash and Kia begin an intense journey of survival, and possibly even salvation, if they can only survive.

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Review by Barbara

Another great novella in this wonderful series. One of the great things about this concept of a one novella every month for 12 months, each centering around a different room at the Last Resort Motel is that we get to meet new authors. This is the case for me with room 212 and the author M.C. Webb. I found her writing style exciting, suspenseful and very enjoyable and I will definitely be looking for more of her works in the future. The storyline held me captive and turning page after page to find out what happens next. Plus, the characters were down to earth, well defined and by the end of the book they felt like old friends of mine. Very impressed with her style. 

This story is about Kia, a young woman who is an an internet hacker. While trying to help her mother, she finds herself involved in a corporate web and end up into things that are way over her head. When people around her start dying and not knowing who to trust, she runs. When she is at one of her lowest moments, she runs into Nash, an Ex Navy Seal who is dealing with secrets of his own. Secrets that have him on the run as well. The attraction between them is electric but considering their situations a relationship is impossible and they both know it. But can these two possibly help one another? 

This is a suspenseful story that will have you on the edge one minute and laughing at the banter between Nash and Kia the next. I highly recommend this novella (and the entire Last Resort Motel series for that matter). You’ll have moments of excitement, aghast, happiness and sadness as you follow Nash and Kia along their journeys. 2 Thumbs Up for a great read! 

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Meet the Author

M.C. Webb is a contemporary author of dark romance. First published in high school, the attention shy writer avoided publication for many years, opting to limit her work locally. Her now widely released bibliography includes the suspenseful "The Black Trilogy" a touch of second chance love in "Second String" and newest spellbinding novel "Breaking the Girl" out Valentines Day 2017. Born in Chatsworth Georgia, M.C. spent most of her childhood in the deep south until landing in the place she calls home today, Knoxville Tennessee. She loves interacting with readers and is a huge supporter of film, football, hockey and the blues.

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