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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Blog Tour - Chasing Fate by Rachael Brownell

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Chasing Fate 
by Rachael Brownell
Contemporary Romance 
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It started as a simple list. Ten things I wanted to do before I died. Sometime between Grad School and starting my career, I put my list in a box and forgot about it. Until today…

Today I quit my job. I packed up my apartment, cleared out my savings account, and sold most of my valuables. I’ve decided to finally start living my life. I’m going to check all ten things off my list, and so much more.

My best friend thinks I’m crazy. 

My parents don’t approve. 

None of that matters, though. I want to live my life to its fullest potential, without any regrets. You never know when your time might be up.

The only thing I didn’t prepare for on this trip was him.

Review by Kathy
I wish there were more stars to give to Chasing Fate. It is a brilliantly written love story with a storyline that will capture your heart and rip it in two. You will laugh, cry, get angry, and melt all within a few pages. Jackson is not only hot, but he is so loving and caring that you only wish him as much happiness as he deserves. Jessa is amazingly strong willed and has her plans set and wants total control of her life, but she wasn't expecting to discover just how much Jackson feels for her until she sells almost everything she has, quits her job and plans a trip of a lifetime for herself. She has her bucket list and is packing to go, but her friend has other ideas and thinks that it would be a great idea for Jackson to go with her on this trip. Not that she doesn't like Jackson, they've been friends with benefits for about two years, but she wanted to do this on her own and eventually agrees that he can go with her.

Things are fun, really fun while they tour the places she has set to visit, until she has to divulge a secret she's been keeping from everyone. But Jackson doesn't leave, and together they make changes to the plans she made and begin their travels together.

These characters are amazing and so well developed and engaging. The storyline will grip you and pull you into their lives. I highly recommend this book, along with a box of tissues.

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