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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Release Blitz with Giveaway and Review - Rescuing Broken

Title: Rescuing Broken
Series: The Kane Brothers #1
Author: Gina Azzi
Genre: Contemporary Military Romance
Release Date: June 6, 2018


He thought he protected her future. But she never escaped her past.

I enlisted so Evie could have the future she deserved. She was smart and sweet and confident; I knew she would change the world. Until I returned seven years later to discover she’s never left. And she’s not the same girl I kissed good-bye.

Heartbroken over Jax, I went to my last high school party for closure. In one instant, my dreams evaporated and everything I thought I knew crumbled. Helpless to move forward, I watched the years pass.

Now he’s back. But I’m too broken for second chances. I’m too broken for him.

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Review by Kathy

What an amazingly good, heartbreaking, and healing read. Wonderful second chance at love book that will have your emotions running wild. A beautiful woman with a broken spirit. A handsome young man with a broken body and mental scars. Together, can they heal each other and along the way, find what they once hand and revive a love so strong, that it awakens from somewhere deep inside and takes them into their future?

The characters are beautifully written and a bit complex in each their own way. Evie is the beauty that captured Jax from the time they were in High School. They planned a future together, but Evie's plans were to go to West Point, to follow in the footsteps of her family. Jax was her true love, but for him, he knew he would hold her back in her plans for her own future, so he devises his own plan. Enlist and become the man he knew she deserved. He wants to keep their relationship alive, she pushes him away, not understanding his personal reasons for enlisting, so he leaves. While he is gone, something horrid happens to Evie. Something that takes every ounce of self-confidence and fight right out of her and she does not go through with her plans. While gone, Jax is wounded and loses someone in the process, and the dreams come at him once he is home. They meet again, him not believing that she never left their small hometown, she not believing that he is home. Their journey begins again with their second meeting at her place of work, where Jax has to attend physical therapy. Both are broken, both need help. But one will not seek it and the other is determined to get back what they both have lost.

Outstanding read that will pull at your heart. I highly recommend this book and can't wait to see what happens in the next book!


I can't believe it's her. Even with her back to me, I can tell. I know the outline of her body, the way her dark hair falls around her shoulders, the delicate curve of her neck. Eons could pass, and still I would know her.
My eyes narrow at her thin frame, note the way her shoulders poke through the fabric of her shirt. She turns toward me then and I realize her skin is two shades too pale and a heavy tiredness hugs are eyes. She’s my Maywood, but not.
I feel bulldozed. As if the universe is playing a masterful trick on me. Is it really her? So much time and space are between us; we're different people than we once were, and still it's as if I'm transported back to high school, walking onto the football field. And instead of thinking about the next play, I'm trying to figure out how to approach and impress the beautiful girl that is so far out of my league, a ninety-yard Hail Mary couldn't bring her closer.
Her gaze sweeps over me suddenly, her eyes meeting mine as I stand, my focus zeroed in on her.
She freezes, her shoulders stiffening.
"You sure about this, Jax?"
I take another step, walking toward her. A flicker of uncertainty in her deep blue eyes has me pausing for just a second. Her face is impassive as she looks away. If it weren't for the clenching of her hands and her tight grip on the underside of the bar, I wouldn't think I affected her at all.
But I know I do.
I always have. 

Author Bio

Gina Azzi loved every moment of college – especially her study abroad experiences, internships, and travel adventures! She draws from these experiences to create the storylines for her new adult and contemporary romance books. A passionate reader, frequent globetrotter, and aspiring baker, Gina resides in Canada with her family. Her new series, the Kane Brothers, releases in 2018.

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