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Monday, February 27, 2017

New Release & Giveaway - Love’s Wicked Ways

Title: Love’s Wicked Ways
Author: LB Russell & Cheri Marie
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Design: Melissa Gill, MGBookCovers 
Cover Photography: Shauna Kruse
Cover Model: BT Urruela 
Release Date: February 27, 2017


We’ve been best friends for a long time. Always my protector, it only made sense that we’d end up partners at the Oceanside Police Department. Now, with a killer on the loose, possibly targeting me, emotions are high and feelings are surfacing that I’ve never felt before.

Since the day I met her, quivering and scared under the jungle gym, I knew she would be a substantial part of my life. The years passed and I felt myself falling. With Skye seemingly the target of some sick fucks obsession, I will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. But first, she needs to know how I really feel about her.

A killer is on the loose, Skye and my sisters’ lives are on the line.

Friendship. Love. A Secret Obsession. Murder.

If it came down to choosing between the people you love, could you make the choice?

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Review by Aundrea:

What a good romantic mystery story. Colin and Skye have been friends since childhood. Their friendship has turned into love. The two of them are Detectives and having a serial killer on the loose and targeting Skype is waking Colin up and making him force his hand with Skye. All the fingers lead you one way and then the authors hang a left and the who done it completely changes. 

This is not a cream puff story. There are some serious issues delta with in this story. I really enjoyed reading this book.

Review by Barbara:

Fabulous Read! I literally couldn’t put it down. The authors have written a wonderful storyline that has just about every emotion covered. The characters are so well written that I felt like I was taking their journey right along with them. I found myself laughing, crying, wondering what was going to happen next and last but not least sighing over the tender/romantic parts. 

Colin and Skye have been friends since their youth. They not only grew up together but went through the police academy and climbed the ranks together. The are now detectives and partners to boot. They have stronger feelings for one another but they both have kept those feeling to themselves for fear of messing up the close friendship the 3 of them  share (the 3rd person being Colin’s sister and Skye’s best friend, Cadence).

The book starts out with Colin and Skye working the latest in a string of murders and coming to the conclusion they have a serial killer on their hands. But as the killer’s action start hitting close to home and it becomes clear that Skye is in danger, things starts to change in their happy little world! Can Colin keep Skye save? Can the two of them keep their feelings hidden as Skye’s life becomes more and more endangered? This is a suspenseful romance (with some great laugh out loud moments thrown it) that you DO NOT want to miss out on. I highly recommend 1-clicking this one ASAP; you won't regret it! I say: 2 Thumbs Up for this fabulous book and this reader is anxiously awaiting book 2 in the series!


“Don’t play stupid Skye! Us, I want to talk about us.”

“Fucking Christ Colin, there is no us! What do I have to do to get it through to you?”

“Say you don’t love me.”

“What? Don’t be fucking ridiculous.”

“Say it Skye. If there’s really no us, tell me right now that you don’t love me. That you don’t feel the same fucking way about me that I feel about you.”

I take a step towards her.

“I’m not going to say that because it isn’t true. I do love you. But like a friend.”

“Just a friend?” I ask as I take another step closer to her, forcing her to take another step backwards, her back against the wall.

Our close proximity is getting to her, I can see it in her breathing and her body language. Leaning in, I brush my lips against hers.

Cheri Marie

Author of Hearts Aligned (Self-published 2016), a military romance, Cheri Marie lives for a good read with an alpha hero and strong, stubborn heroine. After many years of starting books and never finishing, she took to Word in April 2015 determined to write and finish her first novel. Nights that turned into mornings and a whole lot of unruly characters she finished Hearts Aligned. Currently, she is in the works of publishing her second and third novels set to release the beginning of 2017 while writing three others set to release in the Spring, Summer and Fall later in the year. Residing in sunny Southwest Florida, she lives with family, five dogs, a cat, a tank full of fish, and a bearded dragon named Toad.


LB Russell

LB Russell lives in a small-ish town in northwest Georgia. After years spent in retail hell she took some time off to take care of her family. She still resides in that same town she grew up in with her husband, son and the behemoth cat that isn't really her cat. She sat down with a good friend this past summer and started writing what would be her first work for publishing. With several more titles planned she hopes to do this for a long time.



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