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Sunday, February 26, 2017

New Release: BREAK - Dark Angels MC Novel #1 with Reviews

Dark Angels MC Novel #1
By: A.M. Ryder



Before the Dark Angels MC, the Black Widows spun their twisted web into my life.  It was back when the country fell apart.  Gangs took over, rising up in anger.  Blade became more than just a name, it was carved into my soul.  

I lost my love, therefore I lost every damn thing that mattered.  With nothing left to lose, I was ready to die.  That’s when she came into view.  Bristol Clark was my reason to live.  Bristol Clark was my reason to fight.

Warning: This 61,000 word story contains graphic language, unfiltered bikers, edgy sex, hard action, and is NOT a safe space (18+).


Review by Barbara:

I love a good MC book. While the majority of the follow a similar guideline, I have noticed lately several new series are widening or branching those guidelines out while still giving us the basics we have grown to love in our MC storylines. This is exactly what I feel the author has done with the Break, the 1st of the Dark Angels MC series, combining post apocalyptic times with the biker world and with characters that will take you on an amazing ride.

Tommy is a motorcycle cop that lives and breathes his duty to serve and protect. At least he did until that fateful day the world as we know it came crashing down. That day seals a new path for Tommy when his wife is murdered and he is taken by the Black Widows MC/gang. Forced into slavery, along many others, his life becomes a tale of survival with occasional glimpses of hope and a lot of inner turmoil. Tommy’s strength and determination come from Bristol, a young lady whose fate was also sealed that dreadful day. A young lady who innocence and beauty becomes Tommy’s guiding light in all the darkness around him. Good people are forced to do the unthinkable; but can they survive in tack with any type of morality left inside? 

This is a very gripping story that will have you rooting for the side of right and the good guys. The trouble is are the good ones always on the side of right or do even the good succumb to the evils around them? 2 Thumbs Up for a great book and this reader is anxiously awaiting book #2 in the Deadly Angels MC series. I highly recommend this unique MC story.

Review by Kathy:

Well, this was definitely a different type of MC storyline and with that being said I have to say it was an amazing read. The storyline was like reading into the future of what could possibly take place with everything that has been happening in the States in the recent past, if a total takeover of evil over good were to happen. This premise made for quite an entertaining, exciting, and suspense filled read, if not brutal in some scenes. The characters were well developed and complex in their own right. Blade's strength of will and need to survive, if not only to avenge his wife's death but to try to save the young blonde who is also being held captive and who has captivated him, Bristol.

This is the second book that I've read by this new author and I have to say that this book is wonderfully written, creative in it's premise and will have you clinging to each page that you pass on your way to the end of the book. Great job A.M. Ryder on a great read. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys MC reads.

Also by A.M. Ryder

Siren: Amity’s Song
A Paranormal dark romance


I, Amity Skye, was desperate and hopeless. I was willing to bet my entire future on a spoken legend. The tale of Siren’s Cove was ageless. It was dark. A sisterhood of seductive mermaids lured men to their deaths, first using them for pleasure. Recently betrayed by my fianc√©, it was a risk I was happy to take. I hated the male race. That was, until Bryson Smyth entered my life. 

He was the catch that would change my destiny.

Warning: This story contains dark themes, descriptive sex, and flesh eating sirens.


Review by Kathy:

An amazing debut by A.M. Ryder. Interestingly entangling the story of two hearts destroyed by the loss of love, or perceived love as the case may be, these two characters were well developed and each of their story well written right through when their lives meet and become intertwined. Their story of love, loss, anger, regret, vengeance, remorse and hope begin separately then merge together as they try to come to terms with their feelings and what the future will hold. But that is the greatest question of them all, will they actually have a future? 

The legend of mermaids come to life in this book with the song of the siren calling their prey to them with their song, and taking them for their sexual pleasure, invoking images of steamy sexual scenes, until the siren's have had their fill. I really enjoyed this book and certainly recommend this book and I absolutely look forward to reading more by this author.


A.M. Ryder is an American author who loves to tell a good story with plot, flow and character.

A.M strives to deliver an enjoyable reading experience with elements such as edge, sex, and plot twists.

Always within the romance genre, book themes vary from dark to dramatic to comedic, ranging in subject from paranormal, MC, rock stars and many other worlds for readers to enjoy.

You can contact A.M. Ryder at:

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