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Friday, July 14, 2017

Book Tour & Giveaway - Summer Love with Review

Forever Valentine PR and More

proudly presents the release blitz for 

Summer Love by J.Lum.

Title: Summer Love (A Forever Series Novella)

Author: J. Lum

Release Date: Jul 10 2017

Cover Designer: J.M.Walker / Just write. Creations


Spending the entire summer with my father wasn’t in my plans. I hated him. I was angry and resentful, and it made me feel out of control.

Until I met her.

Casey is carefree. She lives life to the fullest, without regrets, and to a guy like me, she was hope. We only had the summer, and I knew better than to get wrapped up with her, but I couldn’t help it.

And now? Now, I don’t know how to let her go.

I’d never been in love. At fifteen, my life was filled with books and family expectations. Love was not something I had time for. 

And then, he saved me.

Toby is a boy from California, so you would think he’d be easy going, but he isn’t. He's the definition of self-control; everything has to be “just so.” But when we’re together, living each day with reckless abandon, I realize that life is so much more than fairytales within the pages. 

I’m pretty sure he’s my soulmate. But what good can possibly come from falling so hard when you’re this young? How can this ever work? 

A promise. That’s all we have to hold on to. One. Simple. Promise.

***This novel contains adult/mature young adult situations. It is only suitable for ages 18+ due to language and sexual situations.

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Review by Kathy

OOOOOHHHHH WWWOOOOOOWWWW. I loved this little book. The story of Casey and Toby was so very well written and the storyline well defined as it takes us through Toby's story of a difficult childhood and Casey's way of helping him to heal the rocky relationship with his father. This is a true young love story and it will have you remembering those feelings of your first love as you turn the pages.

The characters are well defined and Toby is just a little complex as he harbors a lot of anger towards his father for leaving his family when Toby was quite young, and that anger only gets stronger as the years pass. His mother has him go to spend the summer with his father after his 16th birthday which he is not happy with at all. Casey is an innocent, free spirit who loves books and the ocean. So much so that she loses herself to the feeling of the waves and the wind and gets into trouble, but it also leads her into Toby's arms. And the rest as they say is history.

Truly a wonderful story of young love that will have you gasp then frown as you reach the end, but have heart...this is evidently the preface story for a series in the works, so yes...there is a cliffie. And it's a harsh cliffie if I am honest (in my opinion), and you will see what I mean when you read this book that I highly recommend! Great book!


**ONE WINNER will get $20 Amazon GC, Signed Paperback (Limited; Not Sold Anywhere Else)**

About the Author

Author J. Lum was born and raised in Northern Virginia, but spent most summers visiting new places or in Hawaii, where her father’s family is from. She’s got a bad case of #Wanderlust, so you’ll more than likely find her traveling more than staying put. She is a furbaby mom to a fat, chubby pug named Lani, who is buckets of snoring fun. When you don’t see her hanging and snuggling with her pug, she will more than likely have her head in a book. She absolutely adores second chance and dark romances equally, but will read a wide variety of books. She loves tats, cooking/baking, chocolate and coffee are weaknesses for her. 

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Wattpad: https://goo.gl/Sw15cA

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