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Friday, September 1, 2017

Release Blitz & GIveaway - Hammered


(The Velvet Series #2)
by Leanore Elliot
Release Date: September 1st
Genre: Western Romance, Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance
Hosted by: Chance Promotions

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Daisy Plush has run out of land to hide from Rand Monroe any longer. He has finally come to find her all the way from Australia, and is the only man that ever touched her heart. Can she finally just accept the fact that he is the man for her?

Bren Plush has trouble handlin’ her man with both hands full. Things went from hot to scorching in a flat minute for Bren. Once Trevor got past the shy stage, he is now giving her more than just M&Ms.

Kanda Kincade realizes she finally has a beau, but can she keep him? She is at a loss when she realizes that Wade is prepared to stick around and then she finds out he is really is a cowboy in more ways than one.

Travis Kincade (Trevor’s twin brother) finally resurfaces in this book, and he meets his match in Maggie Monroe. Het sets his Stetson on having her for himself. But Maggie doesn’t trust the Playboy/Cowboy. She wants this hot cowboy sundae real bad, but dare she try a taste? Hang on for a sexy, velvet ride…



The oak stand drew closer and Kanda realized she hadn’t been here in many months. There was even green grass growing beneath them. The rains had been heavy this season and she knew it would be cooler under them.
She was gonna need some cooling for sure.
After all that hot loving she received from Wade back at the cabin on the river. Man, she really may have bit off more than she could chew this time. Forcing him to be the man who took her long overdue virginity may have been something she should have thought through first. He wasn’t the type of man to be bossed or led on a merry chase.
Well, he was chasing her now, she thought with a chuckle, which faded quickly.
Wade had already gotten to the oak stand first of course, and hopped from his horse before it even stopped. In almost a Roy Rogers style; boots down…double-stepping. He then rushed to meet her when her horse halted. He simply reached up and pulled her from the stirrups.
“Whoa!” she gasped out.
“No whoaing and no stoppin’.” Wade looked serious as he swung her around and carried her to the largest oak tree. “I’ve decided it. This will be the place.”
She batted her eyes and stared at him. “For lunch?”
“Sure, for lunch.” He chuckled. “But more importantly? It’s the place where you will lose your true virginity.”
Kanda kept staring at him. “What?”
He lowered her down to the plush grass. “Yeah, you’re not the only one who can decide when to do what, and who to do, you know?”
Shaking her head in confusion, Kanda felt entirely up the creek with no paddle, so to speak, with no idea how the hell she got there.
“Now just sit and I will take care of…everything,” he commanded.
She did just that, as she watched him pull his saddlebags from the horse.
Wade set it down and halted for a second to stare at her.
Oh, the look in his eyes. Like what he had in mind would jar her preserves all right! Her skin prickled and her nipples became erect. Oh, if that, ‘we be getting down to it’ look told her anything, she was in huge trouble.
He looked back down at his saddlebags and spoke. “Take off all those clothes.”
Kanda batted her eyes and looked all around. “You want me naked out in the open?”
Chuckling, he continued to set items out of his leather bags. “Hell, woman, I want you naked anywhere.” He gazed up at her. “But, I especially want you lying on that grass, wearing not a stitch.”
Gulping with trepidation, she hesitated.
“So, the sexy, brave cowgirl who hog-tied a big man like me, forcing me to deflower her, is chicken now?” he taunted.
Oh, no, he didn’t! Kanda glared at him and stripped her shirt off, then tugged off her boots with a vengeance. Why, the last man that challenged me had to run like his feet were on fire and his ass was a-catchin’. Next, she unbuttoned her jeans with shaky fingers. All while cussing to herself…he had her all riled up now. Him calling her chicken! Why, no man who ever—her inner fussing halted as she realized he just pulled the netting over her eyes. She gazed up at him with bewilderment as the realization hit.
Wade wore a huge grin as he reached forward and tugged her jeans off with a good, firm yank.
“Oooh!” she exclaimed as her butt thumped back to the ground.
His eyes must have deepened by two whole shades as he stared at her bare skin.
Her bra and underwear had long since been useless and left back at the cabin, so indeed, she was sitting out at the oak stand, on her own land, stripped to the skin.
He finally pulled his eyes away and seemed to be setting their lunch out.
Kanda gulped again. “So, you just want me to sit naked and eat lunch?”
Nodding his head, he handed her an apple. “You will be eating lunch.”
Her brow furrowed up as she took the apple and stared at it. “And what will you be eat…?” Her voce faded away as it finally dawned on her.
Wade nodded his head as he saw she did finally see the light of his naughty plan. He lay her back and opened her shapely thighs. “I assumed since you were inexperienced in sex, that you never…?” He gazed into her stunned eyes.
Almost horrified, she shook her head. Hell no, I never! To allow a man to—to—
He lowered his fingers and hot mouth to her folds.
Kanda’s head landed on the grass, with eyes wide and her body in a state of utter shock.
Wade opened her folds and moaned low as he dipped his tongue to her exposed button.
Kanda’s body jumped with the feeling of his hot mouth all over her…
Reaching up, he lay her back down with one hand, his mouth still latched to her clit.
He lapped and suckled her, as she nearly went mad with feeling. Every nerve in her body came alive while she gazed up at the canopy of the huge oak tree. Oh, my gawd, I’m done for, they’ll bury me right here ’neath the oak tree… I’m so gonna die from this!






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