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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Scavenger by A.C. Melody with Review



It's day two of the exclusive getaway on Dark Day Isle, and Felix's smoldering lust isn't the only thing to greet Tessa come morning. A list of challenges awaits her; finding the courage to confront her Master, devious tests of kink designed to push her limits and an unpleasant punishment that effects more than just their temporary dynamic.

Afternoon events provide insight on the getaway's purpose and leads them deeper into the resort's naughty, fetish-catering amenities. Tessa and Felix's individual struggles are interspersed with visiting friends, unexpected triggers and a meeting of competitive spirits during the evening's activity.

When Tessa's true feelings about the cage are revealed, so is one of Felix's well-guarded secrets that leaves her stunned. Now, Master expects to learn something from her in return and Tessa dreads what he might deem an even exchange for a truth he never wanted her to know.

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Review by Barbara

I can’t begin to express my excitement when I saw A.C. Melody was releasing Day 2 on the Isle and we would get to revisit Felix, Tessa and their circle of friends on the Isle. And trust me when I say the author did not disappoint with Day 2. Just Wow!! As we delve more into Felix and Tessa’s personal likes and needs we also see a D/s relationship that is everything it should be (well if done correctly in my humble opinion).

The author has done an excellent job in writing a storyline where the reader can actually feel the dynamics. As we read the storyline, the reader can sense the development of trust, feel the excitement of a sub learning new things, the pleasure of pleasing one’s Master and the sense of accomplishment a DOM feels in knowing the sub is learning under their administrations. Plus the storyline developing between between Felix and Tessa is become intense and very exciting as we read through the day’s events. 

If you are into the lifestyle or perhaps curious I highly recommend giving this series a try. While no book could possibly cover everything, as the sky’s the limit between consenting partners when it comes to kink, but this series will give you a close up and personal view without overwhelming the sensitive. 2 Thumbs Up for a great addition to the series and I'll just add I can’t wait to see what tomorrow morning's “little discussion” is going to reveal (let alone the next 24 hours. Kudos to the author for a job well done!

About the Author

A.C. Melody is a hybrid author of Erotic Romance and all its savory sub-genres. Confessed javaholic, introverted geeky girl with a twisted sense of humor and a wretched muse. She has a weakness for hard ass Alphas and the strong women who capture their hearts, without damaging their rough edges.

A lifetime lover of fairytales, myths, legends and ancient pantheons, A.C. spends more time researching than writing. Her biggest goal is to provide new, captivating angles on old, favorite tales with enticing twists and characters that redefine preset expectations.

She's 100% guilty of placing all her money on the underdogs, anti-heroes and shameless whores. When A.C. isn't writing, being mom or doing the day-job gig, you can catch her gaming, binge-watching Netflix or anxiously awaiting the new superhero movie (specifically, Deadpool 2). 

A.C. loves to hear from her readers and can be found at any of the following sites:

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing Scavenger's Release Day and for the review, Barbara! :) <3