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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Blog Tour - Riggs, Hell's Lovers MC

A Hell's Lovers MC Romance #3
by Crimson Syn
Genre: Adult MC Romance


I’m a sick, perverted fuck.
I want to defile the only innocent thing that exists in this god forsaken place.
Luna is as pure as they come, eighteen, untouched, and beautiful.
But I can’t have her. It’s not right.
A woman like Luna deserves someone better than me.
But the hunger I have for her seeks control,
And I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold back much longer.

Jason Riggs is as hot as they come.
He’s everything I yearn for in this empty life of mine.
Hiding away in Ravenous is my only hope for a future, and I want Riggs to be a part of it.
But he’s hiding something, something wicked and dirty.
I won’t stop until I find out his secrets.

And when I do, he’ll be all mine.


Review by Barbara

OMG Riggs is something else! He’s all sexy, alpha male with one huge secret. One he considers makes him no right in the head when in fact it’s just a sexual preference that just makes him a little different from most. But Riggs is convinced he’s messed up so it keep him from claiming Luna, the girl that lights up his world. Instead he just “watches” over her both day and night. 

Luna is one stubborn, headstrong young woman. She knows what she wants and she is determined to get it and leave her past behind her. She wants a new life with Riggs. But can she convince him they are worth it or does Riggs win out and keep his distance? And what happens when her past meets the present or when the Los Perdidos come call? 

2 Thumbs Up for this awesome addition to the Hell’s Lovers MC series. It’s a definite read for any MC Romance reader, as these sexy, alpha guys are tough as nails, protect what's theirs and love their women fiercely.

Review by Aundrea

These books get hotter and darker. Luna wants Riggs and he is fighting it. Luna finds out his secrets and Rigg falls deeply. These guys are serious about their ladies, it shows in every book.

A Hell's Lovers MC Romance #2


She’s a wildcat in bed and she’s driving me insane!
Ever since that first night I can’t get enough of Rahyne Andrews.

Her kisses, her body, her moans, drive me crazy. I can’t seem to say no to her.
My only problem is, that she doesn’t seem to be interested in more than my body.
And I’m not about to have my control taken away from me.
She either bends to my will, or I’m walking.

Grayson Carter is everything I ever dreamed of and more.
He’s built like a rock and knows how to satisfy my every need.
But the last thing I want is to have another failed relationship.
Especially, when it involves a member of the Hell’s Lovers.
I’m the one in control, I’m always in control…

So why is it that Grayson Carter is the only man who has ever made me beg for more.





A Hell's Lovers MC Romance #1


Scarlett Chase is every man’s wet dream.
As soon as I laid eyes on her, I knew she’d be mine.
That is, until I found out she was untouchable.
One kiss, one forbidden touch, will have me out on the streets and stripped of who I am.
Yet I want her. I need her. And I’m done following all these damn rules.

Wolf Stone is my obsession.
Ever since he pulled over on that empty road, I’ve been tormented by the man.
His possessive words and heated looks have me tightly wound.
One touch, and he lights me on fire.
But I want more.

I not only want him in my bed, I want to keep him for myself.
But he won’t budge, and now it’s up to me to entice his sleeping wolf.








My name is Crimson Syn, not really, but what fun is it to use my real name. Instead I’ll use my inner goddess’ name, it’s much more fun that way. I grew up in New York City where I had a wonderful education, loving parents and awesome friends. What more could a girl ask for?

I started writing at the age of sixteen. The first romance I read was Stephanie Laurens’ Devil’s Bride. Since then I have been influenced by dozens of flourishing romance authors and even more dashing and daring rogues. I must say it, but Fifty Shades was not my first erotic romance, nor did it influence me to start writing them. If you’ve never read Mary Balogh, Elizabeth Hoyt, Lisa Kleypas, Bertrice Small or A.N. Roquelaure’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy, then you’re missing out. Those were my sweet introductions to erotic romance, and boy were they hot.

So here I am, after reading so many wonderful stories, I have too many sinful tales of my own not to share. I like my alphas rough and possessive, and I have no shame in saying it or writing it. I had delightfully wicked teachers growing up, their books took me to new worlds and brought me new loves. So, I want to do the same for you. I want to indulge my readers in those steamy reads that will send them into the arms of dangerous alphas and deliciously sexy rogues, without leaving the confines of their nice warm bed. If I am able to entice your inner goddesses, then I have done my job and I am satisfied.


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