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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Release Blitz - Melody of Us by A.L. Wood

Melody of Us
by A.L. Wood

 To Whom It May Concern,

This book was written for you. 

It’s our story. Anson’s and mine. 

You see, we met when we were five. 

I moved in next door. He wrote me a letter…

Asking me to leave. 
I couldn’t.
Through notes on a page, Anson became my best friend. 
We’ve spent almost our entire lives loving each other.
We never said the words.
But now… Now he’s said it. 
No more secrets.
No more lies.
Can forgiveness be given?
I need your help, I need your advice. 
Read our story.
Lyrik Everly



Review By Kathy:

This was the sweetest story ever! I loved this book! The storyline was amazing as it started you out almost at the end of the story and brought you all the way back to their first meeting as 5 year old children. Anson from a well off family and, Lyrik from a much poorer family with a problem that only gets worse the older she gets. It is so cute watching them grow, he hates her (but he doesn't), she wants to be friends, he doesn't (but he does). So, they write letters to each other, back and forth, putting their feelings down on paper and leaving them in each other's mail boxes, which is just too cute for words. And they grow, and grow, continuing to write each other letters (even though they live next door to one another. 

Through everything she goes through, she does become a strong young woman, keeping her grades above a "B" in high school and works her way through college.

He is bound for college, but he doesn't want to be what his family wants him to be, his dreams lie in music. She doesn't want him to leave but doesn't want to hold him back from his dreams. And they continue to write each other, this time through email. She told him when she was seventeen years old that she was in love with him, and that never changed throughout their entire life. But he was on tour making a name for himself and the few short visits he would make would break her heart each time he left. The letters became less and less, and then he shows up needing her and once again, leaves a letter behind not wanting to wake her. But that's not all he leaves behind.

This is a wonderful story of love, pure and simple, that spans their lifetime. So much time wasted on uncertainty on both of their parts, but their hearts always remained with each other. They completed each other. But will the tragedy that she had to endure all on her own and his never being around be the final straw that finally ends their friendship? Will she open and read his final letter to her? 

Wonderful heartwarming read and I highly recommend this book!


A.L. Wood the "Accidental Serial Writer," resides in Queensbury, NY with her wonderfully supportive husband and just as creative daughter. If you can't find her writing, reading, listening to music you can find her traveling the world with her family. A.L. Wood is always working on the next book and loves connecting with her readers. Be sure to read her twisty rollercoaster ride of emotionally charged books.

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