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Monday, May 1, 2017

It's Live - Her Hero; Boston Doms Book: #6

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Title: Her Hero
Series: Boston Doms
Book: #6
Author: Jane Henry & Maisy Archer
Genre: Erotic Romance
Published: April 27, 2017
ASIN: B0716FC18D

Donnie Nolan learned early that the secret to life is control. Born into a world of blood and violence, he broke free from the chains of his past with the help of Master Blake and his crew at The Club, and vowed that nothing would drag him back...until a knock at the door reminded him that there were some chains that can never be broken.

All Grace Diaz had ever dreamed about was freedom - freedom to control her destiny, to explore her passions, and to love the boy who'd always been her hero. But those dreams died the day Donnie Nolan left the neighborhood. Now thanks to her older brother's debts, Grace has become a pawn in a criminal chess game. Kidnapped and held by a man with ties to human traffickers, freedom has never felt like more of a dream.

Now Donnie must confront his painful past to save Grace. But what will happen when she realizes that he's not the knight in shining armor she once thought he was, but a sadist who longs for control? Will Donnie be able to reconcile his dark desires with his need to be... her hero?

Disclaimer: This book is intended for adults only. It contains raw elements of violence, power exchange, and mild BDSM, including the disciplining of adult women. If these offend you, please do not purchase this book.


If forbidden fruit always tasted this sweet, Donnie understood what had happened with Adam and Eve. Because as he moved his tongue along the column of her throat, tasting the frantic beat of her pulse, her high-pitched moan of encouragement, and the trusting way she tilted her head to the side, yielding herself to him utterly, he couldn’t conjure any concept of right and wrong, good and evil. There was simply Grace, and the pure, perfect connection that had always existed between them.
He trailed open-mouthed kisses up over her jaw, the day-old growth of his beard rough against her cheek. She lifted her hand to grab a handful of his hair, holding him more tightly against her and he growled. Without conscious thought, he moved his arm around her waist, and reached his hand up to palm her breast, gently abrading the stiff peak. She caught her lip between her teeth and threw back her head, knocking the towel loose. Fragrant, damp hair spilled down her back, and her breathing hitched.
“Christ,” he breathed, inhaling sharply. “Jesus Christ.”
Lost to the moment, lost to her, he moved his mouth to her ear, sucking on her lobe. His fingers pinched her nipple tightly and her back bowed, thrusting her breast more firmly into his hand. He needed to claim her, mark her, own her.

Excerpt 2:
To her surprise, he chuckled. “Yeah, well. Anyway, we weren’t followed.” He paused. “According to Joe, Mikey planned to stash you with him for a week. That gives us a few days to regroup and figure out how we’re going to play this.”
He stood, taking his boots to his closet and putting them outside the door. “Until then?” He turned around and pointed a finger at her. “You do not move.
“I don’t move?” she said, frowning. “Like, from this bed? Are you out of your mind? I have to, you know, at least use the bathroom or get something to eat.”
His brown eyes grew cloudy, brooding, as he stalked back over to her. When he reached her, he grasped her shoulders in his huge, hot, powerful hands, and shook her, not harshly, but enough that she stopped talking and looked up at him with wide, curious eyes. She swallowed.
“I mean this apartment. You’ll stay inside. Do not push me, Grace,” he said, and she wondered suddenly if this was his… master voice, or whatever it was called. His serious one.
“Donnie,” she said pleadingly, trying to get his attention. “You can’t keep me locked in a tower like this. I can’t just… stay in this little apartment.”
He glowered at her. “For now, you can,” he said. “Until I figure out what’s going on, and can get a man on you at all times, you stay here. No going home. You do not leave this apartment without my permission.”
She pulled back and crossed her arms on her chest. “Since when did I say you had the right to demand I ask permission for anything?”
His eyes narrowed further and to her shock, he leaned in, pulling her hair back, not too harshly, but enough that her breath caught in her throat.
“Since I pulled you out of Joe’s fucking house to save you from being on auction, Grace. And you want to see a demonstration? You want to see what I’m like as a dom? You disobey me, and you’ll get every bit of demonstration your ass can handle.”

Excerpt 3:
“Doesn’t matter. Is it true? Is it wrong for me to want things with you? Things I… things I’ve only read about? Things I’ve wanted to try? I was a virgin until this morning, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t thought about it. Dreamed about it. Do you only want me if I’m some pure, sweet, virginal little—”
“No!” he told her, stung by her words. “Christ, no. I’ve wanted you from the second I laid eyes on you in that tiny little bed at Joe’s. I could barely keep my hands off you, even then, and every minute since has been… torture.”
She shook her head impatiently. “Then you’ve gotta see that I’m not a little girl anymore. I haven’t been for a long time. I’ve been dealing with mi mama, and Pedro, and Mikey, and all that bullshit for years. Running the household, holding down a job. I love that you want to take care of me, and God, I want you to do that. I like having you in control. But I don’t need to be locked in an ivory tower. I don’t need to be protected from my own desires or yours, because… That’s not safety, it’s suffocation.”
“You’re wrong,” he said, the words rough and heavy. “It’s not about girls you fall in love with and girls you fuck. I don’t even know what that means. There is only one girl I’ve ever fallen in love with, Grace Diaz, and if you think I don’t want to fuck you every minute of the day, you’re crazy.” He lowered his head and bit her bottom lip hard enough to make her moan, and his hands slid around to cup her ass. “But I don’t want to do anything that would harm this… us. I don’t want to fuck this up.”
She pressed herself against him, and he could feel the stiff peaks of her nipples rubbing against his chest, even through their clothing. He bit back a groan.
“If you want me, the real me, you can’t put me on a pedestal,” she whispered. “Believe me when I tell you what I want and what I need. And if you want this thing we have growing between us to last? Then you’ve got to show me the real you, and trust that I can handle what you need, too.”
Donnie sucked in a breath and lifted his hand to cup her cheek. The wind whipped her long hair around his arm, tethering them together.
“And what do you want, Grace?” he demanded.
She stared at him, unflinching.
“I want all of it. Every kinky thing you’ve ever done to another girl, I want you to do with me. Every dirty fantasy you’ve ever had in the dark of night that made you blush in the morning, everything you’ve ever tried to convince yourself that you shouldn’t want, that no nice girl would ever want, I want you to unleash on me. I want you to tie me up, strap me down, and show me how very, very good it can feel to hurt.”
Her words were a match that set fire to his blood. His cock strained against his jeans, his pulse beat a furious tempo in his brain. That was what she wanted? What she needed?
Nothing in life had ever come easily to Donnie. He’d never gotten anything that he didn’t have to fight and bleed for, and suddenly this woman, his woman, was saying that his every twisted fantasy was his for the taking… that he could have the beauty and the glory of Grace, and every depraved thing he craved, as well? He couldn’t make sense of it.
She simply didn’t understand what she was asking for.
But he’d show her.

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About the Authors
Jane Henry

Jane has been writing since her early teens, dabbling in short stories and poetry. When she married and began having children, her pen was laid to rest for several years, until the National Novel Writing Challenge (NaNoWriMo) in 2010 awakened in her the desire to write again. That year, she wrote her first novel, and has been writing ever since. With a houseful of children, she finds time to write in the early hours of the morning, squirreled away with a laptop, blanket, and cup of hot coffee. Years ago, she heard the wise advice, “Write the book you want to read,” and has taken it to heart. She sincerely hopes you also enjoy the books she likes to read.
Maisy Archer
Maisy is an unabashed book nerd who has been in love with romance since reading her first Julie Garwood novel at the tender age of 12. After a decade as a technical writer, she finally made the leap into writing fiction several years ago and has never looked back. Like her other great loves - coffee, caramel, beach vacations, yoga pants, and her amazing family - her love of words has only continued to grow... in a manner inversely proportional to her love of exercise, house cleaning, and large social gatherings. She loves to hear from fellow romance lovers, and is always on the hunt for her next great read.

Connect with Jane & Maisy:

Twitter: @janehenryauthor    @Archermaisy
Instagram Maisy Archer: https://www.instagram.com/maisyarcher/
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