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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Release Blitz - Re-Viewed, Doms of the FBI by Michele Zurlo


Doms of the FBI
By: Michele Zurlo

As a writer for The Eclectic Traveler, adventuresome daredevil Tru Martin indulges her penchant for travel and thrills of all sorts. After her discovery of a murder victim brings two sexy FBI agents into her life, Tru suggests combining their efforts instead of letting their interest in her divide them.  

With a murderer on the loose and a crime ring known as The Eye to bring down, Jed Kinsley and Liam Adair are game to give it a try. Though Liam is new to the lifestyle, Jed is an experienced Dom, and the trio goes undercover to a private, fetish-friendly inn and there assume the roles of a submissive and her two Doms.  

As the investigation heats up, so does their chemistry. Jed and Liam soon discover they want more from this uniquely sensual woman, and they’ll do whatever it takes to make her fall in love with them. Warnings: Menage, D/s, anal sex, double penetration, base jumping, and an unpredictable sixth sense.


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Review by Barbara

Another fantastic addition to the Dom’s of the FBI series. The author has given us a glimpse into another facet of the D/s world; as our trio go undercover together. 

While hiking, Tru finds a dead body in one of the beach caves. The body is that of a man that has been murder. The FBI get called into the case due to some markings found on the wall of the cave. This is how Tru meets Jeb and Liam; two extremely sexy, domineering FBI agents. As the investigation gets started they find a clue leading to a B&B for couples in the BDSM lifestyle. 

Tru (a submissive and friend to the B&B’s owners) agrees to go undercover with Jeb, a DOM, and Liam (a DOM in training so to speak) and act as their sub which they investigate. The author has written a storyline that will have you glue to the pages as you no only try to solve The Whodunit but it will have your emotions all over the place as we learn about our trio’s lives both past and present. These characters are so different yet so caring that you can’t help but root for a happy outcome. 2 Thumbs Up Ms. Zurlo for a wildly sexy ride and a great storyline.


Tru wasn’t afraid of death. It happened to everyone eventually, and it was what you did with the moments between then and now that mattered. She climbed onto the edge of the basket. From this height, she knew she could get at least a ten count out of it, but the daredevil part of her wanted to push for longer. “I count twenty, and then I throw the pilot chute.” Well aware of her love of adventure, Elvis shook his head and chuckled. “Ten, fourteen if you want to push it, but don’t go longer than that. We’re not that high up. You have an altimeter, so don’t forget to use it. Don’t push past 250
feet.. If you’re panicking, it’s okay to pull it early, better to be safe than a pancake. If you really open up in your batsuit, you’ll definitely get 10 seconds of flight time.” He pointed to a field in the distance. Two trucks, tiny like toys, were parked on the road next to it. “James is waiting for you there.” As she threw a leg over the edge, Tru winked at Elvis. “See you on the other side.” She jumped straight out, careful to keep her eyes on the horizon so that she didn’t become disoriented. It was different than skydiving from an airplane. The wall of air was missing, and she found that she loved the complete lack of sound. She spread her wings. Wind whistled past her ears, but it was the kind that enveloped her in silence and wrapped her in a singular cocoon. This mindless nothingness, these moments of pure delight, was the sweet bliss she spent her life chasing. She was gloriously adrift. Ten seconds might not seem like a lot of time, but with the absence of everything, it stretched to an eternity. Even the ground rising up to meet her took on a surreal quality. It was deaf and blind, shades of green and brown that meant nothing and everything all at once. It was breathless beauty, earthy and elemental in its stunning simplicity. And it was the void, that great, black nothingness where she stored her most precious parts. She lived a lifetime in those ten seconds, but a check of her altimeter showed that she’d run out of time. Reluctantly she pulled the pilot chute to open her parachute. With a tremendous whoosh, it deployed, jerking her from the freefall and delaying the moment of death. The ground still rushed at her, but it came slower, and it seemed suddenly real. As she fell, she used the handles to steer so that she didn’t end up in a tree or an awkward bush. Soon she felt her feet make contact, and she ran a few steps until the chute touched down as well.

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