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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Release Blitz - Badd to the Bone - Jasinda Wilder

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Badd Brothers Series #3
By Jasinda Wilder
BaddBone Amazon 

Brock Badd is everything except bad. He’s sexy, sweet, strong, and every other good thing I never thought I wanted in a man. I always thought I needed the real bad boys, the ones that screw you senseless and pull your hair and aren’t there to talk about it in the morning.

  I’ve always been a one-night stand kind of girl, and sometimes I wouldn’t even stick around for a full night. Brock was supposed to be a one-night stand—that’s how it started out, at least. Only, what was supposed to be a fun one-time-only hookup with a hot local guy ended up with me discovering Brock’s potency six different ways by breakfast.  

That was all it took. One night with Brock, and I was hooked. 

But hooked doesn’t mean ready for a relationship.  

That’s what he wants. And deep down, I’m starting to fear that’s what I want too. 

 I’m just not sure I’m ready for it.  

I mean, he’s the literal epitome of tall, dark, and handsome, plus he’s a pilot…with a six-pack and perfect hair and a smile to melt me from the inside out. How’s a girl supposed to resist that? I couldn’t. I can’t. I’ve tried, but I keep going back for more.
I’ve got it bad, real BADD. 


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Release Day - Badd to the Bone

Review by Barbara

The Badd Brothers are quickly becoming one of my all time favorite family series. The 6 brothers are all hot alpha males that are more than comfortable in their skin. Yet when it comes to their women they are a rare breed of strength and softness (but don’t let them hear you call them soft). They are all about family, the “Badd Bar” and each is his own individual man with his own personal struggles and secrets. Badd to the Bone is Brock and Claire’s story. And OH what a story. Before coming home to Alaska to help with the bar, Brock was a stunt pilot and with a carefree easy going attitude (and of course some personal struggles). He meets Claire and they have an instant attraction that is off the charts especially behind closed doors (Ok maybe even outdoors a time or two). Claire is not a person to commit. She’s all about short flings and not getting emotionally close. But as time goes by, Brock wants more with her. When Claire’s past comes to light and she learns things about herself she never knew will she run (her usual MO) or let Brock in to help?

This is an amazing heartfelt story told in true Badd Brother fashion. The author has written a sexy yet emotional storyline that will have you laughing, crying and your toes curling as these amazing characters capture your heart and refuse to let go. 2 Thumbs up for another Amazing 5 star Badd Brother Romance and this reader is anxiously waiting for Good Girl Gone Badd the next story in this awesome series.

Review by Kathy

This book is exactly as the title infers....but not in one way only. It is also badd to the bone emotionally, especially for Claire. I absolutely loved this book. I thought for a minute that I was going to really get annoyed with Claire and the way she was acting, avoiding, and always trying to evade Brock, but once things started coming out about her past, her life, I totally understood and felt so sorry for her. I wanted to fix her as well. 

This book is so very well written, just as you would expect from Jasinda Wilder, and so very well defined in it's storyline. If you didn't feel something for these two, then something is wrong with you, your heart!

The characters are well developed and a bit complex in their personalities, especially Claire. Brock is a sweetheart, meaning that he actually has a sweet heart, and he is just as strong as he is sweet. And hot....did I mention hot??? Well he is hot and everything a woman would want in a man; including Claire if she could just get herself together to realize that.

The other characters that we have loved from the first two books are back and the brothers are just as wonderfully scrumptious as always, and Dur and Mara are both the kinds of friends a girl who is having issues needs in her life. Of course there was a little glimpse into the next book in the series and the brother that it will be about, so get ready! As a matter of fact I thought at first that this book would be about him when I started reading it, but it was Brock instead.

This is a great series and a great read...I highly recommend it.

Release Day- Badd to the Bone 
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New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and internationally bestselling author Jasinda Wilder is a Michigan native with a penchant for titillating tales about sexy men and strong women. Her bestselling titles include Alpha, Stripped, Wounded, and the #1 Amazon.com and international bestseller Falling into You. You can find her on her farm in northern Michigan with her husband, author Jack Wilder, her six children, and a menagerie of animals.

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