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Monday, October 23, 2017

Release Blitz with Review - Wolf Hollow


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Welcome to the Release of
Wolf Hollow by Nikki Jefford!

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About the Book 

Wolf Hollow Ebook cover  


Cocky. Coy. Wolf shifter. Tabor is the hollow’s only half-breed, scorned and forbidden to use his powers. Constantly overlooked despite his strengths, Tabor believes Sasha is as shortsighted as the rest of the pack until she proves there’s more to her than a blindly obedient lapdog to the council.  


Spirited, stubborn, and deeply loyal, Sasha feels the pressure from her pack to claim another pureblood, yet no one is brazen enough to defy the elders and toy with her . . . no one besides a sexy, hotheaded half-breed.  


Bewildered by the deceptively proud and surprisingly sensual Sasha, Tabor would risk everything to claim her. Despite her vanishing bloodline, Sasha can’t resist the charismatic half-breed even as predators threaten their pack and the elders pressure her to breed with a pureblood. In a fantastical post-apocalyptic world, where only the strongest survive, sometimes trusting the heart is the bravest act of all.

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Release day _ October 26 TEASER_KISSING

Review by Barbara

OMG if you love Shifters and you haven’t visited Wolf Hollow, it’s an absolute must. This is book 1 of the Wolf Hollow Shifter series and let me tell you is packs a punch. The author has written a wonderful storyline that introduces the Wolf Hollow pack, their past history, their present, their values and sooooo much more. 

The characters so well defined and most of them are just so darn loveable (there is always one or two in the pack you just want to punch in the snout). The storyline entails strong characters (especially the women of the pack and their lone purebred female, Sasha ). Sasha is a hunter and the only female on the pack’s council. Sadly the pack is dieing out and the elders demand her to breed with another purebred. The trouble with that is the only unmated purebred male of Wolf Hollow ran off 3 years prior after his parents, Sasha’s and the majority of their pack was massacred. 

Sasha wants to pick her own mate, not be told who to bred to, for that matter she is determined to do things her way about most things regarding the pack and her life. Sasha’s beliefs often clash with the elders. So when they bring in another purebred from another pack to mate with her will she do what the elders feel is best for the pack or will she follow her heart and stand up to the elders? From here this story picks up and takes you on an amazing journey. The story is intense, suspenseful, romantic and spellbinding. I literally read into the wee hours of the morning as I couldn’t put the book down. 2 Thumbs up for this exhilarating story that I for one HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

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About The Author
Nikki Jefford is a third-generation Alaskan now living in the Pacific Northwest with her French husband and their Westie, Cosmo. When she’s not reading or writing, she enjoys nature, hiking, and motorcycling. Nikki is the author of the Wolf Hollow Shifters series, Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, and the Spellbound Trilogy.
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