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Thursday, January 26, 2017


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Remy Blake

Release Date: January 26th
Genre: Erotic Romance

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They say age is nothing but a number.

Lucas Rockwell isn’t just ten years younger than me, he’s my deceased husband's son.

Tainted by secrets, everything about us is wrong and forbidden.

Like fire and gasoline, we're an explosion waiting to happen.

We're tempting fate with every touch.

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A hand on my arm stirs me from my deep musings. “Lucas, are you okay?”
My head turns and I find Charlotte standing beside me. The first thing I notice are her large tits and how close they are to touching my arm. If I shift a fraction of a step to the side I could feel them press against me. My eyes move up over her delicate collarbones. I want to place a kiss between them and then lick my way up her graceful neck until I reach her red mouth. Fuck me. She has the mouth of a fucking porn star. I wonder if she sucks dick like one?
“Lucas.” She rubs my arm, pulling me back to the present.
My eyes leave her enticing lips and raise up to meet her enthralling blues and I finally find my voice. “Yeah, I’m fine.” I turn to face her, our gazes never breaking contact. With her heels she stands only a few inches shorter than my six foot one inch frame and the tips of her breasts are pointing at my chest. Being this close to her has my dick hard. I’ve never had such a strong reaction to a woman before. A few seconds in her company and my cock’s ready and waiting.
“Can I get you anything?” she asks, rubbing my arm again.
That’s a loaded question if I ever heard one.
“I don’t know. Can you?”
Her hand falls from my arm. “If you want something, I’ll get it for you.”
I inch forward until her tits are touching my chest. Her eyes go wide. “I want a lot of things Charlie.” I let my hand caress over the curve of her hip down to the top of her ass as I reach behind her to pick up the refill the waitress placed there for me a few minutes ago. I take a step back, lifting the drink toward my mouth. “Right now I just want another beer.” My lips close around the bottle and I take a large gulp. Jesus. I need a cold shower after being this close to her.
Her porn star lips open in a silent oh at my reply. She flashes me a tight smile and looks down at the diamond encrusted Rolex on her wrist. “The limo will be here in twenty minutes to pick us up.”
I nod my head before tipping back the beer. If I drink this one straight down I’ll have time for one more.
Charlotte takes a dainty step back still looking at me and then pivots around to walk back into the reception room. My eyes follow her, locked on the generous curves of her ass. Fuck. I no longer need to wonder or speculate about what my father saw in her. It’s the same thing every red blooded guy sees when he looks at her. SEX. Between her large rack, her full lips and her heart shaped ass, I don’t know which I’d like to bite more. But I’d sure like to find out.

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I am very glad I decided to give this new author a try! Remy Blake has written an erotic love story with a definite twist for two. Lies destroy dreams and money doesn’t always fix everything; this story takes those age old sayings to new heights. 

Tempt is a very erotic love story. While in some ways it doesn't follow “traditional lines” it most definitely will have your toes curling and heart fluttering. I highly recommend one-clicking Tempt and this reader will definitely be looking forward to future works by Remy Blake.


A different type of taboo for the reader to enjoy. Charlie married well, to soon find out that she didn't truly know her husband. Lucas meets his father's wife, his step mother, at his father's funeral. Lots of questions need answered, but that is all put aside when Lucas is struck by her beauty. Can these 2 coexist? Will a mutual attraction be their downfall? When will the happy bubble burst? Will Lucas be able to handle the truth? I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Taboo with a little twist. Characters were well written and the story flowed well. A nice quick read and I'm sure I'll enjoy reading future books by this author.


Interesting premise, well developed characters and well written story. I will first start with the fact that I really liked the storyline and the promise for a wonderful storyline to come. The characters were well written and although I struggled with the slightly large age difference, I did enjoy each of their own backstory, and I enjoyed their vocal interaction. For my personal taste, I found the sexual activity a bit too much in frequency, but skipped over those pages to get back to the story (Don't worry, I did the same with FSOG). I find that while the sex scenes adds to the book if that is the way the story heads, the story is what will keep me reading. It's like a meal, you want your meat and potatoes with your dessert. This in no way affects the writing ability or talent of this author, this is just my personal opinion and personal tastes. I found that the author's ability to tell the story is almost effortless and the author delves into the life of Charlie, Lucas and Geoffrey, more so Charlie and Lucas. You can feel their hurt, betrayal, confusion and finally their resolve.

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About the Author:

Remy Blake is a male and female author duo, who paired up to have some fun writing steamy, short reads, with insta love/lust and a HEA. You can expect twice the debauchery in every novel they write.

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