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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Blog Tour - Cut Short with Giveaway and Review

Title: Cut Short
Author: Julia Wolf
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: March 22, 2018 

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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/37809677-cut-short

Praise for the Novel
"This book was a breath of fresh air for me- nothing too heavy and a great love story!" -Roasted Romance

"...you can't help but fall in love with Joe, he is like a warm sweater and hot chocolate in front of a fireplace on a cold wintry day. You just want to melt along side Rachel as she falls in love with him."-Suzanne, reviewer

"This book consumed me. I was sneaking chapters in at work. Getting excited when friends canceled plans for the night and stayed up WAY past my bedtime to finish it. Everything, legit everything about this book pulled me in. Honestly from the start."-Trashy Biblio Blog

Review by Kathy

Oh my word, what a beautifully written, charming and witty story. I absolutely adored this book and I have to say if you don't read this book you will be so sorry you missed it. The storyline is so sweet, so charming, so downright entertaining that you will keep a smile on your face almost the entire time you are reading...relax those face muscles every now and then or they will be sore! What a great second chance at love story this is, and how smoothly the story flowed. From their first meeting when they were teens, right through to their first meeting as full grown adults, it flowed through effortlessly. Their reacquainting themselves was such a joy to experience. I loved it. I also loved that they didn't just jump into bed, even though they truly wanted to. It was refreshing to have them wait until the time was right for them.

The characters are amazingly written and so likable! All of the, even the supporting characters (well except for that one ex). The lead characters: Joe is a dream come true and a dream of every woman to have. He not only handsome, he's talented, sweet, considerate, and attentive. He's held on to the notion of him of Rachel for so long, and has kept it to himself. Rachel is beautiful, sassy, witty , newly confident and is an amazingly talented hairdresser, and she has always had feelings for Joe, since she was 16 and he was 19. Her friends, especially Frannie, are a hoot. Although Eliza seems to be in the same type of relationship that Rachel was in, she still manages to meet with her friends and enjoy herself. It's Frannie that I cannot wait to read about, because this woman is outrageous!

But for this story, the stars are Rachel and Joe and they will melt your heart as well as elevate your temperature! A wonderful read that will warm your heart and have your soul soaring. I highly recommend this book!!!


Of all the towns and salons he could have walked into, he had to walk into hers...
Rachel Sachs finally has her life together— almost. She owns a salon in the town she's always loved, dances the Running Man like nobody's business, has regular wine nights with her girls, and does really good hair.
After a trail of failed Tinder hook-ups, she's finally ready for something real...
Until she sees Joe Silver— the object of her high school obsession and the breaker of her young heart. That might be a little too real.
Fourteen years ago, Rachel ghosted when Joe made it clear she'd never have him. But now? He's not letting her get away. And soon they're right back to where they started, only instead of the all night instant messaging they did in high school, they're blowing up each other's phones with texts.
Rachel wants nothing more than to savor the slow, delicious burn of falling for Joe Silver again, but can she trust that what they're building is the real she's looking for? Or will history repeat itself and leave her with another broken heart?

Meet the Author

"Julia lives in Maryland with her patient husband and three crazy beautiful kids. When she's not writing, momming, or watching Real Housewives, she's reading a book. Julia's a lover of all things romance. From sweet, to funny, to steamy, to so dirty you'll blushing for days, she reads (and writes!) it all."

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