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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Release Blitz with Giveaway - When It Was Us

Title: When It Was Us 
Series: Sage Hill Series #1
Author: Larissa Weatherall
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 5, 2017 


Betrayal tore her world apart. Now Anna is back in her hometown hoping she might be able to pick up the pieces. 

Anna is determined to get her life back together—to not let the disappointment of a failed marriage define her. That is, until the first man to ever break her heart steps in and throws her new plans for an independent future off course. 

Drew pushed Anna away in a moment of panic, and he’s lived with the regret since the day he watched her marry another man. Now he wants her back, and he’ll go to any length to prove he never stopped loving her. 

But ten years is a long time, and nothing is as simple as it was back then. 

Not only does Anna still carry the scar Drew left behind all those years ago, she also hides a secret that threatens to destroy their last hope to find happily ever after.


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Standing there staring at the first boy she ever loved, of course she wanted to believe they could have the fairy tale ending. Her love for Drew never really went away, but when he never came back, her only choice was to shove it in the very back drawer of her mind and ignore it. Drew had grown into a beautiful man, and the things he said were mind-blowing…making the drawer start to ever so slightly inch itself back open.
But she wouldn’t watch him walk away again. She couldn’t.
“You can trust me. Let me prove it to you,” he pleaded.
“I don’t…I…” Her lungs burned. There wasn’t enough oxygen in the stupid pink room.
An absurdly huge grin spread across his face. “Sweetheart, are you about to hyperventilate on me?” he teased. “Don’t worry. I’m a medical professional.”
His teasing brought her first genuine smile in months, and she shoved him playfully. “Shut up. No, I’m not.”
He ran his thumb tenderly over her cheek. “It’s adorable and sexy, and I get it. You need some time to process all this, and I don’t blame you. But here’s the
thing.” Drew leaned in close, pressing his palm to her cheek, the simple touch causing her insides to tingle. “I’m not going anywhere this time unless you tell me no. It’s only you. It’s always been you.”
She bit down on her lip, taking in his words and the warmth of his hand on her face. He winked and moved toward the door.
As much as she wanted to follow him, she forced herself to take a seat on the bed. Drew turned at the door and took a long look around the room.
“Do you remember that summer morning I snuck over here when your parents were at work?” he asked, mischief in his raised brow. Memories of all the times he’d looked at her that way and what came after flooded her mind.
But she did remember. She couldn’t forget. “It was your birthday.”
His grin turned wicked. “Your mom came home early for lunch, and I hid in that closet for forty-five minutes until she left. You should’ve gotten an award for your acting job, you know.”
“And I was also hiding your shirt under my pillow.” He was shirtless. Those rippled abs stood in her closet for almost an hour. He didn’t even make the tiniest noise. Talking to her mother while her half-naked boyfriend hid a few feet away had been her best performance ever.
Drew crossed his arms, accentuating biceps that put the ones from eleven years ago to shame. “We were so wrapped up in each other, I have no idea how you heard the front door close or how your mom didn’t hear you throw me off you onto the floor. I had a bruise for a month from hitting the nightstand on the way down.”
His cocky smirk said the blush burning her cheeks could be seen even from his position across the room.
“Well, she’s probably listening outside the door right now, so I’m guessing our secret’s out. Was there a point to this trip down memory lane?” she said.
He stepped through the door to leave. “Nope. Love being in this room, though. Lots of…exciting memories.” His eyes were wide with amusement as he tapped the top of the doorframe once, those forearms and back muscles bunching for only a second before he walked down the hall.
And he left her there with the memory of his bare chest pressed against her nightgown as he placed slow kisses along her lips, her neck, her collarbone. That memory had been buried away for a long time, but he’d made it surface in bright, vivid detail causing tingles in places they had no business being.
There was no doubt she still wanted him. Every word he’d said only made her want him more, but her heart wouldn’t survive another break. Especially from the man who still held pieces from the first time he shattered it.


Larissa Weatherall is a born and raised southern girl who currently lives in the “big city” to the north with her flyboy husband and two adorable little handfuls. From the first moment she watched Cinderella and Prince Charming kiss and ride away at the end of the movie, she’s been obsessed with happily ever after.

Larissa is a sucker for stories that shred her heart then heal it when love conquers all in the end. When she’s not writing all the swoony, southern heroes, Larissa enjoys spending time with her family and friends and the occasional hour she can soak up the sun on her back porch with a book.

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