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Friday, July 21, 2017

Release Blitz & Giveaway - Educating Ellie


Genre: Contemporary Romance/Billionaire Romance
Release Date: July 13th

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Hard working Ellie White has always known life could be better than a dead end job at a hole in the wall diner. When billionaire Morgan Hunt rescues her from said burning diner, her life changes. Impressed with his genuine and caring air, she quickly falls for him. When she learns he can't stop thinking about her, she succumbs to his charms, and her own surprisingly deep desires. Then he breaks her heart and she blames herself for being so naive. Can she ever trust him again?

As a Billionaire CEO, Morgan Hunt has perfected the art of sealing the deal. But when he rescues Ellie from a fire, he's not prepared for the feelings that distract him from his one true love—business. In an attempt to clear his mind, he seals a deal of another kind with Ellie in a night of unforgettable pleasure. Their ‘merger’ awakens his passionate side, but Morgan didn't count on the spark between them becoming so much more. That one night was meant to get her out of his head, but now she’s under his skin, too deep to ignore. After breaking her heart, can he win her back?



He entered his office at Hunt Towers. He should have just told her in the first place. But who gifted you with something then tells you how much it cost? Her reaction had been a surprise. Well, maybe not. Morgan had hidden it from her, so he did know. He sighed. Honesty. He was an honest person, but in his line of work, it got blurred or there were gray areas.
He’d never been so out of his element. This woman had him turned inside out. But not because she meant to do it. Not on purpose. She was low maintenance in reality. Look how she gave him a second chance. Look at her reaction to what he’d spent on her, when he never gave it a second thought?
“There you are!”
Morgan gazed up. Chance.
“I was wondering when you would show up.” His best friend smiled. “So, ready to go and be bored with the filthy rich?” he asked.
“You mean the charity ball?” Morgan asked and grabbed the file he had come here for.
“Of course that’s…” Chance stepped closer and stared at him. “What is going on with you?”
Morgan looked up. “Nothing, why? Do I look sick?”
Chance laughed. “Hardly. But something is off here.”
Morgan chuckled, trying to play it off. “Oh, really?”
Chance nodded. “I know you are always busy but the last time I saw you. I felt like you were more than distracted.”
Morgan nodded. “Work. Work.”
Raising his gaze to his friend, he waited for it.
“Like you have some new ‘project.’ ”
Oh, shit. That was the phrase they used when they met some woman they wanted. “No, not like that.”
“She is not like that? You mean?”
Morgan sighed and tucked the file under his arm. “No. She isn’t and I am bringing her to the ball.” He stepped close to Chance. “She is also off limits.” He looked right into Chance’s piercing green eyes.
The man pulled his head back. “Whoa, whoa down, there boy!” He laughed. “You act like you’re…” His voice faded away. “You fell for someone?”
Shaking his head, Morgan laughed. “Fell?” Yes, he had, long and hard, plummeting countless floors down to the earth. But in between, there had been a night of heaven.
“Holy Fuck!” Chance exclaimed. “Look at you! You were thinking of her just now, right?” He shook his head looking totally stunned. “Morgan Hunt…caught.”
Wincing at the expression, of ‘caught’ he shook his head.
“Well, damn. This won’t be the boring ball I thought it would be.” Chance laughed.
“Just do not get too excited when you meet her,” Morgan warned as he leaned in close. “And be nice. Not too nice though.” He walked past him.
“Well, shit! The moon just turned purple and fucking Unicorns must be running down Fifth Avenue!”
Chances’ laughter followed him down the hallway.
After rushing home to his house, he had dressed there then had his driver nearly fly down the toll road and made it into the lobby to await Ellie. He wanted to see her in that dress, walking towards him as he waited to take her arm and show her his world. And show her off too. No, she was so wrong about herself. She couldn’t see herself like others did. Like he did.
“Sir?” his driver called to him.
He glanced over at Frank.
Frank’s eyes sparkled.
Mmm, I never seen my driver look— Morgan followed his gaze and turned around.
Standing on the top of the stairs, was Ellie.
Or a vision from some heaven where only angels existed. Morgan felt like someone just punched him in the chest.
The blue silk hugged every curve as a bit of thigh flashed when she took a step. And with each step, her blue heels reflected diamond light as well. The diamonds around her chest sparkled under the light of the chandelier and lit up her face.
Morgan couldn’t breathe. He’d never had this reaction to anyone or anything before.
She held her head high as her hair was coiffed up and long chocolate ringlets bounced along her shoulders. Her eyes though were what stood out, the blue reflecting the dress nearly perfectly. As she drew closer, he could see she wore teardrop bluish diamond earrings. She wore no necklace. She didn’t need to.
The lobby grew quiet as all the heretofore activity came to a halt.
Every set of eyes in the place were tilted upward and followed her progress down.
“Sir?” Frank asked from beside him.
Morgan stood transfixed. “Huh?”
“You need to greet her—”
Morgan suddenly realized he was not close enough to grab her hand when she took the last step. “Shit!” he muttered under his breath. He could hear his driver’s chuckle behind him as he rushed forward.
Ellie smiled as he neared. She looked nervous.
He knew she shouldn’t, she should look confident…No, she looked like Ellie, sweet and unassuming. Truly unknowing of her beauty. God dammit, he was hard as he may have ever been in his life. He stopped right at the bottom step and reached for her hand.
Trembling, she placed hers in his.
He helped her down to the marble flooring. Then leaned close to whisper, “Ellie look around.”
Blinking her eyes, she did so and slowly gazed around at the silence in the lobby and at the expressions of awe on all the people there.
The uniformed men at the door bowed at her in sure reverence.
“Oh…” She gasped.
“Yes, they are transfixed by you.” He beamed at her. “As am I.” He walked her across the marble as their audience gave out whistles and gasps.
He leaned into her ear as the door men opened the doors. “It was worth every damn dime, I spent.”
Her eyes widened and she laughed.
Morgan looked back to see men ogling her and women glaring. Yes, maybe the dress helped, but he really felt like it was Ellie who helped the dress in fact.



T.N King grew up in the heart of Texas in a military family, and now resides in the sunny beach of San Diego, California. A football fan, a Netflix binge-watcher, a lover of barbecue, and a writer of romance, he's the author of the Educating Ellie, the first books of many to come. T.N King plans to write many more sexy, suspenseful stories for his raving fans. 

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