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Monday, June 26, 2017

Now Live - Boys Toys - Oh My! Vol 3

Boys, Toys - Oh My! Vol III
Business of Sex Series
A.M. Willard
Romantic Comedy


I’m no longer the girl who blushes at a drop of a hat or from the sight of a novelty toy. No, I’m bold and brazen, the one who stands up and takes what she wants. Well, until it backfires on me and the plan is no longer in my favor… Or is it? 

 Cooper has a way with words, a way with my heart, and not to mention my body. I shouldn’t have been surprised when he tricked me, or should I say made the front-page of the newspaper with an anonymous announcement that even has me at loss for words. Don’t worry, I still sell toys and I might still have the guy of my dreams. It’s just all happening backward for us. I’ve learned along this journey that life is full of surprises and you have to roll with the punches. And boy if this surprise just isn’t one that has left me in shock and awe. 

But I’m Charlie… nothing will hold me back from what—or who—I want. Mixing business with pleasure may not be suggested, but I’ve learned to take risks…


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Review by Kathy

I'd give anything for this series to go on and on because it is an amazing RomCom. Just when you think these book couldn't possibly get any better, BAM! Another one comes out to knock you socks off and have your face muscles aching from the constant smile you have on your face reading Cooper and Charlie's story. What an amazing read that is so very well written, with a storyline that will not let you stop reading until you've reached the end. Not only are all the friends back, but now there a wrench thrown into the mix in the form of Cooper's ex who decides to show back up and try to get him back. She didn't count on Charlie!

These characters are so very well defined and so charismatic that you can't help but become invested in their lives and their loves. Charlie is strong and with Cooper's help has found her voice and begins to speak her mind in stead of standing quietly aside. Cooper, well he's everything a woman wants in a man. He's handsome, built, charming, sweet, smart, successful, and he's a total winner in bed! 

This is a wonderful book as well as a wonderful series! Please do yourself a favor and pick up these books. You will regret it if you don't! I highly recommend this series and this book.

Review by Barbara

What an ending to this 3 part novella series. The author has done an amazing job with this funny RomCom. This final part, as with the first two parts, will having you laughing, wondering what’s going to happen next and of course wanting to just bop Charlie and Cooper over the head a time or two.

In part 3 we deal with a conniving ex, the paparazzi and the looney world surrounding a the millionaire businessman and his sex toy selling girlfriend. My recommendation is to buy up all three novellas and sit back and enjoy the wacky world of Charlie and Cooper; you won't regret it.

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About the Author

Bestselling Author, A.M. Willard resides in Savannah, Georgia. She joined the Peach State many years ago after leaving the crystal blue waters and sugary white sand behind from the Panhandle of Florida. She's also known for being a wife, mother, and caretaker for her farm animals. A.M. loves anything sassy, glittery, and is a sucker for the Hallmark Channel. That last one might be the reason she believes in soulmates or it could be because she married her high school sweetheart almost twenty years ago.

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