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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Release Day - Life's Turned Upside Down

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Life’s Turned Upside Down:The Show Me Series #3
Release Day Blitz and Blog Tour
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Gabriella Alvarez is the youngest of the Alvarez family.  She’s watched her best friend marry her brother and another brother find love.  Deep down, she’s looking for love, but she can’t quite shake the college sweetheart that broke her heart.
Dr. Ashton Holder works for the famous Alvarez practice.  He and Gabriella have always clashed—she continues to see him only has the rough-edged doctor with no bedside manner, but he’s really made strides to put this image behind him.
When Gabriella discovers a secret from Ashton’s past, though, she does her best to help him uncover something that will change his life forever, but a misunderstanding between them rocks him to the core.  When he finally uncovers the secret, he must learn to put his past aside and try and move on with a future willed with hope and dreams.
Life’s Turned Upside Down is the third book in Anne Stone’s Show Me series.
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Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/2pGkvqd

Goodreads Link: http://bit.ly/2nRFUMe
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The Show Me Series:
Life’s Second Chances: The Show Me Series #1

Angelina Samuels has lost the only job she’s ever held. A last minute interview lands her a new teaching job just days before the school year is about to begin. It turns out to be the best thing that could have happened when she realizes that her best friend from college, Gabriella Alvarez, is also a member of the teaching staff.

Gabriella’s brother, Alejandro, relocates to his hometown after having lived away from family and friends since he left for college to become a renowned transplant surgeon. He’s settling into a new job, reacquainting himself with family and friends, and is learning to deal ever-so-slowly with the personal loss that forever changed his life.

When Angelina’s sister experiences a health crisis, Alejandro is there to support her and her family. And when Angelina herself experiences a personal tragedy, Alejandro is the only one to guide her through it. As love stares down at them, can Angelina help Alejandro take that second chance on love and marriage?
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Life’s Gateway to Happiness: The Show Me Series #2
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Kelly Samuels is dedicated to her career and has received several promotions in her short tenure at Lattice Works. Kelly’s family is shocked when she returns home unemployed and without an explanation.

Alec Alvarez, a pediatrician from a family full of doctors, is focused solely on his career. He’s declared his bachelor status for life and has no desire for love, marriage, or babies. When Alec finds Kelly stuck on the side of a snowy road, neither of them are prepared for the feelings they begin to have for one another.

As Kelly and Alec grow closer, he wants to know why the once happy-go-lucky Kelly is hesitant to his touch, while Kelly just wants to find purpose to her life again. After Kelly tells two conflicting stories as to why she lost her job, Alec steps in to discover what truly happened. Can Kelly come to terms with what happened to her and move on with her life? And can Alec love enough to give-up his bachelorhood status for good?

Life’s Gateway to Happiness is the second book in Anne Stone’s The Show Me series.

Buy Links:
Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/2dxTVKA

About The Author:
Anne Stone was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri but now lives in the cold state of Wisconsin with her faithful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She writes heartfelt sweet contemporary romance and is the author of the Show Me and Williams & Company series.  She loves to tell a story and that’s what you’ll definitely get in an Anne Stone novel.  
Anne’s degree is in education but she has worked in the corporate sector managing a large number of staff.  Now, she works from home where part of her day is still spent in the corporate world and the other part is dreaming of her heroes and heroines.
Connect With Anne Stone:

Now Live - Boss Unyielding

Title: Boss Unyielding 
Series: Standalone 
Author: Nicole R. Locker 
Genre: contemporary/erotic romance



Farren Fields shouldn’t be attracted to her hot, older boss... But she is. 
Farren is a lot more than just a young, innocent beauty. She’s a tech genius with a brilliant mind, though no one would ever know it. She’s dreamed of working for the illustrious, Houston-based technology firm, Rayner Technologies, since she was a sophomore in high school. So what if that was only six years ago? She knows what she wants, and she’s not afraid to go after it. That is, until the sexy-as-hell, mysterious, brilliant, Alpha playboy who owns the company becomes the object of her innermost desires. 

 Rogan Rayner knows his new, star employee is off limits... But when have limits ever stopped him? This time, he may have finally met his match, and it’s nothing like he ever expected.

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Sneak Peek

By the end of Farren’s second week, she had just about gotten the hang of things.  She’d had some opportunities to show Rayner a little of what she was capable of, and from what she could tell, he liked what he saw.
She got the impression that he hadn’t thought she would know what she was doing, and had been surprised to discover she was quite capable.
“You surprise me, Miss Fields,” he told her that Friday evening as she was packing her things to leave for the night. 
“I do?” she asked, stopping what she was doing to look up at him.  She noticed he had taken his glasses off, and she had an unobstructed view of his eyes, which was a rare occurrence.  The scar that divided his left eyebrow caught her eye again, and she vowed someday to ask him how he’d gotten it.
“You do.  I had my doubts, but you’ve exceeded my expectations and proven yourself at every turn so far.”
He stood in her doorway leading to the hall, waiting for her to follow so they could walk out together.  They had stayed late that evening putting the finishing touches on a program design.
“I don’t get why it’s so surprising.  I’ve been studying computer technology since before I was even in high school.  It’s just what I’ve always done, what I’ve always known.”  My escape, she added silently.
“Maybe.  You just don’t strike me as the typical computer geek,” he admitted.
“What does that mean?” she cried defensively.  She thought she knew what, but part of her wanted to hear him say it.
He stopped at the front exit with his hand on the door handle, but didn’t push it open yet.  Instead, he angled around to face her and replied, “You’re much prettier than any computer geek I’ve ever met.”
That shut her up for a moment.  She stood, frozen in his glare, surprised by the candid response.  Was he just being nice?  She wasn’t sure, but the way he was looking at her wasn’t helping.
She lowered her gaze from his eyes to his lips, and she wanted to reach up and brush her fingers across the barely noticeable scar there.  She was close enough to, and something in the way he looked at her acted as a magnet, an invisible pull that called to her, beckoned her to come closer, to touch him.
“I… guess I could say the same for you.”
Shit!  She just admitted he was much prettier than any computer geek she had ever met.
“That you don’t strike me as the typical computer geek, I mean,” she corrected.
He smiled.  His arm lifted to touch the smooth, bare skin of her neck, and his thumb brushed the line of her jaw.  His hand was so warm, it soothed her, and her instinct was to lean into it.
Was he about to kiss her?
She could feel the quickening of her heart at the very prospect of it.  What would it be like to kiss him?  Maybe the more pertinent question should have been, what would it be like after kissing him?  Did she really want to?
She knew she didn’t not want to, which admittedly scared the hell out of her.  She couldn’t kiss her boss!  Could she?
She could feel her tongue dart out to moisten her lower lip, the flesh of which she scraped her top teeth across in a nervous motion.  She swallowed.  She was frozen in place, unable to move, unsure of what to do next.
And then, the moment was over.  Rayner’s hand was gone from her skin, and his eyes broke their connection from hers.
“I suppose you’ve got me there,” he said.  “Well, goodnight, Miss Fields.  Enjoy your weekend.”
He opened the door and allowed her to walk through it, but stayed behind to lock up.
“Goodnight,” she said as she passed him going out the door.  “See you on Monday.”

Author Bio

Nicole R. Locker is a resident of Lubbock, Texas, USA. She has a Master of Science in Psychology and a love for pit bulls, Pilates, and romance novels. (And men with Irish accents!) By day, Nicole supervises a team of 11 social workers, and by night, she likes to escape reality and write about Alpha men who can handle their business.

  Nicole R. Locker
Author Links

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Release Blitz - A.C. Melody's Avarice Unleashed

Release Blitz


Hell hath no fury...

Saphiel's gone and it's all Kami's fault.
Panicked and riddled with guilt, she turns to the only one who can help, only to fall into the wrong hands time and again. It seems opportunity has knocked, and not a single enemy is willing to miss out. Everyone wants their dues and Kami's the perfect bait.

All she wants is to reunite with Saph and she'll face off with the Devil, himself, to do it.
Facing herself and the reluctant truths of her heart are a whole other matter, especially when it could be too late. Will the unforgiving Avarice ever pardon her for endangering them both?

As the calendar races toward Beltane, sickening plots of greed and single-minded obsessions continue to unravel all around them, but their greatest challenge awaits in the aftermath of retribution. Can they find some semblance of redemption in one another at last, or will the demon within change everything?

...like a Devil unleashed.



AMAZON CA: http://a.co/7BKtCQt 




Just WOW! This novella series has gotten under my skin. When we left off in book 2, Kami’s man, Saph, has disappeared right in front of her and yes it is all her fault. So Kami does what any one who isn’t exactly thinking rationally would do, she turns to his family for help (as Saph had instructed her to do in there was ever trouble). BUT HOLY COW, has she forgotten who is brother’s are? Do they get to her in time? Do they Help her save Saph (as if a being like Saph really needs help)? And who has betrayed them, warned her and why? 

As I read along I became more and more entranced with Kami and Saph. Their connection is phenomenal. He is not near the bad guy he portrays, Bad Ass you betcha, but a bad guy - not really. Saph is just control freak, especially when it comes to Kami. The author will take you on a whirlwind of a ride as Kami and Saph get closer and closer to her demon’s arrival. Does Kami come to terms with things? Does she finally accept Saph and the world that he says she is a part of? Does Kami accept her destiny and live with it? So many questions… but they are all answered in Avarice Unleashed. 

If you haven’t started this amazing trio of novellas, I Highly Recommend you Do So! They are an absolutely fabulous read and this very erotic journey will literally take to you to hell and back and have you loving every minute of it (except the times you’ll worrying your butt off wondering what’s going to happen next).. To the Author I would like to say 2 Thumbs up for a great job and this readers truly hopes you write more stories in this genre and if wishes came true, stories with some of Saph and Kami’s friends & family would be in the mix. 


Now Available on Kindle Unlimited


Devils Only.
It was a permanent note-to-self tattooed right above Kameo Kross's panties, because anything less was a disappointment. Had anyone cared to issue the warning: Be careful what you wish for, she might have thought twice before wording it like an actual invitation.

Kami doesn't fear pain, death or eternal damnation. She fears only submitting completely. A matter she usually has well in hand... until an unexpected detour into kink and a relentless bastard of a new boss decide to put all of her resistance–and chosen ink–to the trickiest of tests.

Warning: This a work of Dark Erotic fiction with possible triggers. If you are faint of heart, easily squeamish or sensitive to religious/world views and violence, please do not read this book.

Cliffhanger Warning: This is the First of Three books and ends in an abrupt cliffhanger.

Avarice Unforgiving


That’s Kami’s first instinct when shit gets a little too real for her peace of mind.

Kink was supposed to be an escape, a release, but her mysterious Dom robbed her of that and there’s no going back. Her job was supposed to be an accomplishment, a step forward, but Mr. Kress took that from her and twisted it to his own design.

They want her to submit.

If Kami had her way, they’d both be kissing her ass on her way out the door.

Now, there’s a new threat hanging over her head. An unknown enemy wants to expose all of Kami’s sordid, depraved secrets to the media. Little do they know, that even she has no clue who in the hell she really is...but someone does.

Someone who’s about to reveal an incomprehensible tale. A truth that will unravel Kami’s entire life at the seams. Everything she’s ever believed will be altered as she’s thrust into a world she’d never feared existed, and only one undeniable fact will ring through the loudest:

Running had never been an option.

Trigger/Content Warning: This book contains unorthodox religious views, graphic anal sex, explicit language, dark eroticism, BDSM, violence and references to demonology, paganism and the occult. Intended for mature 18+ audiences only!


A.C. Melody is a quirky, unconventional and often contrary (mostly to her muse) hybrid author, both traditionally and self-published. She has a soft spot for hard ass alphas and the strong women who capture their hearts. Her favorite part of writing, is having the ability to explore her favorite subjects from unique angles. Also, she loves putting her characters through the ringer one way or another, to expose all of the various facets that make them tick. She's guilty of putting all her money on the underdogs, the anti-heroes and the shameless whores.

Outside of writing, A.C. is a confessed javaholic who loves reading, music, gaming, American Football, ancient civilizations, foreign cultures and everything supernatural. She has an insatiable curiosity that tends to earn her more hobbies than time. You can find her in the beautifully green Pacific Northwest with her two teenage sons and two blue-eyed, Himalayan-Siamese mixes who think they own the joint.

Twitter: @AuthorACMelody

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Cover Reveal & Giveaway - Controlling Darkness

Controlling Darkness 
Cover Reveal – 30th April 2017

Pre-Order links:

Amazon UK: http://amzn.eu/22w00DN
Amazon US: http://a.co/85CKiOa

Cover designed by Charity Hendry: https://www.facebook.com/charity.hendry


It is Sonia Anderson’s first day on a new job; one that will change her life. The twenty-five-year-old bodyguard is well trained and highly recommended for the role of guarding Amy North. What her physiological evaluations don’t show though is the secrets she hides about her life growing up. The scars she bears representative of a world out of her control.

Matthew Carter is James North’s long-standing bodyguard, he is sharp and a master as his trade. However, the ex MI5 agent was responsible for the death of a colleague, not just a colleague but also his wife.

The revelations in Misguided Control are explored in Controlling Darkness. This is the fourth book from ‘The Control Series’, it tells the story of Matthew and Sonia and how the pain they both hold within them can become love.

The story features; fights, suspense, whips, and lots of love. You have been warned.

Step into the world of Control!

Author Comment:
Matthew has been one of my favourite characters since I started writing the Control Series. I’m so happy that I’ve finally got to tell his story. I knew that this story would be darker than the rest and I so glad with the way it has turned it. It is a story of how darkness cannot be allowed to shape you, instead you must use it to allow you to find the light. I really hope you enjoy it.

Excerpt 1:

"Too soon. But earlier you said you were going to take my virginity? What has changed?" There was an angry tone to her voice. She couldn’t understand why not more than half an hour ago he wanted to sleep with her but now he didn't. Maybe she wasn't what he wanted? But then the tent in his pants? It was probably just the flogging that turned him on, not Sonia herself. Matthew turned away towards the door.
"I’ll wait outside."
Tears now stung her eyes, so much for trusting him. So much for thinking she was in love with him and he her. He was probably going to go and get sucked off by someone else while she got dressed. The absolute joy of her orgasm had faded and just left her with a sickness in her stomach. She rose from the bed and reached for her knickers.
"Don't bother. I’ll get a taxi back. You go and get whatever it is you need from someone out there."
Before she could collect the rest of her clothes, she was thrown back against the wall, one of Matthew's large hands massaging a naked breast. His erection grinding into her still thigh as he growled.
"Is that what you think? I want to go out there and fuck someone else?"
"Well, you won't fuck me despite promising. I obviously did something wrong." She turned her head away as he tried to kiss her. She wanted nothing more than to kick him in that hard swelling inching closer to the cleft between her legs but her stupid body betrayed her as the moisture of her arousal started to flow again. He twisted her around and landed a hard smack on her inflamed skin.
"I told you never to doubt yourself. Doubt again, and I’ll tan this rosy rear so that you really won't be able to sit tomorrow. I want you so much, but I don't want to hurt you. I don't make love. I fuck. I can't guarantee that I won't hurt you and that scares the shit out of me!"
She didn't know where it came from, but she let out a little laugh. He smacked her arse again.
"I don't think that’s funny."
"I don't either." She tried to shift in his arms, but he was holding her too tight. "I don't want tender love making Matthew. I want you to fuck me till I am raw and marked as only yours."

Excerpt 2:

Sonia was escorted up to the top floor of the building and into the expansive office of Mr. James North. She had researched the billionaire as part of her preparation, he was very intimidating. Behind him stood the man who had interviewed her, Mr. Carter. Mr. North stood and held his hand out to her.
"Miss Anderson, a pleasure to meet you. Please take a seat. Matthew has told you of the job specifications?"
Sonia sat on the offered seat, her legs to the side and hands folded neatly in her lap. She so wanted to make the right impression to her new boss at this first meeting. 
"He has Mr. North, I am to ensure Miss Jones safety at all times but at present I am to stay back and not allow her to know that she has a bodyguard. Mr. Carter will accompany her when you do not need him, and I will report back to him for all instructions. Under no circumstances am I to acknowledge you. I will maintain this cover unless I feel it necessary to break it, in order to protect Miss Jones from either physical or emotional harm."
"Superb!" Mr. North looked up at his bodyguard. "I have a meeting but after that, I will be taking Amy shopping. Matthew do you want to provide Sonia with everything she needs. Please give her the keys to the Lexus, I believe it is still stored in the garage below from the last time we used it." Matthew nodded at Mr. North as the latter left the room, he hadn't spoken once the entire time she had been in the office.  She had learnt this about him though during the training phase. He was often silent; it gave him an allure of mystery and also of power. Sonia had first met him when he had just finished a workout. He was wearing only a pair of shorts, he was muscular in all the right places, and even his shorts looked they could barely contain his statuesque thighs. His hair had been messed up by the towel he had been drying himself with. Sonia was confident she must have looked like one of those cartoon characters whose long tongue rolled out and along the floor when they saw something that sexy! Matthew had just given her a pleasant smile and gone into business mode. 

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