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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Release Blitz - Macon by Marie James

Cover Design: TE Black Designs
Release Date: September 14, 2017


Tossing a middle finger to Macon, Georgia as I made my way to Nashville was always the dream. Sing country music, go on tour, top the charts—with my popularity growing every day, I was on my way. But then a gust of wind blew up your skirt, and those white cotton panties had me hooked. I didn’t know your name, and you turned down every attempt I tried to throw your way. But I knew you were different, even though you told me I was the same. “Friends” is what you offered, and I played by your rules, but, Adelaide Hatfield, you have to know, from that day, it was only you. I just hope I can make you see how much you mean to me before we both drown in the sorrow of what heartbreak can truly be.


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Review by Barbara

Marie James has a phenomenal way with words. Her writing style is unique with an individual  flare depending the genre. One constant thing in all her books is that they always make you “feel” the words and emotions and Macon is no exception.

Macon is an amazingly heartfelt book with a cast of characters that you want to bop their heads one minute and the next you want to wrap them in your arms and hold them close. Axton is a rising country music star that drinks a lot, parties hard, and has girls falling at his feet; a total player (as in a different one night stand every night). That is until he meets Addi. She flips his world totally upside down. But Addi is no fool. She is a 21 year old College student who happens to be the preacher's daughter. She has no room in her life for guys like Axton and she certainly isn't going to be a notch in his bedpost. So despite the mutual attraction, they agree to just be friends. And thus the witty, wild ride begins (and trust me you’re gonna want to tag along).

This story will capture your heart and refuse to let go. What these two go through is breathtaking one minute and heartbreaking the next.  It’s so wonderfully written that you’ll feel like you’re on this wildly romantic yet bumpy ride alongside Addi and Aston and it will have you turning page after page to find out what happens next.

I highly recommend this amazing story and it’s most definitely going in my 2017 top 10. 2 Thumbs Up!

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 About the Author
Marie James: I'm a full-time, working mother of two boys and wife of 13 years. I've spent almost my entire lifetime living in central Texas, with only short stays in South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida. I've always wanted to write novels and just recently had the gumption to sit down and start one. My passions include reading everything under the sun and plotting out new books to write in the future.

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