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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Now Live - Discovered - The Billionaire and The Virgin

The Billionaire and The Virgin
By CA Quigg
Release Date: March 30th
Genre: BDSM Erotic Romance
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Ten years ago, one of my employees attempted to blackmail me, so I made him pay.
Now his gorgeous daughter is standing right in front of me.
Innocent Aubree Miller thinks she knows the truth. She doesn't.
I want to educate her, f**k her, and introduce her to pleasures she never knew existed.
She's sweet.
She's submissive.
She’s everything I want.
But she hates me. So what? A little thing like hate has never gotten in my way.

Discovered is a standalone, full-length dark BDSM romance. Guaranteed HEA. No cliffhanger and NO cheating.

I don’t know who she is, but I want her. And I always get what I want. She steps away from me, the thunder in her hazel eyes and the tight set of her delicate jaw show her rage.
She bends down to pick up her phone. Her long, caramel hair streams forward and I imagine the strands twisted between my fingers while I pound into her from behind. My pulse kicks up, and my dick twitches thinking about sinking into her softness. The sweet floral scent of her perfume fills my mind with images of her on her knees, of her on her back, and of her on my cock.
It’s been years since I’ve wanted someone the way I want her. Falling in love is something I’ll never allow to happen ever again, Rachel saw to that, but I welcome falling in lust repeatedly.
With her curtain of straight brown hair, hazel eyes and shapeless sweater, this girl isn’t my usual type. But her probing questions and her apparent dislike of me make her the sexiest women I’ve met in a long time. And I didn’t miss the way she stared at my crotch or the way her eyes followed me. And to think I almost cancelled my visit. 

CA Quigg is Callie Quigg's steamier pen name. Callie first discovered romance stories in her teens and then proceeded to devour every book she could get her hands on. As a result, she spent many
years dreaming about billionaires, movie stars, and aristocrats whisking her away to exotic lands. Sadly, those dreams didn’t come true. But she’s happy to
say her very own handsome hero showed up nineteen years ago and swept her off her feet.

When not writing steamy stories about sassy heroines finding Mr. Right, she can be found watching trashy TV, drinking cheap bottles of wine, and eating
copious amounts of Cadbury’s chocolate.

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