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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Release Blitz - Make Her Mine


Release Date: September 12th
Hosted By: Chance Promotions
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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When I accepted the job, I didn’t count on her...

But the second I opened that folder and saw her photo, I was a f*cking goner. Skye is perfect—like a pinup from back in the day with curves that make my mouth water and the most trusting eyes I’ve ever seen.
If she only knew.

I’m the man sent to take down her gambling prick of a brother, but I can’t resist her. I won’t. She might’ve been a part of the job, but there’s no way I’m letting her go now. I don’t want to deceive her. I want to worship her. Fill her with my baby. Make sure no other man ever touches that body that drives me f*cking wild.

I want to make her mine.



Maybe this job won’t be complete shit, though. Because her body is an hourglass. Magazine-perfect, if anyone in the fashion industry had eyeballs and allowed women to look the way they should—curvy and luscious, with tits I’d need both hands to squeeze. And then there’s her ass. It’s the kind of ass that makes my mouth water in anticipation. The kind of ass I could dive right in—dick, tongue, fingers, everything.

But as delicious as her body is, it was Skye’s face in those pictures that made me pause.
It’s her face that makes her stick in my mind, even now as I’m creeping down her block keeping my eyes peeled for Monroe’s, the diner where she works. Even in the few candid shots that Man Bun managed to take of her while she busied herself pouring coffee around the diner, leaning against tables to chat with older couples, a huge smile on her cupid-bow lips and her ponytail falling over one shoulder, there’s this look in her pale blue eyes. Eyes I’ve never seen on anyone before, so clear they could pass for a gemstone, eyes that have to be fake. Contacts or some shit.

Just the photos of her, still-life images of her beauty, make me want to know more, to get inside that black-haired head of hers and root out her secrets. Learn what makes her tick.

No, this job won’t be so bad. Because I want this woman. I’m already imagining wrapping that long black ponytail around my fist as I lean her over my bed and fill her hungry pussy hard and rough.
It’s time to make her mine.



We are two friends who are NY Times Bestselling authors. While we love our romance sweet and long, we also like it hot and quick with filthy-talking alphas, virgins who swoon, and enough naughty sex to make the Energizer bunny blush.


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