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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Wilder - Release Blitz with Review

Title: Wilder
Series: Grim Sinners MC #2
Author: LeAnn Ashers
Genre: MC Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 8, 2018



My life was an absolute mess, and it was slowly killing me.
Dismay and anguish defined my everyday life.

Until Wilder.

He became what I’d never known I craved.
He was my world, my best friend.
For once…I was happy.

Until it all started crashing down around us.


From the moment I’d met Joslyn, she’d been my everything.
I’d never expected to have her in my life, but she was finally mine.

There was no way I was going to lose her.

I would lay down my life to keep her safe.

My MC has been my life. Danger has never been uncommon.
I was made for this lifestyle, but now Joslyn’s in danger too.
They’ve messed with the wrong MC, and now we are coming for them…

May they rest in pieces.

Game on.

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Reviews by Barbara


Wilder is a very exciting continuation of the Grim Sinners MC series. The author has written a wonderful storyline about life surrounding Wilder and His Sweet Girl, Joslyn. Wilder is the VP for the club and he is most definitely one tough SOB. Except when it comes to Joslyn, the woman he knew was meant to be his from the moment he saw her. But when he finally gets her to say yes to a date, he finds she has run off. But Why? Did she run from him or is someone causing her problems? One thing is for sure, Wilder is determined to find out why and to bring her home.

This storyline is both heartbreaking and heartwarming. What Joslyn has lived through growing up as well as the things she endures as an adult are all contributing factors to the woman she is today. A woman that Wilder is crazy about and wants for his own. But when her past catches up to her can he protect her and keep her safe? What about when the club’s troubles make their way to their door, can they live through it find a way to carry on?

This is a well written exciting book that you don’t want to miss out on. It will having you turning the pages, not wanting to set the book down, just to see what’s going to happen next. I can’t recommend Wilder or this series enough. 2 Thumbs Up and this reader is anxiously awaiting Book 3 in the series. 

Lane; Book 1 in Series

What a wonderful start to an MC series. I mean what is not to love: hot alpha bikers, strong sexy women, suspenseful times, hot romantic times and amazing family ties. 

This is my first time reading Ms. Asher and I am so glad I found her works. As I was reading Lane, I found that the author has a wicked sense of humor, a flair for writing Hot scenes as well as suspenseful biker action. On top of that the characters in the book are well defined and will easily worm their way into your heart. The guys of the Grim Sinners MC are loyal, bad to the bone, love hard and protect what is theirs. This is very apparent when it comes to Lane, the current Prez of the Grim Sinners. He is one guy you don’t want to mess with, especially when it comes to his daughter, Tiffany, or his woman, Amelia.

The storyline will touch every one of your emotions. I found myself laughing, tearing up, sighing, worrying and fanning myself (at the erotic times). This is a great start to what this reader suspects is going to be an awesome series. I highly recommend  reading Lane, you won’t regret it. As for this reader, I am excitedly moving on to book 2, Wilder, and I offer the author hardy 2 Thumbs Up for a job well done. 

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#1 Lane

Author Bio

LeAnn Ashers is a blogger turned author who spends her days reading and writing. She released her debut novel early 2016. LeAnn writes about strong minded females and strong protective males who love their women unconditionally. She is the author of the Forever Series and the Devil Souls MC.

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