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Monday, June 26, 2017

Release Blitz - Surviving Hell

Forever Valentine PR and More
proudly presents the release blitz of 
Surviving Hell: Jake's Story
by Annalise Blaze!
Title: Surviving Hell: Jake's Story
Author: Annalise Blaze
Release Date: Jun 26 2017
Photographer: Cassy Roop of Pink Ink Designs & Bec Ski Photography
Cover Designer: Leigh Stone at Irish Ink
Proceeds to benefit: Vetsports


Young and arrogant, jaded by love- Jake Monroe is focused on one thing, his military career. Until a young recruit catches his eye. 

Mel's pull is like magic, drawing him in. He shouldn't want her. She's too good for him, but he can't stay away.

Returning to a war zone, one letter changes their course. Destroying what Jake thought could have been his forever. But fate draws them together again.

Can Jake survive hell and win back his girl? One thing is for sure, he'll go through hell and back trying.

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Review by Kathy

Powerfully gripping story about a man who has always know what he wanted to do with his life, what he wanted to be, and does just what he had set out to do. But he does seem to lose something of himself after wounded in combat and returning home. Something that he needs to fight to get back.

This book is so very well written with a storyline that will grip you and bring you right along with Jake through the heartbreak of his first love, finding new love, heading overseas where he's stationed in the army, and then again, the heartbreak of losing another love. Then there's the things that happen while he's on tour that bring his past and his present crashing head-on, when he goes to see about one of his men, his best friend who was wounded and talks to the surgeon who is working on his friend. It's her!

The characters are very well written and quite well developed. Jake know what he wants to do with his life, and he goes for it. He's wicked handsome, built and he's finding it hard to believe that women can be good for anything other than a one night stand after his girlfriend plays him when he goes off to college. 

Mel is smart, sweet, beautiful and she's the one that makes Jake think that maybe he was wrong about women. And she loves him as he does her. 

This is a wonderful beginning to what promises to be an amazing series(?). I look forward to reading To Hell and Back: Mel's Journey.

About the Author
Annalise Blaze

Annalise Blaze writes romance novels with relatable and troubled characters. Her debut novel, Starting Over; A Winters Novel, is based around a divorced 40 something woman and a 30 something younger man. Annalise likes to write about real world experiences that she can layer into her characters.

Annalise started writing in 2001, but never put any of her work out there for the public, choosing to set aside her writing to devote to family until 2014. When Annalise isn't writing she can be found reading any number of books. Her debut novel was finally made available in April 2015.

Author Links

Twitter @annalise_blaze.www.facebook.com/Annaliseblaze

IG @annaliseblazeauthorwww.annaliseblazebooks.com

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