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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Live Now - Mountain of Evil by Samantha A. Cole

 Mountain of Evil
by Samantha A. Cole
A Trident Security Omega Team


Between new clients and governmental contracts, Trident Security has grown in leaps and bounds. To accommodate the increased caseload, they’ve added a second team to their Tampa headquarters. After hiring seven “best of the best” from military and law enforcement backgrounds, they’ve put together a cracker-jack group of six men and one woman. But before they are turned out to handle their own missions, they must first prove they are a cohesive and capable unit.

Dropped into the Rocky Mountains, the Omega team has minimal supplies and two days to make it back to civilization. But what they find in the wilderness turns a training op into a real one. Will they all make it back alive?

***This novella is a bridge between the original Trident Security (TS) Series and the spin off series, Trident Security Omega Team. While it is not necessary to read the original TS series or this prequel before the Omega Team series, it will give the reader more insight and background of the members of Trident Security.

Now this is how a series should start! The author has given readers a prequel story that gives you the backstory to the main characters of the series, as well as, giving you a story or glimpse of the type of stories that will follow as the series unfolds.

Mountain of Evil is about the new members of Omega Team, a hand picked group of men and women that will make up the new branch of Trident Security. Of course we also get to catch up with the sexy men of Trident Security and BDSM Club, The Covenant, who will be making occasional appearances in this series as well (or so it would seem)! 

During this prequel the new team gets dropped onto a mountainside for a training exercise. What they didn't expect was for it to turn into an actual mission in which they are on the clock to find a missing woman and what a suspenseful ride it is. 2 Thumbs Up for a great prequel; one that has all the markings of leading into another awesome Samantha Cole series! Personally, I can't wait.

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