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Friday, February 24, 2017

It's Live - Dirty in Charge by Luke Steel


It's .99 and free on Kindle Unlimited.


People fear me. People bow to me. I'm used to being recognized everywhere I go.
When she literally ran into me—inside my own house—it was clear she had no clue who I was.
I expected that to piss me off.
It did the opposite.
I'd only meant to play with her a little, flirt a bit... tease. This was my home turf, after all; getting her alone would be easy. I can have any woman I smile at, why should she be different?
Then she learned I was a billionaire. That I was the brother to the groom for the wedding she was in charge of planning on my estate. The risk of losing her job was too much for her; she changed gears, became all business.
She thinks she can resist my charms?
It's too late. I want her... and I always get what I want.


Review by Barbara

Mr Steel has written another dandy! His stories are so much more than just erotic romance (oh don’t get me wrong, they fit that bill to a tee as well), but they also tell a wonder story with characters that are very believable and charismatic. That is especially true in “Dirty in Charge”; in the humble readers opinion this new author's best to date. 

James Blake has opened the family estate to host his little brother’s wedding and the entire week of the wedding has been turned over to an event planning company. This is how James meets Emma. Emma is the brains behind the weekend’s events, even if she’s not technically the one in charge. From the second James and Emma meet, the chemistry is off the charts. But she has a job to do, one she takes Very Seriously and that includes not “messing” with the clients. But as hundreds descend on the house for a week full of outings and wedding events can James distract her or at least get a little time with her or will she stick to her guns? This is a wonderful short story that will have you smiling, laughing and sighing as you tag along through the magical wedding week at Blake House. I highly recommend 1-clicking NOW!

Review by Lee Ann

Talk about good, best offering yet by Luke Steel, this one has it all, hot as in flaming sex, HEA, a damn good storyline. I am impressed.

Emma and James just have that something, that spark that turns into a wildfire! Just can't wait to see the next story offered this one, couldn't put it down. Five flaming hot stars.



Business doesn't have to come before pleasure.
When we hooked up, I didn't know who she was and I didn't think I'd see her again.
Then she sat down across from me in the boardroom.
Emma. My rival. A woman I have to crush under my thumb, a woman I want to steal everything from. And a woman who makes me throb--makes me ache to just wrap my hands in her thick hair again.
Taking over her company was all I wanted.
Now I want more... so much more.
I'm going to take everything Emma has and make it mine.

Hard Boss

I'm as hard as they come. No one can unravel me. And then SHE came along...
Lucy was supposed to be like every other assistant out there—quiet, skilled at predicting my needs, and definitely not a walking distraction. How can she make it so hard to focus on my work? I hate it.
And I hate how much I want her.
Worse, no matter how I try to scare her off with my crisp attitude, she stands up to me. Her backbone is turning me on as much as catching her bending over the desk, skirt stretched over her thighs.
She shouldn't get close to me. No one should.
So why am I taking her to dinner?
And why am I tying her down to my bed, making her shiver and moan?
Lucy might ruin what's left of my heart...
Unless I ruin her first.

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