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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Turning Wheels, Satan’s Devils MC #1 with Review

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✮ (¸.•´✶ Turning Wheels 
Satan’s Devils MC #1
By: Manda Mellett



All I did was try to help my best friend escape her abusive boyfriend. And for that I ended up in a wheelchair. Life’s no longer worth living. No man will want me now. But my nightmare is only beginning. Ethan wants me as leverage to get his woman back.

I end up under the protection of the Satan’s Devils, an outlaw motorcycle club in Arizona. The woman I was would have been in her element among a group of handsome, rugged bikers; the disabled woman I am now feels scared and vulnerable, and soon I find this isn’t the safest place to hide.

But with a contract out on me, there’s nowhere else for me to go. There’s one reason for me to stay, the VP of the Satan’s Devils who teaches me to feel like a whole woman again.


She doesn’t fit into our world. Fuck, even if she wasn’t in that damn wheelchair she’d be out of her element. But as soon as I saw her something attracted me to her.

From the start I wanted her, but she thinks she’s undesirable and is scared of taking a man to her bed as though her disability defines who she is. I’m going to need to teach her she’s wrong.

But before I can take my chance everything goes to shit. She’s under our protection, but we fail to protect her from one of our own.

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This was a great storyline! I absolutely loved it. The characters were well defined and well written. Nothing like a little "pond crossing" to bring a group of bikers a little drama and a whole lot of action, both outside of the camp and inside the bedroom! Holy hotness, his name is Wraith and he is every woman's wet dream. Not only hot to look at, a total master in the bedroom, total Alpha male, he is also a hidden gem in that he doesn't see Sophie as a broken, damaged woman, he sees her as a beautiful woman who stirs something inside of him that he just can't seem to understand but he knows that she will be his. He just needs to take his time and help her to see that she is more than she believes herself to be. With a little help from one of his brothers, she begins to realize that what she perceives him to see is not at all what he truly sees. Then there is the danger that she is in from the ex-boyfriend of her best friend; the one who put her in the condition she is in now and in the predicament she now finds herself in. Scared, seeming alone and very far from her home. She's thrust into the compound of a real MC for her protection, hoping that the evil that she fled from will not follow her. She slowly begins to retain her confidence and begins to stand on her own two feet, literally, when all hell breaks loose and throws not only her but the entire MC into chaos. 

This is a great story, entertaining, thrilling, saddening, and hot as hell. My only "bad critique" would be some editing issues, which made me stumble a few times in my reading, however if this issue is fixed this book will be outstanding. I still highly recommend this book. 

I felt for Sophie, she had some serious hard knocks in her life, and then to loose all she had would have dragged anybody down. So glad Horse helped her out a complete stranger. I laughed and I cried while reading this book. Took me a little bit to get through the start but then when they get to the MC it was a very entertaining and enjoyable read.

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