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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Now Live - Thia Finn's "Half Sac"

 Half Sac
by Thia Finn
Released May 30, 2017
Genre: Sports Romance


Blue Myers lives by his own code, ‘Be in Control’. He follows this on the football field when bringing down the best and biggest quarterbacks.

His code carries over to the bedroom, since he made rules to fulfill certain needs. Some women balk at his freaky plans. Others are all in. He chooses them carefully.  
Follow his code or leave his domain, on the field or in his bed.

Rules? Codes? Who needs them? Not Noelle Jefferies. Rules are made to be broken. Especially from some crazy fetish control freak.

But what happens when she can’t seem to escape her thoughts about a hot football player with interesting rules?
Can she follow his code or will she break it and Blue in the process?

Who will submit first?



First off I must say this storyline is phenomenal. The author has taken serious issues and addressed them in a warm heartfelt way with humor as well as serious situations. Ms Finn has written a storyline with characters that could very easily be a part of all our lives that we can relate too as well as feel as if we know them. 

This is a wonderfully written story about learning to trust and accept people for more than just their outward appearance. It’s a story that will have you feeling all the joys of a budding college relationship as well as all the fears and peer pressure of being “different”.

Noelle and Blue are just such a couple. Blue is a star on college football team and Noelle is a transfer student on a cheerleading scholarship. The instant attraction between them is so obvious yet Blue is scared to let her all the way in for fear his secrets will freak her out and she’ll run or spread the word about him. So he ops to be just her close friend. Noelle agrees to that because Blue as a friend is better than not having Blue in her life at all. But a series of events will test them (sorry I don’t do spoilers). Events that have their lives going one step forward and two steps back. Can these two and their close friends and teammates work through these events or will this be just a school year they will all look back on with both fond and sad memories? 2 Thumbs Up for this amazing story, one I highly recommend 1-clicking! You won't regret it.


Growing up in small town Texas, Thia Finn discovered life outside of it by attending The University of Texas, only to return home and marry her high school sweetheart. They raised two successful and beautiful daughters while she taught middle school Language Arts and eventually became a middle school librarian. After thirty-four years, she retired to do her favorite things, like travel, spend time off-roading with family and friends, hanging out at the Frio River, reading, and writing.

She currently lives in the same small town where she grew up, with her husband and the boss, Titan, the Chihuahua. She can often be found stalking on social media, watching Outlanders, Vikings or Game of Thrones to name a few on Netflix.


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