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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Review - Surrender to Me by Claire Thompson

Surrender to Me
by Claire Thompson

Just Yum! What a great storyline. Yes it’s a BDSM story but it’s so much more. Taggart is a Dominate, yet flawed man who finds himself falling for the strong willed Rylee.

When Taggart and Rylee first meet, they have an instant attraction to one another. While they share the common enjoyment of BDSM principles, to Taggart it’s a way of life to Rylee it’s more like a game. But Taggart senses more in Rylee and sets out to convince her she’s a true submissive; one he wants to be his.

Taggart wants Rylee to let him train her for 5 days. To submit to him in body, mind and spirit and give him a chance to prove she is a true submissive. But can she? Can she truly be the submissive he believes her to be when in her mind she will never belong to anyone, she is her own person and is used to doing things her way. This is a wonderfully written erotic story with both good and bad times for our couple. A story that will pull you in and have you rooting for a happy ending or at the very least a happy middle ground. 2 Thumbs Up for a great book 2 in the series and this reader is anxiously awaiting book 3.

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