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Friday, January 20, 2017

Badd Ass - Reviews

Badd Ass
Book #2 in The Badd Brothers Series
By: Jasinda Wilder

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You can't go wrong when you pick up a book written by Jasinda Wilder! The series picks up with Mara waking up in Zane's bed. What has she done now? They agreed to one night only but something feels different. But she's not one to linger on the what if and attempts to "escape". Zane let's her think she's escaping him, but something was different with this one. Now what? Does he let her leave? Does he pursue these new feelings? Neither does relationships. Can they actually spend a week together "practicing"? What will happen if the feelings change? 

This was a wonderful story of 2 lost souls trying to find happiness in one another. New feelings to endure but at what cost? I loved the characters and watching as the week drew them closer. There was love and happiness and holy hotness between the sheets. Such a great read, you won't want to miss this one!


Jasinda Wilder had got a hit on her hands with this series. I Absolutely Love it. I mean what’s not to love - the series is about 8 sexy, virile, gorgeous brothers returning home to their roots and their lives once they arrive.  Badd Ass is Zane’s story and appropriately titled, as he is not only one of the Badd brothers, he is an ex Navy Seal who it pretty Bad Ass! 

Zane does everything to the extreme; he works and plays hard. But he doesn’t trust easy and he  doesn’t do relationships for what he considers to be a very good reason (sorry I don't do spoilers). So when he meets Mara he's thrilled because she is in total agreement - one night and no strings - not to mention she's only in town for a few days. So one night it is, and OH WHAT A NIGHT.  But what happens come morning and they both want another night?  Does Mara pull her usual M.O. Routine of sneaking away come morning? Does Zane keep to his one night, no strings, no relationship theory?  This story is fun (in Badd Brother craziness fashion), exciting (as Only Jasinda can tell it) and HOT HOT HOT (as in OH MY GOSH)! I highly recommend Badd Ass and the Badd Brothers series. 2 Thumbs Up and bring on sexy brother #3!!

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