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Monday, January 16, 2017

BLACK Rylee's Protector

~~***~~ BLACK Rylee's Protector~~***~~
A Satan's Rage MC Story 
By Erin Trejo

He's my Best Friend , My Brother , 
The President of the MC.
I was her Protector .
The one that made sure she was safe .
She was off Limits .
But she's Mine


They came to visit and made sure I had money, but the one I worried about was Rylee.

Rylee was sixteen when I got sent here. Daughter of our president, Nico.  Nico's always been a penny short of a dollar if you know what I mean.

He's a loose cannon, much like I am. He got sent upstate many years ago, and I was left in charge of the club and Rylee. It was easy though. She was like a daughter to me. She was mine, and I was her protector.


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