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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

On Thin Ice Blog Tour with Reviews

On Thin Ice

An all-new hilarious and romantic addition to the Bedroom Games Series of standalones from bestselling authors Piper Rayne is LIVE!


The Winter Games have begun…

I’m the life of the party. A little loud and some buzz kills might say obnoxious, but if you’re around me I guarantee you’ll have a good time.

Unless your name is Demi Harrison.

If that’s the case, you’d act like I’m the devil incarnate and go out of your way to avoid me. Which makes zero sense because at the last Olympic Games I rocked her world.

Whatever though. I need to concentrate on winning gold anyway. I was at the top of the standings coming into the games, but since arriving in Korea I’ve lost my edge.

I was never one for superstitions, but I can’t deny that there’s only one difference between my previous medal winning games, and these ones—her.

I’ve pulled off amazing feats in the past, but getting Demi to agree to sleep with me throughout the games might require divine intervention.


“What was that?” Demi asks, unzipping her coat.
I lay back down on the bed. “Nothing. I'm here to pay my debt.”
She smiles, the one where her entire mouth opens and shows all her white teeth. The one I don’t get to see nearly enough.
“Yeah, sorry, I was just getting off the hill when you texted me. I have to shower quick. My mom, ugh, she just won't let me rest for a moment.”
“Pushing you, huh?” Guessing that we won't be getting down and dirty under the sheets for a while, I sit up and rest my back on her headboard.
She hangs up her jacket and then bends over to take off her boots. God, her ass is on point.
“She expects perfection, you know? Like I get it that she medaled in three Classics and that she's an excellent skier, but I have coaches. Coaches that are a hell of a lot more patient with me.”
Off go her socks, and then her shirt.
I sit back admiring the strip show she's giving me without her realizing.
Her thumbs hook into her yoga pants. “I mean, does she think I'm out there trying to fuck up? I'm flying down a hill at seventy miles per hour. I want to say yes, I did that move so I could straddle the line between paralyzation or death. UGH!” She stands there in only her bra and panties. A matching blue set that makes my dick twitch in my pants.
“Your mom just wants you to do well.”
She looks me directly in the eyes, her two hands reaching behind her back and then the blue fabric glides down her arms until she throws it into her hamper. “For her or me?”
Her nipples are hard and ready for me, and my mouth salivates, wanting so badly to lick the budded peaks.
“You. I'm sure it's for you,” I say when she doesn’t respond.
She shakes her head, her hands sliding her panties down as she steps out of them, throwing them to join her other dirty clothes.
“Come here.” I hold my hand out for her.
She takes the elastic out of her hair, the long reddish strands falling over her freckled shoulders.
“I'm dirty and I probably smell.”
I grab hold of her hand and yank her to me.
“Did you really think you could strip in front of me and I'd just sit here and wait for you to shower?”
Her million-dollar smile warms her face. “You could join me.”
“I was wondering when you'd ask.”

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Review by Barbara

A great addition to the series. This is book two of the Bedroom Games which centers around the Winter Games. 3 Gals and 3 Guys that were all together in the last Winter Games. However a lot has happened since those games, as we saw in book 1 - Mia and Grady’s story. But something has truly gone wrong with Demi and Dax since those games 4 years ago. Trouble is Dax has no idea what that is. But Happy go lucky Dax decides to just roll with it. Right up until he convinces himself that Demi was his good lucky charm at the games 4 years ago and he needs to get her back in his arms before it’s time for his run for the gold. He’s convinced she is what will get his Mojo Back. But can he convince Demi to let him in when he apparently did something to upset her the last time they were together? 

The banter between Dax and Demi and Dax and well everyone is fantastic. He’s the guy that keeps the gang laughing and having fun at the Winter Games. But is that the true Dax or the image he portrays? As for Demi, she seem to love her sport and take her training seriously. But does she really or is something else pushing her along? This is a funny RomCom with some serious undertones and the authors have done a wonderful job with the storyline, putting it all together and making it flow. I Highly recommend this series. These are quick reads that will have you laughing and smiling and hoping all the guys and gals will win the gold - both on the slopes and in the bedroom. 2 Thumbs Up!

Review by Kathy

I adore this series! After reading the first book I could not wait to get my hands on this book, not only to see what happens at the Winter Classics, but to see where Demi and Dax are headed. I mean, Dax is the playboy who does not want commitments and Demi is the one who shared his bed four years ago at the Winter Classics. Things are awkward between the two as they are surrounded by the same friends, but only in that Demi holds resentment towards Dax and he is still his same old player self. 

But can a possible friends with benefits arrangement turn into something more? This story will have you smiling, giggling, swooning and wanting to punch someone (possibly Dax). It is a great read, well written with detail to the winter sports. 

The characters are well written and so engaging. You will immediately fall in love with all of the characters. 


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About Piper Rayne:

Piper Rayne, or Piper and Rayne, whichever you prefer because we’re not one author, we’re two. Yep, you get two USA Today Bestselling authors for the price of one. You might be wondering if you know us? Maybe you’ll read our books and figure it out. Maybe you won’t. Does it really matter? 

  We aren’t trying to stamp ourselves with a top-secret label. We wanted to write without apology. We wanted to not be pigeon-holed into a specific type of story. Everyone has their favorite authors, right? And when you pick up their books, you expect something from them. Whether it’s an alpha male, heavy angst, a happily ever after, there’s something you are absolutely certain the book will contain. Heck, we’re readers, too, we get it! 

  All that, AND we thought it'd be a helluva lot more fun if we did this writing thing together! 

  What can we tell you about ourselves? We both have kindle’s full of one-clickable books. We're both married to husbands who drive us to drink. We're both chauffeurs to our kids. Most of all, we love hot heroes, quirky heroines that make us laugh, and lots of sexy times. Here's hoping you do, too!

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